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  1. Come on, how can someone not get the joke when you use the words: "especially for post apocalyptic caching"?
  2. I found this interesting, especially for post apocalyptic caching: Hiking Staff
  3. My opinion is this. A first cache placed with six stages to get to a 35mm film canister sounds about as lame as it gets. Why use up so many locations and lock other people out of placing caches in the area? How about finding one decent location and placing a decent container? I would never go after a six stage cache. Perhaps I am missing something, please consider what would make the cache a decent experience to find.
  4. I know this topic has been raised before but for the second time I met a metal detectorist (proper description?). We chatted for a few moments and he mentioned that depending on his mood if someone asks what he is doing, he will say "A radioactive meteorite fell in this area two days ago. I'm trying to find it before someone gets sick." He said it usually ends the conversation and clears the area. What do you say when questioned by a non-cacher?
  5. You are not going to get a great range on that. I'm guessing not even 30'. They are designed for in car use to go from your phone the the radio. Search www.amazon.com or www.everbuying.com for "car mp3 player fm transmitter" for something closer to what you are looking for.
  6. I know that you can't put loop recordings on CB or FRS frequencies.
  7. Considering you probably want a audio signal you want to stay away from certain transmitters. I don't think you can arbitrarily transmit on HAM radio frequencies without a license. I should know because I have one but I just don't remember the details. You can get low power FM transmitters in kit form for under $20. Here is a link to one: http://www.canakit.com/universal-fm-transmitter-with-mic-and-line-inputs-kit-ck108-uk108.html and another link to a voice playback module: http://www.ebay.com/itm/WTV020-SD-Voice-Module-MP3-Sound-Module-U-disk-Audio-Payer-SD-Card-For-Arduino-/121140012107?_trksid=p2054897.l5670 You would also need some sort of microcontroller to make everything work. It's not a project for the first timer.
  8. Sort of cool adhesive selector if you need to glue things together. http://www.thistothat.com/ Does not mention bubble gum.
  9. What is super annoying is the cache has to be placed in this exact location because the payoff is not the cache itself but a geological feature that requires a direct sight line from the location. The other annoying thing is that I actually placed one of the conflicting caches myself years ago and someone adopted it. I forgot all about it. I'm going to try to figure out a way to make it a viable cache.
  10. Just a rant: OK, carelessness on my part caused this problem: I placed a cache and submitted it to be published. It turns out it was closer than 528' to other caches. This is the reply I got from the reviewer: I regret to inform you that I cannot publish your cache at this time. It seems to be 352 feet from an existing active cache site(GCxxxx) AND 502 feet from another nearby cache (GCxxxx). Cache density limits require a minimum of 0.1 mile or 528 feet separation between caches. The following is taken from the guidelines you agreed to when submitting this cache. Cache Saturation: The reviewers use a rule of thumb that caches placed within .10 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) of another cache may not be listed on the site. This is an arbitrary distance and is just a guideline, but the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of caches hidden in a particular area and to reduce confusion that might otherwise result when one cache is found while looking for another. This guideline applies to all stages of multicaches and mystery/puzzle caches, except for any “bogus” posted coordinates for a puzzle cache. Fair enough, however notice the reviewer says 528' distance is a requirement while the then quoting the Geoaching guidelines that state very clearly that this distance is "a rule of thumb" and "is just a guideline". I know this might be nit picking semantics and the reviewer has the final decision to allow the cache. Just please don't tell me something is a requirement when the guidelines state it is a rule of thumb. Also, requesting some help here. Is there a online tool where I can type in the proposed coordinates of the cache and see if it falls in the 528' rule of thumb?
  11. Read the last line of the story and then read it again. It's not even a cache!
  12. Here is a link to where you can get a spreadsheet of the Eastern Arrows
  13. Here is a link to where you can get a spreadsheet of the Eastern Arrows
  14. I guessed by the user name and picture that eigengott was from Germany. Back in the days I spent months backpacking through Europe and pretty much lived off that type of food. Throw in a couple of apples or carrots to even things out and I would say you have a nice meal. Try it out on the kids before you go, they might prefer softer Cotto Salami over hard Salami.
  15. Millions of lunches are carried to school each year and are stored in unrefrigerated desks and lockers. I have never heard of a single news article or incident of someone getting sick off a home packed school lunch because because it was not in a cooler. If it's a day trip just pack a regular lunch, it's not going to go bad in 4 to 5 hours.
  16. The secret is: "Who Cares?" Come on, does this affect your life in any way? I guess it does if you are a control freak. Get on with your life and stop worrying about people posting fake numbers on the internet. Best of luck my friend.
  17. OK, perhaps I do not like every Clan Riffster post but that is a pretty nice setup. The trailer is nearly perfect. The KLR is a nice bike but a little small and "off roady" for my large frame. I cached for a while on a Honda but then I got old and afraid of death after dumping my bike at speed so I gave it up. Pro tip: Dress for the slide and not for the ride.
  18. I find discarded artificial Christmas trees at our local recycling center. They look quite real and are free. Just take the branches.
  19. Hmmm you might want to archive that one. Else you may be implicated unnecessarily. This is the type of fear mongering that I find many cachers engage in. It annoys me to no end. If you can be "implicated" for something someone leaves in your cache then I suggest ALL caches should be archived because you can be "implicated" at any point in time.
  20. Just a link to a news story I found. My link Edited to add: Ack!!!! After posting I read the entire article. It says Geocaches are buried. Boo, hiss to bad reporting. Boo, hiss to me posting so soon.
  21. This picture came from a National Geographic special. It was taken on the Appalachian Trail. Pleasant dreams.
  22. Driving around Idaho and measuring in kilometers? I didn't know they had kilometers out there. Geocachers are a strange lot indeed.
  23. I buy bags here: http://www.mcmaster.com/#resealable-bags/=mmb3ov The 2 mil bags are too thin. I buy the 4 mil bags and get several different sizes at a time.
  24. I ran across an article about Boy Scout merit badge popularity. It has a short mention about the geocaching badge. This is a quote from the article: "Newcomers Chess, Kayaking, Geocaching, and Robotics were all in the top 50, despite the fact that each is only a few years old." The article can be found in it's entirety here: http://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2013/04/22/mbs-2012/
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