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So, I Was Caching In Dc...


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So, I see these squirrels on a picnic table, and stop to get out the camera. They start coming over toward us. The wife instantly takes off, afraid one's going to jump up on her. I think, "It'll never happen" and get the camera turned on just to get some close-ups, since they're right at my feet. Well, I got a close-up, alright......


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A few years ago I was on the Mall for the 4th of July celebration. Quarters can get a little tight. Right before sunset I notice a commotion in the crowd. A squirrel decided it wanted to get to another tree several hundred feet away, and was running, hoping, and jumping from person to person to get there. Scared the heck out of and/or startled about 200 people and several dogs. It too me a few minutes to stop laughing.

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