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  1. Thanks Barrie for tellin' me the new card was out. We were out most of the day and stopped by on our way home. Picked up a pair for TheHikingMonk's family (THM, TIM, SNF, MM, MD, TI, TSP, SB, and OX) to share. Got a set for Boysnbarrie (who was busy packing for a trip) and one to mail to kwver's since they're out of town for awhile. AWESOME JOB on the design layout, etc.
  2. Hi. Welcome back to caching. I know you can't miss taking them out for these two caches: Search for the Holy Grail (GCZV18) and The Forbidden Forest (GCME1Z). My kids and I greatly enjoyed these. Happy caching!! TIM TheIronMom
  3. I just ran up there with SNF, MM, MD, TI, TSP, SB, and Baby Monk. We picked up one set of three for our family collection. We dropped off a couple Ginger and LLOT cards. OOOOHH MAN....~! I saw a glimpse of red glittery high heels as Barrie slammed her car door and screeched out of the parking lot to maintain her stealth. How she got that fruit hat to fit in the car, I'll never know. Hmmm, thinking to self...if she was on a break from driving those munchkins to school, is the cha-cha dress her uniform? Hmmm....
  4. WooHoo! to boysnbarrie for getting her 2300 merit badge!!
  5. If you haven't posted a note on the WWFM event page, do so. All those 19 cachers that are watching the listing will get an email of your note. Good luck! Yes, thank you.
  6. There were a ton of folks that were more worthy than I for a Yrium card but I thank Ragfoot for the nomination and to Flagman and Harmon for their usual stellar work. I'll have to see if I can get a hold of one of them cards. Drove up to get my set, but the misprints were all gone. I did get a regular for Dick and one for Dick's son ArmyNate since I promised him one. If anyone sees a misprint please let me know... I need one for ArmyNate! Done! It's in the mail.
  7. TheHikingMonk declined his set since I already have one. He generously donated one #14 to the first person to visit IHO: TheHikingMonk...Say Cheese. We gave that away to a new cacher today. We still have a misprint left. Anyone want to visit GC1KQ8T (that hasn't already signed the log)? It's yours.
  8. I kept hearing Barrie's phone 'ping...ping.' Somethings up, I hear beeping. "Not here, it can't be me," she said. After realizing she got a notification...Yup, we headed to Max's at warp speed. It's not very often I have the opportunity to head this far north from the South Bay area. TheHikingMonk gave me the night off and offered to feed the kids and get them to bed on time...he practically kicked me outta the house. I decided to go out with Barrie and we ended up here. I took two sets of cards: one for myself and one for hubby. (Thanks for the night off hon!) Yea, Barrie out dressed me. My stealth attire will never compare to her spandex, heels, and a psychedelic cha-cha dress. Awesome cards; great layout. Thanks
  9. WooooHooooooooo!!!! Boy, you have been busy D! A huge congratulations from the Splash Zone! Steve & Janie Congrats on 12,000 finds for Big D!!!! Yea, Congrats Duncan! I signed the log just after you and I was blown away by your numbers for the month.
  10. He was under orders in support of the needs of grandchildren. Delighted that your adventure was so rewarding. Once upon a time I saw a side-show woman that had a long, black beard and a mustache but seeing babes in Hazmat suites and Brogans surely would have topped (or bottomed) my previous experience. The bearded lady set me back a couple of years in school and I still have horrible nightmares, gosh knows what seeing the Hazmat babes might have done to me. So let me be the first to say that all of you Glowsticks are expected to suite up the same way for Event Night. The rest of us will come as we were as well. What next? Harmon SD Rowdies Okay, now that you've declared the appropriate attire for the Feb. 6th event, I guess I'll forget all about showing up in my cha cha dress. Oh fiddlesticks, I had planned on really surprising you, ol' buddy! Your idea does make more sense, tho ... so I just really want to thank you for setting me straight! I'll be sure to recreate my Szar Foyo outfit!! Thanks, Harmon! boysnbarrie Barrie...which caching attire will you wear? Didn't you go to Szar Foyo TWICE?
  11. Ohhh man. I was just talking to Snartleflush and TheHikingMonk about putting something together after the rain clears and the area dries a bit. I'm glad to see another Szar Foyo attempt planned but Wed's are my worst days. I'll have to wait and plan/go with others at a later time. I really was hoping to get the opportunity to cache with some of the greatest cachers in the state. Have fun! I'll see you at the event.
  12. Congrats to you folks with mega-numbers. I love walking the trails cleared by some of the greatest cachers here in sunny CA. (Yea, I know many of you are rated high in the country too.) I'm nearing my 500th and am looking for and adventurous cache for my milestone. Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. Happy Birthday boysnbarrie!! Sorry I haven't learned how to get fancy with my fonts and stuff or I'd decorate the page a bit. I'm sure you'll get some festive shout-outs from the others. Love you LOTS! TIM
  14. Picked up a #12 and misprint for myself and a #12 for Snartleflush. Thanks.
  15. Congratulations to Yellow limo rider! She just had baby Diego a couple days ago. Rest well and I hope to see you on the trails soon.
  16. I was grocery shopping and got notice that the Ginger cards were dropped. I made a dash home to drop off the groceries then head 20 minutes north to take my chances on getting some of the renowned Yrium cards. I got my first card in BnB's Trail Mix cache and am hooked. This evening I picked up a few TNG cards and one set of the Memorial cards. I'm planning give some to TheHikingMonk for his birthday and Snartleflush for kid-sitting five of his siblings so I could run out and be away even longer than planned. What a great series. Thanks! I'm sure I saw Ginger at an event and am sorry I didn't get a chance to cache with her. I loved reading her logs as well as the loving comments from other cachers on the forum. Chuy!, I'm deeply sorry for your loss.
  17. Congratulations to Ritz Crackers for 900!! Thanks for visiting my cache.
  18. In California the tax is 8.75% and with REI you get your member 10% dividend at the end of the year. If you are currently a member you may have received the 20% discount on one full price item (by 5/10/09) which is applied before the $50 rebate. Shipping is free with store delivery.
  19. Ok there soldier boy...slow down with the plans to kill all the civilians in San Diego. Why don't you start small...like with an Army green micro and work your way up to the all night adventure that Jim KWVERS! will have to lead. We're not all youngsters like you ya know. PS...El Cajon Mt might still have a few blank holes Time to lose weight...Oh Dear!!! Oh My!!! Last night, I was having a "flashback" of sorts ... all this Army stuff is getting to me, I think. Anyway ... so I was remembering back to the Otay Mtn. Truck Trail run many of us did awhile back. I think that outing might have something to do with halftrack guys present cache ideas. Yep, I remembered a moment when I was running to a cache and POLAR BEAR came running up to catch me - then gave me one of those football shoves you see those NFL players do. Mhmm, halftrack guy saw that ... his poor poor mother getting roughed up. Uh huh! Next thing I know, he's enlisted in the US Army ... then military intelligence. Yikes! Now he's thinking up all kinda of wild things to do, and it's all PB's fault (if ya ask me ). We're ALL gonna die!!!! Hmmm, what to do ... what to do. boysnbarrie Oh, btw ... I'm baby sitting at TIM's house
  20. I recently became a premium member. I cache with my kids who are not all members. It sure would be nice to click on the cache icon on the Geocaching map and in the small window that gives a brief summary of the cache, somehow see if it is a premium cache without having to open the cache page. Any ideas?
  21. Awww MAN...Barrie I told you to tell me when you logged your 1000! I was hoping to be the first one to offer the celebratory conga-rat to you. (I don't know how to get all those graphics you all use, so this gal has some learnin' to do.) Happy Birthday BoysnBarrie and Merry Christmas from afar. Love, TIM Conga Rats to boysnbarrie on 1000 finds!
  22. Awww, thanks everyone. Wow, my small milestone pales in comparison to the over 3,000-4,000 recent posts. Way to go everyone! I lost touch for awhile, but I'm back in the swing of things...Thanks BoysnBarrie for the shout-out!
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