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  1. I'm sure the answer is somewhere, I've just failed to find it so I'll ask: Is there a list of countries where geocaches ARE hidden? Is there a list of countries where geocaches ARE NOT hidden Are there countries that DO NOT allow geocaching?
  2. Their names are in the subject line Jack and Melisa, Team Geoquest from Gilbert, Az. I am trying to adopt a cache they own before it gets archived.
  3. I am trying to contact two geocachers from Gilbert, Az. Can anyone help in locating them? No, they aren't in trouble with the law, I would like to contact them about one of their caches. My email address is habuwgps@gmail.com
  4. THE 8TH ANNUAL GEO OCOTILLO CAMPOUT ISSSSSSSSSSS....................... NOV. 12, 13, 14TH AT SKILLET'S DESERT OASIS IN OCOTILLO WELLS. DETAILS TO FOLLOW SHORTLY ALONG WITH THE CACHE PAGE. BE SURE TO MARK THOSE DATES ON YOUR CALENDARS !!! THE SPLASHES W/THE GEO OCOTILLO CAMPOUT CREW Calendar is duly marked!! We'll be there! Heard a rumor these dates were set. Can't wait for my First fall camp out! HEY! Who knows? Maybe I'll finally be finished working in Mexico by then!!!
  5. Hey! no fair, I've been driving through the back country with my sweet bride. Harmon 5 hours 20 minutes left Considering the post was placed on 12/11/09 then this will be a tough one for those of us folks without a time machine. Oh great!!!now our loophole has been discovered....ok, I'll change the date Sitting here thinking and it occured to me that our cache GC17E9E hasn't been found since March 8th which is Mrs.Kwver's! birthday...no caches have been posted in our neighborhood today so for someone daring here is a 5 hour 50 minute challenge...Find GC17E9E before 12:01am 12/12/09...log it and take a picture of yourself and the log...and you win $20.00...First time finders only! Hey Now! I would like a shot at the 20 bucks too but I am 6,200 miles away in Switzerland (dadgum it's COLD here). I am sorry I'll be missin out on the crisp Jackson. Worse yet I'm missing out on the AWESOME Christmas Walk today (it's Saturday here already) Have a fine time tonight for those who'll be attending the Shinding with Team Reid!!
  6. BZ to The Splashes on 12K! BZ to Chuy! on 9K! BZ to Bitmap on 2K! WoooooHooooooooo!!!! Our 'WooooHooo's' also to Chuy! and Bitmap on their milestones! Thanks to all who have put those caches out there for us to find,(or try to anyway) we're still having fun! San Diego cachers are FIRST CLASS all the way! The Splashes I'll add my W********H********* TOO! And a big SAAAAAAALUTE TO SNFLWRMH (can sombody buy her a vowel?) FOR PASSIN 500!
  7. Hello, I work with www.Playtimeinc.com out of Seattle, WA with corporate team building programs called Geoteaming. We host events all over the world but this time we are coming to the Lake Elmo area of Minnesota. The event is July 28th for 60 people. The start time is 12 noon and it will require about five hours of your time. We will break the 60 people into teams of seven to nine each and they will have a completive/collaborative race to complete as many caches (specifically designed for this event at a local park not active caches on Geocaching.com). as possible in three hours with prizes for the best team, most photogenic team, and a collaborative prize for the entire company if they meet their MAIN Goal and maximize revenue for the day. I can tell you lots more about it later if you are interested in getting involved, but here is what I need right now. I need one highly capable, energetic cacher who is comfortable working with technology to help us with the event. It isn't that you need to have LOTS of caches under your belt. It's that you need to work well unsupervised, be fair, positive, very dependable, like working with people, be a good listener, and love to have a great time sharing your love for geocaching. 1. You will help us set up the event before it starts. 2. You will help us train the participants on how to use a Garmin yellow Etrex, a Dell PPC, a 2-way radio, and a digital camera in less than 30 minutes. 3. You will be an EQUIPMENT EXPERT in the field during the game so it is a must that you are comfortable in that situation and be able to keep the teams mobile. 4. You will also be a safety monitor to keep people safe and having fun. *You will NOT be part of a team, and must not help them cheat or give away answers. That would take away their learning experience that is designed into the course. We will pay $50 (at the end of the event) You also get a white Geoteaming Polo shirt to keep. Once the event is over we love to hear feedback and connect with people who want to help us with future events and if we use them again, the pay goes to $75, then to $100 for experienced techs. Please make sure that you are physically able to handle the challenge of moving around the entire time with a team. LOTS of walking fast. If you are available I need your REAL NAME, Your polo shirt size (they run large), your cell phone #, and a home # for a back up. if you have fun working with us, we like to store your name in our Geotech database to call for future events. WARNING-- All participants (Geotechs and teams that are participating) must sign a waiver to participate. It's basically a 'you won't sue me if you get hurt running around Miami paper. If you can't sign the waiver, you can't play, sorry, that is just the way it is in our 'sue happy' world. ALSO, this invite is specific to you, this is not a family event, it is a professional team building event. I can't tell you not to bring your spouse or kids obviously, but you will be agreeing to work and won't have time during the event for distractions. Events are very quick and fast paced, but they are loads of fun, I promise! Thanks for you help, in advance and I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you are available to help! Remember it's a week day, I know work days are harder to find people. If you are interested please email me at bangel4228@msn.com. My caching name is habu! (from San Diego) if you want to check my profile out on the geocaching website.
  8. Official Script: In recognition of the 2009 summer season At Lake Tahoe, there will be a celebration held on June 13th and 14th, 2009 in South Lake Tahoe. This 2-day event will identify unique locations on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe that will highlight the best that the area has to offer. From the waterfront to the mountain trails, you'll leave no stone unturned for this one-of-a-kind event located in a world-class destination. This is the fourth year for this open event and it is geared toward anyone who wishes to learn more about GPS units and geocaching as an activity, and for experienced geocachers. There will be 30 new caches available on Saturday and 20 additional caches added on Sunday. There will be a raffle starting at 5 pm at the Embassy Suites in South Lake Tahoe. The URL for registration is: http://ltva.org/geocaching.php If you have questions email me at bangel4228@msn.com You can also post your "will attend" here: http://is.gd/MkHz You will still need to register on the ltva web site to get the waypoints on Saturday and Sunday
  9. WoooooooHooooooooooo!!!! I'll add my W******H****** here too! (since I missed the amnesty event I have to be carefull)
  10. Here is the first (late) update for the picnic: Picnic is a "pot luck style" and bring your own drinks. Post what you can bring for the pot luck on the cache page GC1MTFM . The container contest will have the following catagories: 1. Large (ammo can) 2. Regular (tupperware container) 3. Small (35mm size) 4. Evil (any size - it the thought that counts) The containers will be donated to the raffle and there will be prizes for the winners of this contest. All containers to be judged should be on the contest table by 1:45 pm and the winners will be announced at 3 pm just before the start of the pot luck. If you have donations for the raffle, please let me know. The "What I like about San Diego" cache contest has been scrubbed due to some technical difficulties
  11. I have a similar problem. I requested a "My Finds" Query yesterday afternoon but the request was never indicated on the My Finds area of the web page. This morning on my Pocket Queries page it indicates the query ran at 9:34:06 PM but I have not recieved the file. Does this mean I have to wait another seven days before I can try again?
  12. I got this picture on the trail to Twin Peaks this morning
  13. This is an additional location to post information about the San Diego beach event on June 21. It has been too long since our last beach party. Add a pot luck, a fire in the fire ring and some friendly competion and well have a great time! The official start time is 1 pm and well stick around until the fire is out. There will be a geocaching olympics with at least three different events. There will be a timed geo-course set up in the area around the event location - best time wins! There will be a container contest with a few different categories. The containers will be donated to the raffle and there will be prizes for the winners of this contest. If you have donations for the raffle, please let me know. The "What I like about San Diego" is a cache contest - hang on more details later! More details to follow by Mid-April so stay tuned.
  14. BZ to S&R on 4000 cacholas!! WTG TO ALL Y'ALL 'STONERS!!
  15. Congrats to waterlassie on her 1K find a few days ago...
  16. Wow!!!! Unbelievable!!! Awesome!!! WTG M8s! According to the Grand High Pobah that ranks them: 8th in California AND 27th in the USA AND the WORLD!!!
  17. Re: Yuma Event (GC1JYAC) on 2/8. I plan on driving over this Thursday and caching in the area on Friday and Saturday. I will have a 10x10 green shade/shelter set up at the event on Sunday. If the banner can get to the event, I'll put it up. That way the San Diego cachers have a place to sit and drop their stuff at the event and have some shade.
  18. Congratulations to Canadian Grl who found 120 caches and to The Fat Cats who found 115 caches on a Friday cache run in Temecula, Lake Elsinore and Ortega Highway!!! I think that is a new high caches found in a day record for both of them. WTG LADIES
  19. Don't forget waterlassie, she did her 1000th cache! WTG!! Congrats to all the (mile)stoners <-- insert dancing banannas here
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