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The old nickname becomes available for anyone to snatch up.

That's a good point. I wouldn't want some mean-spirited local to snatch up Enspyer if I changed my name.

If you were worried about that, you could always change your name to the new one, then log out and sign up with the old name for your "sock puppet" account. :rolleyes:

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That's "Nickname Change" Has anyone changed there Nickname?

I used to be Mitsu** (She who has no name.) :rolleyes:




and then I toyed with changing my name to Oregone, but it was taken. :rolleyes: (Just kidding.) :rolleyes:


Seriously though, I did change my nick. In my first week here I discovered that I had spelled my handle wrong and changed it. Since then someone else has picked up the handle "Snoogins."

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