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  1. CKayaks are one of the true "finders" of this cache and for me it is a bummer that I disagree with them. I don't think it hurts anyone to keep it active. It is an old cache and I understand there are other caches to take us to the area but they aren't virtual and aren't as old. We ignore arm chair logs on traditional and other types of caches, we can ignore them for this one. Just don't watch this cache and you won't have to worry about it!
  2. Actually, all caches, including virtual caches, require maintenance. From the Groundspeak guidelines: +1 Yep. Of course both of you are correct. I would hate to see this particular cache archived because of that.
  3. Pup Patrol, I don't quite get either of your posts(especially the second one) but possibly you are referring to the original archiving by the CO. The way I read the old logs, after archiving it, the CO had second thoughts and decided to keep two caches active. One is the topic of this discussion and the other was eventually archived because the location of it was closed buy the government.
  4. We do not want this cache archived. It is an adventure, one we want to do when we are in the area. It is a virtual, therefore does not and should not need maintenance. We also like old time caches. True there are "arm chair" logs (the most recent has been retracted), but we can live with that as it seems to be part of this game/hobby/lifestyle/pastime/obsession. The CO purposely kept this one active even though they no longer geocache. As long as we don't rant on the cache page, it will not come to the attention of the reviewers. Those of us who know what it takes to complete this cache realize the ones who really did it and congrats to them. To the arm chair loggers and the ghost loggers you only hurt yourself and caches shouldn't be archived because of you, then you would "win". Thanks for the opportunity to respond. Jahoadi and John
  5. Left a Yrium card in GC52TJM FALLEN HEROES today. It was a YMS #6 Rocket Man.
  6. What a really cool article and life event for your family. What is her version??? Nice job either way and congratulations on her new job. Cheers, J&J
  7. Sir, I got to the skydrive account, I just didn't see this latest folder. I saw the Garmin csx photos and another two photos, just not the new ones... Merry Christmas to you and the family! Cheers, John Dang! don't scare me like this. An unexpected post at an unexpected time on this Geocaching Forum is, well, unexpected. Now John, try to recall that I bullied you into signing up for a Skydrive Account so I know very well that you are amply qualified to hover over that link with mouse or touch-pad cursor and then left-click the mouse or touch- pad. Otherwise please tell me, did you have a little cocktail before turning your laptop on?
  8. Mr. Harmon, I tried to look at this but it doesn't seem to be shared with us. I see two other files you shared, but not this one.... What do I do? A technically incapable John
  9. Happy Thanksgiving Harmon 'ol buddy!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Cuz we have been camping in the desert at the 10th annual GeoOcotillo event which had its own moments this year. Just got back after leaving early(0600) Friday morning. Sorry Mr. Harmon. J&J Had its own moments? Sounds like a story you should tell. O, excuse me, no doubt you have told the story on Facebook by now. So it goes ... By the way, I was contacted by email this morning sent from the other Geocacher in San Diego County that doesn't have a Facebook account. We are going to start a protest movement. Just so you know, Sweet ol' Harmon SD Rowdies Mr.Harmon I do not have a facebook account and the "extra" story has not been told there. Other stories about the good time have been though. I am ready to protest with you!! R, your servant, John
  11. Cuz we have been camping in the desert at the 10th annual GeoOcotillo event which had its own moments this year. Just got back after leaving early(0600) Friday morning. Sorry Mr. Harmon. J&J
  12. Are you saying if poor ol' Harmon wants to keep playing with us, he is going to have to go over to the dark side (FB)? I think so but the odds aren't good..... Jodi is on facebook, but I'm not so what does that tell you??
  13. Mike, Thanks for maintaining that site for so long. Not many even get on these forums now. I visit once in a while but Jodi doesn't even respond to Harmon's digs anymore. The evolution of social media continues.... We will look to save some pictures. Happy trails to you Commander. John and Jodi Michael, You've been a prince by supporting the site for such a long time. I would step in but for nine grandchildren and my sweet ex-nun bride. I've seen some images of late showing your recent activities you rascal you. Live it up pal, Harmon SD Rowdies
  14. Relinked the image. You're darn right you do! wait til you see the one that I just made for you!!!!! I might even post a picture here for you to see...... PS....I think my patent pending is almost posted! Patented? by any chance do you own an iPhone? As you might expect I'm anxious to see a picture or pictures of your work. Show me yours and I'll show you mine. Harmon this was made with you in mind:
  15. Relinked the image. You're darn right you do! wait til you see the one that I just made for you!!!!! I might even post a picture here for you to see...... PS....I think my patent pending is almost posted!
  16. Harmon, You are very lucky that Miss Jodi is back in Vermont taking care of her mother after an operation..... I will point this latest out to her however in about 14 days..... Cheers, John
  17. Four days with no reply from Harmon where is he? Maybe Jodi is sitting on him. She used them on the PCT on Sunday!! Boy howdy, I can explain this one ... in the last few weeks: A. My sweet bride got a new iPad. B. My sweet bride got a new Galaxy S-111 cell phone. C. I got a new Nexus 7 Tablet. D. My sweet bride and I converted our home-phone to Verizon Wireless. E. My sweet bride returned from a family reunion in Iowa with an hour of video footage. F. I have been solidifying my Google+ account by joining a number of rewarding Circles that pertain to my main interests. I've been buried up to my lower-lip in tech-support. Big part of it was to support my sweet bride while she produced a video-DVD with the iPad footage she shot of relatives in Dickey-Bibs running an ol' timey sawmill that's located out in the open at the edge of an Iowa cornfield. I see that six or seven local Geocachers have taken the plunge with a Google+ account but haven't made much use of their account as yet. To mention it again Google+ is a service that allows you to interact on a worldwide basis with people that share interests. Google+ is not in any way a Facebook experience and so calls for a different set of skills in order to enjoy the benefits. So far I see very little participation from Geocachers. I'm working up a scheme to make a Geocaching Circle that is both interesting and rewarding. At the outset I spent a day organizing the Yrium-card collection so that I could and did share it with an existing Geocaching Circle. So far BlondHiLites has been the only one to show an interest in viewing and the Yrium-card image galleries. As far as this Geocaching Forum thread is concerned I can only guess that there is some interest because there's very nearly no evidence at all to show that it serves a need. So it goes, Poor ol' Harmon All the farm buildings built from White Oak milled on this old sawmill. Way cool old sawmill. It is great that they have kept it! OBTW, we saw at least three Yirium cards on the PCT between Old thing road and Fred Canyon Road. Cheers, John
  18. We too have plodded along with this very frustrating problem along with many, many others. Reported in May and just noticed and reported to engineers in September? When will it be scheduled for a fix?
  19. Jodi, Anythang for you darlin'. Kiss-kiss, Sweet ol' Harmon Mr Harmon,you just kissed me . John
  20. Wow, that last post came up huge on my screen.
  21. Thank you 7rxc for finding the info. I see now the trackable is near Tuscon, but hasn't been there too long. Sorry we can't help move it along but like 7rxc said, it looks like the cache is visited pretty often. Good luck.
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