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  1. What a fun idea! We found Tarryall already, but for those who haven't and plan to while at GW, this will make the find all the more sweeter Have fun!!!
  2. Not many people still use the forums. If you're on Facebook, you could check out "San Diego Geocachers" and you'll probably get a better response. Or you could attend an event or two...
  3. Hey Campfire, I saw your post and that there have been no responses so far. You might want to check into local area Facebook pages for more 'connection' with who's doing what. Facebook is rapidly taking over for the forums for keeping up with local goings on... Some of the newer cachers I've spoken with don't even know what the forums are...? Secondly, summer is not a good time to do the power trails in Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah! It can easily climb to well over 100 degrees and locals know to plan ahead of time, but they are also willing to revise plans as current upcoming weather is forecasted. It's very important to keep in touch with current forecasts!!! Personally, we did the original ET Hwy series in the middle July. Heat topped out at 113 degrees. And even though the majority of the trail is grab n go (travel), it's still really taxing. Fortunately, we had a cooler full of just ice, bandanas to soak in the ice water to wrap around our necks, and excellent A/C in our car. All that said, it's way better to do the desert power trails in the winter with much much cooler temps and little chance of rain or snow.
  4. Most folks are on facebook now. The San Diego Geocachers page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/321218937913129/?fref=nf Welcome back to San Diego!
  5. Sadly, people forget this is supposed to be fun, as is evidenced by the CO's response. As a CO, I would never require someone to 'prove' anything. For Pete's sake, it's just a geocache! If someone was deliberately logging false finds regularly, then I'd probably just delete their logs and move on. Problem solved. My hay-penny's worth...
  6. Lots more action on facebook now http://www.facebook.com/groups/321218937913129/
  7. We are so very sorry for your loss, and we agree that you were fortunate to have her with you all those wonderful years. May she rest in peace.
  8. Happy Birthday, Harmon!!! May your day be filled with family, friends, and lots of laughter!
  9. Left a phone message for Jeff. We'd be happy to help any way we can!
  10. Thought I'd better post here in addition to FB since none of three 'honorees' is on FB... A big CONGRATS to dillweed, fisnjack, and Ragfoot for not only completing the Original Fizzy, but for making the long road trip to sign the log and claim their well-deserved smileys! Way to go!!! http://coord.info/GC11E8N
  11. Mom and I are going, and it looks like Trixxie and habu! are definite, too.
  12. TNG #19 is at Max's Favorite Park Look by the fence under the Pride of Madera...please be gentle to the branches!
  13. I've not met him, but from reading Minute Rice's logs, he's cached with a guy that goes by SlickShoe, and SlickShoe is still caching a bit, so maybe he can help you. Slickshoe Good luck!
  14. Congratulations to ragfoot for finding his 15,000th cache in less than 2 1/2 years!!!
  15. Happy! Happy! ... another year above ground indeed. :wub: Happy Birthday, Harmon! And many, many, many happy returns! :wub: Happy Birthday, Harmon!!! Hope you had the very best of days!!!
  16. Here's another great one, if you're in the area...Take a Gander
  17. Are you using gsak to download your waypoints? If so, change the field note to: %drop2 That will drop the GC at the beginning of the gc code
  18. Check out the 12 bookmark lists found on this cache page... Local Treasure
  19. hahahaha!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! :laughing: It hurts you made me laugh so hard!!!
  20. Oh My Gosh, I can finally HONK!!! Think this is my first time
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