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Wooden Nickel Trading

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I have a couple nickles for ya boots Padude picked them up in a cache here in PA


hahahaha, thats funny, I was in PA on a hiking trip this past spring and did a couple of caches while I was there. I found a PAdude coin, and two others of his companions (can't remember thier names). If you are looking for trades, let me know. I can send you some of mine. I can't tell from your post if you are saying that you found some of mine in PA or if you are offering to trade.

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did you receive my sig :rolleyes:


GadZooks, I did, and I completely forgot to post a note in here! My apologies. I did receive your sig a couple of weeks ago. I am so sorry that I forgot to note it!


It's a sweet sig, btw! I like the oversize nickle. I might have to see if I can find me some of those!



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...and Yes Boots I thought you might be interested in a few I have laying around. I leave a pathtag and I have to take something, so I have a few of PADude from a bike/fishing trip down the allegheny passage about a month before the coinfest.


Is it just the PAdude nickles or do you have others as well? I have the PAdude nickle, but if you have others I would be more than happy to trade for some of mine!



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Thanks for the bump. I am actually hoping to re-design my nickle back, and want to try to have some new ones ready by Christmas.


Well, I drafted a new design, printed it this afternoon, and will be cutting them out in just a few minutes. I will be traveling for the holiday so it will probably be next week before I get a chance to varnish the and have them ready to ship. I have a trade scheduled with LoriDarlin. Lets make some more friends!


Here is the newest design, along with each of the former designs. I have SOME left of the older ones, mostly the Cache Bash promo ones, I think. If you are interested, let me know.



Sig 4



Sig 3



Sig 2



Sig 1 (the original)

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I stumbled over this :

Collectibles - Database http://www.utahgeocachers.com/CollectibleDB.php


"This Collectibles Database is simply a way to help us recognize and identify the many and varied signature items we've found and produced. Wooden Nickels and Poker Chips have been separated into their own categories. ( listed in left navigation menu )"



post a new item to the database by simply adding it's name in the name field and describing it in the comments field


choose "Switch List Type to:" in the left hand column (pink links) to display images if you can't see any.



o Item names should begin with the caching name of the Owner.


o Names should be brief but include any distinguishing characteristics.


PS I added your nicks Boots but what is the trackable thing on the sig 1 version?

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PS I added your nicks Boots but what is the trackable thing on the sig 1 version?


In the original version, I had purchased a TB tag, and included that code in the nickle design. The idea was that it would become something more like a pathtag. I think I made about 15-20 of those nickles but no one ever picked up on the trackability thing, except for the few folks that I specifically talked to about it. Then it got picked up by a realyl prolific cacher in our area who logs it in and out of every cache he finds. It's still available for anyone to grab it from him and (virtually) drop in any cache that they do, but no one ever does. mostly, i think people have collected them rather than moving them.


I thought about making some more of those, but I think they were more confusing than cool, so I probably won't.

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Around here, the geocoins still seem to be a subject of massive interest. Coin folks around here are pretty fanatical at times. I chuckled at an event a couple of weeks ago... There was a raffle for a VERY nice planisphere (spelling??) coin which was won by a young kid, probably 8-10 years old. Apparently the winner, from the time he won it, till the end of the event, dropped it on the floor several times, and other "collector" geocachers seemed pretty offended. I am not a collector of coins, but I thought it was more amusing to watch their reactions!


Anyway, I have a new batch of coins (see above post) that I am ready to send out... Just need to make some new friends.

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OK Boots................


Just so I can satisfy my need for "mailbox anticipation", let's trade again. I'll send you an e-mail.


You already have my nickel and poker chip, but I had a different geocaching swag item made last Christmas. It's not coin or nickel or chip, so I never posted it here. If you search the Geocaching General Topics discussion, you might find a picture of it there.


And anybody else who wants to trade nickels or chips, I'm always ready to send them.

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:D LOL I am in the process of making new nickels and should have em finished sometime this week.. depending on my motivation, so I could be ready for more trades soon. I also JUST today received a Planisphere coin from a trade in the mail and can't stop playing with it.. Waay cool coin. Can't wait till I get a cloud free moon free night to check it out. I don't think I would have been offended by the kiddo dropping the coin, I'd have probably flinched but not offended. I'm all thumbs most of the time, hey I dropped my Moun10Bike coin no sooner than I took it out of the plastic shell it was in.
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Ouch - those planisphere coins are so heavy my coin stands kept collapsing and i lost count of how many times they hit the deck. but yes one can't help flinching - I have learnt to only show my collection to seated people after my geocoin bug hit the concrete.


planisphere (spelling??) coin


I believe you are correct! :huh:


I probably would have been offended too, I haven't even taken mine out of the box yet. :laughing:


Fanatical? Yes, I guess I am. <_<

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Hi all!


I have some wooden nickles advertising our Allegany State Park Event for 2009.


Anyone interested, shoot me off a PM with your address.


And Boots! Dang, man you is around the corner from me...sorta. Do you KNOW about the ASP Geobash? Is a mega event!


Oh! I wish I had a wooden nickel to trade! :blink:

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Hi all!


I have some wooden nickles advertising our Allegany State Park Event for 2009.


Anyone interested, shoot me off a PM with your address.


And Boots! Dang, man you is around the corner from me...sorta. Do you KNOW about the ASP Geobash? Is a mega event!


Oh! I wish I had a wooden nickel to trade! :blink:


Send me your address via email.

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Got packages in the mail from Slowdown Racer (yesterday) and ATMouse (today). Thanks so much!


Will be sure to start dropping AGB nickels in caches locally. I really like the oversized nickel you made up too!


Dropped Slowdown Racer's in the mail today. Very nice sentiment, Slowdown...

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LOL!!! Flattery will get you everywhere!! I wouldn't be opposed to sending you one or two without needing a trade for it. Will email you privately.


Also, I see, in checking your profile, that you are a bit of a coin collector. Suppose I might interest you in a 4-H GeoCoin? I designed them and you can check them out here:




I can post photos if you prefer. Cost for the coin is $12 + $2shipping.


*shameless plug inserted here*

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I got COOL stuff in the mail today!!


From slowdownracer, I got a wooden nickel - you were right, I didn't have this checkered flag edition, and an AWESOME patch!!!


Many thanks for a lovely package!


I also got 57chevy's mailing to me: a wooden "nickel" that makes my big boy look like a lightweight! I love the stamped images of the dog and the edge design - it fills my hand.


And the strap with my name(s) stamped on it with the Signal Christmas pin ... ! Another AWESOME gift! It will be going on my backpack.


Thanks!!! :)


Both of you - with extras tucked into your mailings - your generosity and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated.


Thank you!!!

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Nice package of nickels from ATMouse yesterday.


ASP Geobash IV - May 15-17, 2009 - GC1DG47


Let's give them our support.






And I'll be there with a special edition of wooden nickles to trade! (shameless bribe)

Would love to be there, but I will have to be working that weekend. I work at a summer camp and that is open house weekend. As an Administrator for the camp, I kinda hafta be there.

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