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It's a caricature of us. The A3 original is framed on the wall of our dining room.


Sue cannot see herself there - but everyone else can! Sue gets recognised at meets from the picture. Sue thinks my crinkly lips are spot on.


There's a bigger, more detailed version on our website (link through our profile).


We've also had a stamp made up that we now use to log our entries at caches.

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Mine is a pig because I like pigs and have a vast collection of pig stuff. The flying pig seemed appropriate to some of my cache hunts. The image itself is drawn by the cartoonist Hunt Emmerson and I nicked it from the Fortean Times website (after first checking with my contacts at that publication).

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Mine is a character from a Newcastle United fanzine. Walker being part of Newcastle it basically has nothing to do with putting one foot in front of the other. As part of a comic strip it was sometimes more interesting and amusing than the football.

Folk who've met me know I'm much better looking ;);):D

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1970 - Yeti, An extraordinary album by Amon Duul ll


Side 1

1. Soap Shop Rock

a. Burning Sister

b. Halluzination Guillotine

c. Gulp A Sonata

d. Flesh Coloured Anti-aircraft Alarm

2. She Came Through The Chimney


Side 2

1. Archangels Thunderbirds

2. Cerberus

3. The Return of Rubezahl

4. Eye Shaking King

5. Pale Gallery


Side 3



Side 4

1. Yeti Talks to Yogi

2. Sandoz in the Rain


Hands up, who loves Renate as much as me :anitongue:

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