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I'm so excited, I found the Geocaching web site a few months ago and thought it would be a fun thing to do so I told my husband all about it and for Mother's Day he bought me a GPS. I've already looked up some cache sites in our area that seem easy, and we are going to try it out this weekend (if I can wait that long). Looking for benchmarks sounds fun too.



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Thanks- I haven't even finished reading the instruction booklet yet but I've entered co-ordinates manually. My GPS can download from the computer but I haven't read that far yet and I'm still on dial-up at home (for another 2 months until we move into a new house).


Currently I'm just having fun figuring out this web site and how everything works and getting information on cache sites near my sister's house which is near Hawk Mountain, PA.


I can't wait to make my first find!



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Hi, Red Oak,

We're brand new too, and I just had to reply because I took real advantage of the Mothers' Day concept to get my GPSr too!!

My family couldn't wait for me to figure out how to work everything, so we set out looking for a cache fairly close to home in an area we know a bit.

First lesson, double-check how you enter the coords into your unit. A typo can really throw you off! Our map was directing us to the middle of some farmers' field, totally unaccessible. We gave up, and when driving back on the highway, someone's eagle eyes spotted a weathered sign, and looking across the field, we saw what we'd been looking for all along! Finding our first cache was just so exciting. Can't wait for the next outing!

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Saw this site forgot how about two months ago and got interested lurked and lurked then went and bought a gps machine went out today and found first (my first) site. Fun stuff drove arround and looked for sites. I can't beleive how many sites are within a few miles of my house. more to come for me. Sure hope I am not addicted already I think I may have some kind of mental disorder. I think this may be better than sitting in front of the TV and watching Jerry Springer LOL.....

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I too am new to geocaching and I can't imagine I've waited this long to get into it. I've already asked a couple of questions on this forum and everyone is very kind and helpful. I've got plenty of waypoints entered in my Garmin etrex and I'm itching to get out this weekend.

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