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Geocacheuk Down?

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Anyone have any idea of when it might be up again?


I'm off on holiday tomorrow and was hoping to download a load of caches for South Devon and Weymouth  today <_<


/Note to self - Be more organised and download data before the absolute last minute next time!  :o





From this cache page Hood View Do a search for nearby caches.

Use the StreetMap link to see where they are.

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The company who hosts the G:UK stats and T:UK sites is currently in the process of relocating all their servers to a new facility in Reading. They emailed me saying that they expected only about 1hr of disruption last night while they cut over, but it looks like things may not have gone as smoothly as hoped. <_<


Sorry for the disruption! Let's hope things clear themselves up soon...

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Is it stll down/down again I'm just getting stuff I don't understand??

We are doing everything we can. More information has been posted on the G:UK forum here


I will post again when I hear more info.


Sorry for any inconvenience ;)


This also affects the trigpointing database.

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Yes. It's still down. Looks like it can't find a file or two...

Yes, sorry about the confusing error messages. I received the following from DMC Internet:



We are currently experiencing a problem with a primary RAID array encountered after the move. Our team is preparing a replacement for this troublesome hardware, services are continuing to run however you may be experiencing sporadic issues with speed and availability.


One thing we are noticing with your site is that the processes appear to be queueing constantly, when the systems come back to life they are being bombarded with requests from your stats site which is likely to be aiding in the trouble, if there is anything you can do to assist us while we prepare the replacement that would be much appreciated.

The server was running so slooooowly that all I could do to take the site offline was to delete a critical file. Now that there aren't hundreds of G:UK queries bogging down the server, I've managed to change the homepage to be a bit friendlier. Hopefully they'll get their disks back up to speed soon and I can switch the site back on...

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I've just heard back from DMC Internet. They've put in a "temporary resolve" for the disk problems they were having, and have allowed me to switch the G:UK and T:UK websites back on. :( Let's hope their sticky plaster holds until a proper solution comes along...

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Its OK we have not been shut down. They are moving the database to a new server and they have been asked that when they started to move it that they would take the account off line, to save any corruption in the data.


It will take a while to move the 20,000 trigpoint photos and all the Stats/Trigpoint databases.


It will be back on soon I hope :(

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