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  1. I can only bow in admiration too. I've picked up a few good walks from the site as well as contributing a fair few. So many people have commented on how enjoyable they've found the walks and the whole concept. I do wish I could have had a little more time over the last year but alas no. Here's to the shiny new future of GeoHikes and a huge thanks to TBOS for all his hard work in taking it on.
  2. You may or may not know that I set up and run (well allegedly) a website called Geohikes at www.geohikes.co.uk I wrote it from scratch and generally spent quite a time describing walking routes that pass geocaches. However, it's slipped from the priority list (sadly like my walking and geocaching) and I never ever get the chance to do anything. The thing is, the site's webspace is up for renewal. Now it's only a modest £30 a year but I can't really justify it anymore so come the 27th August the site will cease to be....... .....unless some Knight (or Dame) in shining armour fancies taking it on. It's pretty easy to work out and the data is all there on a nice friendly content management system and the site is not much harder to administer than typing out a message on this forum. If you fancy stepping forward post below or send me a private message and we'll sort it out from there. The site will become yours in every aspect though, as it needs more than just £30 a year!
  3. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?Module...20&doy=22m1 Lowrance iFinder Go2 available for £50 from Maplin. Should be alright as a basic mapping GPS for anyone who wants one.
  4. Any pointers on where to purchase in the States? I have a Geko 201 myself and agree it's a great unit!
  5. Anyone able to point me in the direction of a cheap decent unit for caching? I'm after it for a friend who I've recently introduced. I'm guessing a Yellow Etrex is the best option but are there are other budget units? PC connectivity is a must.
  6. I've walked 1000s of miles with Memory Map and GPS combo and after looking at your picture I would say that is nothing out of the ordinary. There is no systematic shift to suggest a positioning error. It is therefore more likely that it is a combination of tree cover, inaccuracy of the 1:50,000 scale maps and the footpath being in a different place on the ground to that shown on the map (not an infrequent occurance).
  7. Just in case anyone is interested. I am reliably informed that the car is one which was buried by Vic Reeves as a fine example of garden art!
  8. I personally hate the idea of car park waypoints. I rarely approach a cache from the car and quite often the placer will assume that I am doing so when they get the chance to put co-ordinates in. That means descriptions and clues can start to lose meaning.
  9. IMO, a "hint" should completely and utterly reveal the location of the cache. The number of caches I have been to that have been stupidly placed under heavy tree cover with a useless clue is astounding. Surely the idea of placing a cache is for people to find it. If a cache is badly placed with out a decent clue, why the hell do you think I'll bother coming back if I don't stumble on your misplaced cache first time round?
  10. My own suggestion: "After realising the travel bug wasn't going to fit in his bag, Davester tried to dispose of it in the most subtle way he knew."
  11. I stumbled across this rather bizzare item while out walking/caching yesterday. Deserves a decent caption I feel. For those of you keen to visit it, head for this cache.
  12. Depending on dates I'd be up for it. Having climbed all three peaks before I would say that the only difficult one for an above fitness person is Ben Nevis.
  13. http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/product114.asp What do you think? I ordered a set for camping use and they are very good. Entirely water tight. Good for a container or a cover methinks.
  14. As far as I see there is no reason whatsoever to pay. If Groundspeak had any business sense whatsoever the site could be entirely funded from affliate links and subtle advertising, and perhaps even make enough to fund a proper server. As for Pocket Queries, farming software and www.geocacheuk.com offer everything they do in a must easier to access form.
  15. Has any one seen this software? http://geotoad.sourceforge.net/ It basically searches www.geocaching.com on your behalf and compiles the results into a vast array of file formats for you. Seems like a good un to me.
  16. Considering that Sony can't sell the things for love nor money I guess this will a way to pick up a really cheap GPS by the end of the year.
  17. I'm sorry. I read many an excuse for crap like this in threads like "someone has to pay for hosting of the site", but it doesn't wash. FFS, www.geocaching.com is a massive site with SO many members. It doesn't take more than half a brain to know a site such as this could be funded by simple affliate links, rather than rubbish like this. And having had some first hand knowledge of the whoo-ha caused by a charity cache.....
  18. I have a small sticker above my SatNav mount. Says "My SatNav unit is always removed from the vehicle when unoccupied. There are no other valuables in the vehicle". Seems to work.
  19. I tried to wangle a trip with work but given the choice between not going or spending two days on the stand working I chose the former.
  20. And as I sat panicking and typing that out (melodramatic eh?), I had a reply from Paul & Ros. Thank you so much!!! One of your caches will be my 200th.
  21. I've emailed Paul & Ros (Yorkshire Cachers) about this cache but I fear I may have left it too late. I'm heading up North for the weekend and won't have access to a computer to get their reply after this evening. The missus and I were heading to bag their four caches near Selby. Two are part of the multi-cache A Walk In The Woods which we want to bag while in the area. We visited two of the multi cache daughter caches, Wheldrake Woods and Bishop Wood at the start of last year before they were part of the multi. That means the clue which is now in them wasn't there. Paul & Ros (Yorkshire Cachers) offer to supply previous visitors with the clues to the multis but as usual I seem to have left my caching planning too late. Can anyone help!!!!!??
  22. And I must be so sad for realising you're caching in a nice pair of Cascada's there.
  23. They update it often enough for people to do naughty tricks http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=en&t=...75,0.002626&t=k Don't click if you are easily offended.
  24. Argggghh! A cachers nightmare. I was out on a 15 mile walk today to bag caches 198, 199 and 200. I sucessfully bagged the first two but the final one, Chailey Common Cache was nowhere in sight. My only solice is that I have actually done 200 in total due to one single Navicache cache.......
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