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I would like to update my site Geocacher SA with some more info etc.

My questions to all cachers out there:

1. What would you like me to publish on my site?

2. What do you not like on my site?

3. Should I start incorporating more hiking and 4x4 topics as well? I think a lot of the geocacher out there are 4x4 people as well so expanding to 4x4 topics could be helpful to others.

4. Do we need another forum page?


Then, it seems like everybody is boycotting the GASA page! Please send me info to publish, anything--photos, signature items, experience, articles. We still need some true South African guidelines!

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Hey I'd like to see a section for favorite caches per province.

I remember seeing something about this in the forums a while back.

Members can either rate caches on various categories such as best view, most ingenious cache, best quick and easy cache, best all day cache etc.


Or maybe justn a section where each membercan list theior favourite caches.

Then when one visits other provinces, one can have a look at that page to see which caches one wants to do while away

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1: On the "Favourite Caches" issue which was started by myself sometime ago, this did not seem to get that much of a thumbs up from the caching community, so I did not persue it any further.


2: Found a spelling error on one of the buttons, I assume "Geo Safery" should read "Geo Safety"?

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The cache rating system was left in my hands from the previous thread. It is up and running to a certain degree, but still ironing out some bugs which the vendor in the US is not being too forthcoming with in fixing them.


I will make an announcement once I'm happy with the system.

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I like the website, and think it's a great contribution to SA Geocaching. I had an idea a while ago, and after briefly meeting Noddy from KZN I really thought someone should do this. What we do is suggest holiday caches, for example, if I decide to go down to Cape Town, I look on the website for recommended camping sites and so on, and with that there should be a list of caches that are reasonably maintained and worth doing. I don't know what everyone else thinks, but I think this could promote caching in new places, other than close to home.

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a list of caches that are reasonably maintained and worth doing.

Well, I would hope that the rating system will give folks some indication of recommended caches. The rating system will be sortable by province once it is up and running. Just a thought.... would we want to create a number of lists??


As for a list, there is bookmark functionality available on GC.com and these lists can be shared and viewed by fellow cachers, here's an Example


BTW: Liked the Afrikaans Brochure... neatly done.


Just to add to Warthog's note: Etiquatte (sic)


Looking forward to see what is going to fall under the regional GASA pages....


Perhaps consider breaking up that first page of the geoshop. It takes forever to load all those thumbnails.

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Thanks for all the input. All points taken.

Yes, Globalrat is correct in the first page loading to slow. I keep on making the mistake by judging the pages by my computer! I have ADSL etc so it is relatively fast. I should optimize the screen layout for a smaller screen as well!

Will go through all the suggestions and improve over the next couple of weeks!

The GASA pages are for YOU---all the cachers out there! It is my idea to get your inputs for info on all the GASA pages. SO let’s have some info. As soon as you send me "stuff" I will start adding it!

I think we can add hyperlinks on the GASA pages to Globalrat’s rating system etc. Like this we do not have any duplication, but a better overall information base for everybody.

Like I said before, our websites "cater" for different aspects of Geocaching in South Africa. We do not need duplication.

Looks like a favorite cache thing can work and it seems like a lot of people want it! So let’s have some votes!

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