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WAAS turned off?


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WAAS is still on and functioning properly. I get the signal when I have a clear view of the horizon (which isn't very often due to the heavy Redwood cover).


There are only 2 WAAS sats and they are in the West & East. (I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong and they're actually North/South).


Good luck.

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I wouldn't worry about not having WAAS. I have it and don't enable it. It slows down the GPS (I have a Gamrin GPS V) plus you need a pretty wide open view to get them, which in Northern NJ and when geocaching around here, isn't something that will typically happen.


Maybe I'll turn it on and see if I ever get WAAS going around here.

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Absolutely no reason to turn it off in a megellan meridian. More battery life, better fixes without, its all gathering the force of an urban legend here and it is all baloney! On the meridians if you want to know if your receiving a WAAS signal look at the satellite screen. If the W satellite is highlighted you are receiveing a WAAS signal. There is also WAAS information on other screens.


This comment is strictly for Magellan meridians and sportracks. There is some indication here that Garmins handle WAAS differently. I don't own one and don't have a clue.

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Of coarse WAAS is not turned off!

One thing probably common to both Megellan and Garmin is that you must first intitialize WAAS by having a good open view of the sky for about 15 minutes or so if you have not recieved WAAS yet. It has to search for the proper satelites and then download the WAAS almanac. If an open spot, have patience, watch for the "W's" or "D's" on the sat screen.




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When I was a kid, I knew a guy named "Jerry". Jerry claimed that drinking Coca-Cola after putting burnt matches in it would get you drunk. The guy who told you that WAAS was turned off - is his name Jerry?

I disagree with the statement that "ignorance is bliss", Allow me to recommend you read the brief series of paragraphs at:http://www.garmin.com/aboutGPS/waas.html regarding WAAS. It's probably all you'll ever need to know about it. icon_wink.gif


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No point in turning WAAS off with respect a war in the Gulf as WAAS doesn't even work there and if there was a need to put WAAS into emergency military mode (as far as US coverage was concerned) then one might find some strange happenings with straight GPS.


No nothing wrong with WAAS, operating normally since changed from test mode to normal operational mode on July 10, 2003.


Cheers, Kerry.


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As a general I turn my WAAS off on my Garmin eTrex Legend, as it just wastes batteries. True it may help you lock a specific location better, which is helpful in placing a cache, but as you are moving through trees and loosing signals, WAAS really slows initial location find greatly.

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Originally posted by WMAcachecrew:

Thanks for all the info. Tried it on Saturday in an open area. After approximately 10 minutes I finally did get a WAAS signal. Last time I listen to those guys...thanks again.


I just got a Meridian Gold, and I get the WAAS signal frequently. Yesterday, while looking through some cache printouts, I actually had both WAAS signals locked. I have found that it does help when stationary and averaging my position.



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Originally posted by WMAcachecrew:

Hi All. I've been told by a few people that WAAS function is currently not available because of our conflict/war with Iraq. My GPS (Magellen companion) is WAAS enabled but I never get a WAAS signal. Is the information that I've been told legit...or do I need to change my settings or what?


What you need to do is stop listening to those people! icon_biggrin.gif


WAAS is on - I've been getting WAAS signals, though not as often as I would like.


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