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  1. I just found the problem... I will be getting with you soon.
  2. I haven't bought anything new... but would if I saw something that really caught my eye. I'm all about the ascetics. Plus, I've imposed a budget on myself... so that's really cutting into my spending power.
  3. Thanks for all the input, folks... and keep em comin'. The Geocoin Store has told me that they are not fronting the money for all the coins they do anymore. Only in certian cases do they do the upfront thing and even then it is not usually the full amount. I like the fact that the market is demanding quality coins... I know I always have. Pushes people to really think about what they are making... but uncertianty of market reaction could also cause people to shy away from producing something that could be a great coin.
  4. I have heard from a few people that the current market for geocoins has declined somewhat in the past few months. It's hard to believe when you look at the geocoin store having so many coins for sale. I know I personally have had to cut back on ordering and stopped reading the forums on a daily basis as I was accustomed to doing, but what is everyone else's opinion of the state of geocoins at present? Have you found yourself cutting back? If you were a "gotta collect 'em all" person, are you applying filters to what you will and won't buy now? If so, what are the filters? Is the market flooded with too many new coins and not enough spending power among the consumers? I'm really interested in this kind of market research so let me know what you think. Thanks!
  5. First thought... A Flying Spaghetti Monster devouring Signal!!! o.O Oh the humanity!!! or amphibianity... or something.
  6. Ditto on the Coins and Icons. I'll buy a coin that's not trackable, but I really dig one with an icon.
  7. AMEN!! I'm assuming that is the end of a prayer to Yemon Yime. That guy rocks 32x32's socks off!
  8. In no particular order... and yes, I know 3 ≠ 7, but I had to give props: 1. JeeperMTJ 2. Texas Bluebonnet 3. Alaska 2005 4. GBA Faultline 5. GOWT 6. UK 7. EU
  9. I think my avatar says it all.
  10. I like for a coin to have something to do with caching, with the exception being a personal coin... which actually does have something to do with caching after all... ugh... the cacher. But, hey... if a coin is designed attractivly, I really don't care. If someone comes out with a really great design of a "Hampsters for the Reformation of the Whig Party" coin, I might be tempted to buy it.
  11. A few things that I find to be a plus are: (in no particular order) -Interesting Design -Professional Looking -Good color balance -Not too cluttered -Unique shape -Has something to do with Geocaching -Trackable at GC.com -Custom Icon -Not too expensive I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of right now. EDIT: Oh and as for the lots of colors question... one of my favorite coins has no colors at all... the Alaska 2005 coin. EDIT#2: Oh and you can't talk about the design here unless you are going to make it trackable, as per the new rules.
  12. Bob (name changed to protect the innocent) told me today that GC was going to start requiring coin icons to all be circular. Has anyone else heard this?
  13. I take the same approach that I do with regular coins... I don't clean them. I just make sure that I don't touch it. Some chemicals can degrade your coin. It make look cleaner, but in fact you end up microscopically damaging them. Some people probabaly don't care, but I'm all OCD about it.
  14. Ooooo.... It's soooooo pretty!!!! I want a couple! Gotta have an icon though. I think you could iconize that one pretty easily. Just have the fox and the hound... no text. My name is Blodlizrd, (*others*Hi, Blodlizrd) and my new obsession is coin icons. And if I can squeeze this in... & = Ampersand ~ = Tilde * = Asterisk þ = Alt + 0254 (aka "the better tongue") :þ EDIT: I was so taken in by the coin image that I didn't see the icon in the corner. Iiiiiiiiiii Like it!
  15. Stop making me want this one. The lizrd... must... resist... Your justification is too much for my pocketbook. Oooo... I made the rules of how many I would buy. Doesn't mean I can't break 'em. hmmm...
  16. Love the coin, but too much for my blod. I have made it my new rule to buy at least 2 coins so that I can keep one and send the other one out as a traveller. I'll only pay $20 (incl. shipping) max for 2 coins... that's my other new rule.
  17. Yes, my Dendrophobia coin will have this icon... Related question... What is/are your favorite icon(s)? I love the design of the Seven Summit and PA coin icons.
  18. Sorry to bump an old thread... but I just had to say that D@nim@l is now my hero.
  19. Yesterday I got: 1 Texas Blue Bonnet Coin
  20. Got mine in Memphis today. I loves it so much! I just wish I had orded more than one.
  21. Man!!!! I had some local folks intrested in 10 of these coins and poof... there all gone in the blink of an eye. Would have been nice to have a little more heads up... not that it would have mattered since I was working.
  22. Ooooo!!! Phases of the moon! I just noticed that. This is a very cool looking coin. I'll see if I can gin up some local intrest so that we can split the shipping.
  23. That ol' Yemon Yime sure is a good image editor kinda person. His skills are indeed ferior.
  24. OK... I wanted to incorporate the three faces, but it gets a little tight once you get down to 32x32, but here is what I came up with. Concept: 32 wide image: Dropped a bit of a shadow to smooth the edges and redid the faces to be more 32x32 compliant. Whatcha think?
  25. Thanks for the interest in my coin, everyone. I am waiting to hear back from the mint on this and will let you know when they are available. Thanks again.
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