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San Diego Congratulations Thread

Dr. Boggis

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Congrats to my brother, irish10, for reaching 500 finds in his first year geocaching!


Oh yeah, and I should say that he doesn't even own a GPS! He has more finds than me or any of the other members of the UTNG Gang that do own a GPS! I finally got 400!



Congrats to The Fat Cats for completing the Fizzy Challenge! kwvers! was telling us about it at the Christmas Lights event, so irish10 looked into it and found that we both are halfway there already!

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Hey Everybody! Today is Flagman's 50th Birthday! He completed the

Well Rounded Cacher (The Fizzy Challenge) to celebrate this momentous milestone!!

December 13 by FlagMan (5774 found)

WoooooooHooooooooooooo!! This was an awesome adventure!! I learned about this challenge about a month ago or so when the kwvers! completed it and their accomplishment was posted on our local forums. So I checked my stats and discovered that I only needed 1 combination to complete all 81!! Then I read the fine print a little more carefully, and realized there was a date restriction, so I checked again and this time needed only four combinations!! So I looked around SoCal and found four likely suspects and set out to hit three of them last weekend. I got the first one easily enough (only 150 miles away!), but the second one (an ammo can in a bush) just wasn't in said bush. Seems that very morning, the cache owner had relocated the cache AND changed the terrain rating!! D'oh!! Double D'oh!! It was a 4.5/2.5, a very rare combination!! Well, I found it at the new location and logged it, and the cache owner ended up changing the terrain back, but I didn't feel very good about it. So, anyway, I proceeded to the third cache and bagged that one. So, technically, I only had one left to do, and I set out to do that one Tuesday. But I also found another 4.5/2.5 in the vicinity of my "last" one, so I did both of those Tuesday. Then I got FlagSon Andrew all excited about flying up to San Jose today, my 50th birthday and two days after his 16th birthday, so we made the arrangements and flew up this morning (6:20 am flight), rented a Jeep, drove to the Big Basin Redwood State Park, hiked to the cache, and made it back to the airport to make a 2:00 p.m. flight back home! Andrew said, "This is soooo James Bond!!" Well, more like Austin Powers, if you ask me... Anyhoo, we had a blast and I can't think of anything I would have rather done on my birthday. Thanks for the challenge, and thanks to all the other cachers for the 81 exciting caches along the way!!

Edited by kwvers!
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Congrats to:


kwvers! and The Fat Cats on the Fizzy!!!


rockhoundbmw on 400!!!


irish10 on 500!!!


t. r. violin on 3000!!!


Skillet on 3000!!!


Tanner_Scout on 1000!!!




Goblin_Girl on 1700


Hope I didn't miss anyone!!!






<_<Oh my goodness...we have "Round" cachers, and "Stoner" cachers and lots of people finding caches. Congrats everyone! Looks like we're still having fun! B)

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Awww MAN...Barrie I told you to tell me when you logged your 1000! I was hoping to be the first one to offer the celebratory conga-rat to you. (I don't know how to get all those graphics you all use, so this gal has some learnin' to do.)


Happy Birthday BoysnBarrie and Merry Christmas from afar.

Love, TIM


Way to go boysnbarrie on 1000 0002032F.gif 0002013F.gif 00020087.gif



Conga Rats to boysnbarrie on 1000 finds!

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