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  1. The Obama administration is pushing for FCC confirmation of this company which will dangerously damaged GPS signals. Read the article at: http://townhall.com/columnists/michellemalkin/2011/09/21/lightsquared_obamas_dangerous_broadband_boondoggle
  2. Thanks everyone. It's a milestone for me, but doesn't begin to match up to what you guys and gals have done.
  3. Happy Geoversary, W9JIM!!! Powder Can Cache was one of my favorite caches and I mourn its loss. In honor of your 10th, I will now take a few moments to make a mental journey back to the Powder Can Cache (ABDSP can take the cache but they can't take my memories!) Thanks for your contributions to the game. Jim, Lots of memories. There are still a few of yours I haven't gotten yet. But, I too want to thank you for your contributions to the game and for being a good friend. I've certainly enjoyed caching with you. 10 years! Time flies. Chuck
  4. The squeeze would prove them wrong. If you are up to it, that is. The squeeze, eh? Hmmm, I don't know about this ... I don't think anyone should be squeezin' me while I'm driving, Skillet! Have you forgotten ... I'm a professional driver! No distracting! Hey, you got a 4WD I can borrow for this latest challenge, Mister Skillet? Hmph, can you believe that silly guy is doubting my abilities AGAIN? Unbelievable, I say! boysnbarrie Ok,So we are driving in her car Sunday afternoon and she runs over what possibly was a small piece of rubber in the road and it hits her undercarriage...What's that? she shreaks looking in the rear view mirror as she starts to slow down on the hightway..It's nothing...keep going Barrie and remembering the times we have bottomed out and heard rocks hit the bottom of our Jeep I utter..."You never could drive a 4WD". She becomes unglued and begins muttering something about how she can not believe I would say she couldn't do something...I suggested that she buy a Rubicon etc but she didn't go for that...I see...now she wants to borrow someone else's 4wd to prove that she can handle it...hmmm Barrie dear, You might mention to that doubting-James guy that I can submit photographic evidence that shows you driving a tricked-out 4WD vehicle over very rough terrain. Those who doubt have obviously not been following these forums...here's a reminder of what you've missed: Words escape me ... I'm so moved by this outpouring of support. My phone has even been ringing with people offering their 4WD vehicles! This is just incredible!! Thank you, Barrie PS - Harmon? I was wondering if you happened to catch a picture of who we were with during our trip to the moon ... I could have sworn you snapped another pic once he got more comfortable in his surroundings. Barrie dear, Maybe it slipped your mind ... that EVA suit I was wearing bunched my skivey-shorts so bad that I wasn't able to concentrate on taking pictures so that's the only shot I have of your moon rover ride. Harmon In case you're interested in The Squeeze, see GCH3XT.
  6. Wow, what a week!! Mrs Map and I have tears in our eyes. Ginger, Chuy! and the pack loved u! Thanks for the great hikes! Chuy and family, I'm so sorry for your loss. Ginger was a great companion. She'll be sorely missed. I remember her antics on cache runs several times. She was a real character. It is very hard to lose a pet, friend and family member like Ginger. She will be missed by all of us.
  7. Way to go Chuck B!!!! Thanks for visiting our cache for this milestone! What an adventure! Thanks for the congrats. I'm still out there ticking. And congrats. to all the others who are achieving milestones much more impressive than mine.
  8. This is information for any of you who are interested in placing caches in Cuyamaca State Park. I talked to the Superintendent, Nedra Martinez, on Saturday and asked about placing caches in the park. She said that they should be along existing trails and not in sensitive areas. Sensitive areas are anything where you see a sign telling you this. She does not want a huge amount of caches like in Horsethief Canyon, Hollenbeck Cyn, etc. If caches are found in areas that are off limits they will be removed. She would also like a courtesy call at 760-765-3020 indicating that you have placed a cache and saying where you put it.
  9. WoooooooHooooooooooo!!!!! Sweet Milestone Fisnjack!!! CONGRATS. JACK. AT LEAST I GOT TO DO SOME OF THOSE WITH YOU.
  10. Cuyamaca Rancho State Park welcomes cachers. There are a few there now. If you want to hide one there contact the rangers at the headquarters. That's the stone building near the entrance to Paso Picacho campground. There are some rules for hiding caches and these might be changed and made easier. I have talked to the superintendent and she is all for geocaching and has even done some herself.
  11. Yes, there's a gate. They open it sometimes at 7:30 or other times. I'm not sure the exact times since it seems to vary. If it's locked you can park outside it along the curb. It's usually closed around sunset.
  12. OMG ~ That is so sad and scary! We're curious to find out where exactly it was, hopefully it was out in the backcountry section of Alpine somewhere. Wabbits must be getting scare 'out' there and most cachers let their dogs run on the trails. Keep an eye out! The Splashes With Mountain Lions about it would be smart to have one or maybe a dozen dogs with you on the trail, or at least two or three pals willing to surround you in case of attack. Janie and Jodi are prime examples. Who knows, maybe I owe my life to those gals and didn't realize it at the time. Kind of weird that the Mountain Lion left it's kill behind in the Alpine attack. Maybe Pit Bulls don't taste like chicken. The Sandy Creek Ranch dawgs did a good job sensing that Mountain Lions or Bobcats were near, and when they teamed up to give chase the cats took flight. What one can suppose from such attacks is that wild game isn't exactly exploding in our back country so the Mountain Lions have to grocery-shop in settled areas. Comes down to annual rainfall, more rain means more grass and more critters and so predators can dine in their usual way. Well, you know, maybe so. Harmon, when choosing a hiking partner make sure that you're a faster runner than they. That is if you are attacked you can get away.
  13. OMG ~ That is so sad and scary! We're curious to find out where exactly it was, hopefully it was out in the backcountry section of Alpine somewhere. Wabbits must be getting scare 'out' there and most cachers let their dogs run on the trails. Keep an eye out! The Splashes I'm sorry to hear about the poor dog. I heard a report that in another part of the country a cougar jumped over a wall and attacked and carried a rotweiler back over the wall. Almost any of the rural areas of the county and even suburban ones are places where cougars might and do roam. I worry about some of our geocachers who roam alone out in these areas. I remember I was on duty at Cuyamaca when a woman was attacked and killed by a cougar. These are very powerful animals and can really rip you up quickly. Some things to remember: Hike in a group if at all possible. Children are great attractions for a hungry cat, so keep them close to you. Carry a hiking stick. I also carry pepper spray, the bear variety which will spray 30 feet. REI carries it. Keep a constant look behind you when hiking. The cougar will come from behind to attack. If confronted by one face it and pretend to be big. Lift your arms, etc. Don't bend over to pick up a rock. If you do that's when they might charge. Better, already have a rock or two in your pocket. You can yell at them but don't use a high pitched scream. Back away from it while still facing it. Absolutely don't run. If you do they'll overtake you. There are pamphlets in the parks about cougars that you can pick up. Please be careful out there.
  14. Thanks Mark. No I haven't done that for some time now. Chuck
  16. Congratulations you two!!!!!!!! Great job. Now keep that streak going. ......1........0.........0...........0............0 Way to go!!!!! Congratulations!!! Just my own curiosity but which cache was number 10,000 for you two? I certainly enjoyed being along with you guys on about 50 of those finds. Wish I could have joined you for the other 9950!!!!!!! My congratulations too on your remarkable feat. Are you still finding one cache each day?
  17. Congratulations Jim and Denise. You are wonderful folks and the geocaching community has certainly been enriched by your presence. May you find another 10,000 before the year is over. O.K., I may be pushing it just abit there. Congrats again and it certainly has been fun knowing you and following your geocaching exploits. WOWEEEEEE!!!! Congratulations Jim & Denise on the HUGE 10,000 !!! ........And you're still smiling! We are proud to call you our friends and definitely amazed at what you have done in such a short time. We're still in Moab, UT, Jeepin' all over these red rocks. Keep in mind, it's still not about the numbers !!!!!!! Way to go! Steve & Janie Hey Kwvers, Jim and Denice. It seems not very long ago when you put out those first caches along the canal in Chula Vista and you were just beginning. Wow!! Have you moved. I've enjoyed your friendship, you're kindred spirits. Congrats. and keep on cachen. Chuck B
  18. Nine-thousand finds ... and a bunch of hides that are wearing me out. Good on y' you two addicts. 9000 9000 Congrats to Jahoadi and John for their 9000 finds! The both of you have added so much to the geocaching community! Thanks for the many laughs and fun hides too. It is always a joy trying to stay ahead or trying to catch up to you in the numbers game. We still haven't figured out what the game is all about but it is fun none the less. We know it's not about the numbers but rather about the friends you make along the way. Enjoy relaxing the rest of the year. Geocaching isn't a competitive sport now is it? We are looking forward to the adventures yet to come! Log your finds![] Way to go John and Jodi. 9000!! Wow!! Keep it up. And the Kwvers who now have 9300 finds. Way to go Jim and Denice!!!!!
  19. Go Skillet!!!!!!!!!!!! Also CONGRATS TO FISNJACK FOR 4100 FINDS.
  20. Congrats. to all the above and to Tombmaker who just got 5000!!
  21. The picture looks different though. THE PICTURE DIDN'T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE ME.
  22. Ok. We want to be among the first to congratulate Jahoadi & John on their 7000 Finds! What an awesome team! Others in the ranks have graciously allowed us to pass them up...but not Jahoadi & John....no....John has gone to great lenghts to assure his place in the record books...Sub freezing days on 5 terrain caches is breakfast with him...Jahoadi has been known to walk through mud in her good shoes with but a whimper...We have had so many laughs hearing John's sob stories about how all the caches are gone in his radius etc...only to learn that he will drive two hundred miles to boost his numbers....but we know that he isn't into numbers....is he...way to go guys! We are sure we will be chasing you for a long time... JIM AND DENICE AND JOHN AND JODI, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. 7000 WOW!!
  23. She has a great voice and is quite a cacher. She has found in excess of 14,000 caches. Check her out.
  24. Not just those..he removed or disabled ALL his caches in the South Bay! What's up with that? Didn't you guys make him feel welcome down there? Bummer... There's a note on one or more of his disabled caches. Don't know the details. I sent him an e-mail asking hin to reconsider when I saw they were disabled but now most of them have been archived. ????????? I actually went out to find the new ones off Proctor Valley Rd. this morning and after I couldn't find the first one called Jack and he informed me they had been archived and he had picked them up. Evidently someone complained or offered too much criticism and he got tired of it. I sent him a note asking him to reconsider. I think we need to be careful of being critical of others caches and particularly newbees.
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