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Talk Cache

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Just a place to talk about cache problems and other random cache stuff


please feel free to post anything cache related!!


Such as


Problems you have had in the past

with your caches


and the odd stuff you have found in them


and make it so this is a non judgmental

place to talk no bashing other players about what they think


speak your mind!!!


and have fun!!

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no bashing other players  about what they think


speak your mind!!!

That could prove challenging...


Hey, I have an idea, lets create new threads under Geocaching Topics for each 'talk cache' point we want to discuss and let others post their thoughts on each point.


Here's another idea: everytime our thread isn't at the top, we could 'bump' our thread with inserts like this...


:laughing:  :laughing:  :D  :laughing:
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