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  1. Thanks for the detailed answer. There is definitely an archived cache missing that was placed in 2002. it should be before the existing number 1 in the list. Thanks!
  2. Just a quick question. Is geocaching dropping old caches after a certain amount of time? My original placed cache seems to have disappeared. It was placed in 2002. Mike
  3. I said I found it. I did not say I pulled it out of the machine. A nice fellow from the fish store put his arm in the machine up to the elbow until he located it after I told him I did not find it and several before me did not find it. I did put it back about 2 inches above the opening. I also know that the vending machine engineers do great work but they don't know what's done to the machine after it leaves the plant. I do safety reviews and you would not believe the butchered repairs I have scene. Everybody thinks they are an electrician. Permission doesn't excuse stupid. Also, it not an urban cache. The fish place is one of three places next to marina on Lake Erie near Westfield, NY. Clearly nobody {remove inappropriate language] so I guess I won't care either. Have a safe day. [edit BruceS]
  4. I appreciate that I don't have to do this. I think this is UNSAFE. You had to reach well past where you would have retrieved a can of soda. This stuff is outside and I don't think we should be tempting the terminally dumb to do stupid things. Mike
  5. I just found a geocache that was magnetic nano (about the size of a thimble) and I had to reach up into an operating soda vending machine to retrieve it. This just seems very wrong and is an excellent example of why I hate micros. Should this kind of hide be allowed? I think that this kind of hide should not be allowed. I should NEVER have to put my hand in an energized electric device. This includes light poles and other municipal equipment. I'd appreciate your input. Mike
  6. Write the chief of police and the mayor or whatever the elected government official is. Lay the whole thing out and make sure you indicate that you were not happy. Keep it polite but firm. Mike
  7. headmj

    wny cachers?

    There quite a few cachers in Chautauqua County. I live in Westfield. The ASP Geobash is held each spring in Allegany State Park that is a good place to meet people. Check the owners and finders of caches in Chautauqua County to get a sense of who is here. regards Mike
  8. I don't think there is a state wide approved logo. The Allegany region is using one they have designed. See it at GCNY11. They asked that I add it to teh description of any cache I place that they approve. Regards Mike
  9. The teeth were about an inch apart. MMMM Cheesburger!
  10. Thanks folks. When I get a chance i will post a picture of the teeth marks
  11. I just had a situation with my Fire Tower cache caused by folks leaving wrapped candy in it. I don't care where you are, the basic rule should be NO FOOD of any kind in caches. It will draw wild animals and endanger the cache and the animal. I think this should be added to the how to place a cache instructions and the FAQ'S' Thanks! Mike
  12. The detail satellite imagery is very uneven. There was great coverage for Baldwinsville, NY but terrible images for Westfield, NY and Sharonvile, OH. The maps themselves were very nice
  13. Just come to Southwest NY! Allegany State Park - 65000 acres/ 8 caches = 8125 acres per cache!!
  14. Thanks, naturescout! I have a waypoint for the gate on the rt. 86 side of the park. It is at 42 deg 4.95 min N and 78deg 48.28 min W on Bay State Rd. I have never gone up that Rd from the ASP 1 side. I will look for the railroad road bed.
  15. Everything you have heard so far us true, so now what? My experience with bear comes form Southwestern NY, the Catskills and central PA. Your mileage may vary in Western MA. In central PA and the Catskills the bear I encountered caching, dashing and hunting immediately left the area. I have encounters in all seasons except deep winter (expected) In general they are not a threat. I never attempt to approach a bear. The Western NY bears are a different story. These are camp ground bears and they have no fear of humans. I have not heard of an attack but I stay away from these bears because they are garbage bears and have no fear. During camping season they are not a threat on the trails because they are in the camp sites and well fed. After the summer camping season they go back up into the trail area and I hike with great attention to what I'm doing. Luckily I have mostly seen the behind of bears. I have bear spray. So, as you can see, it will be wise to talk to the professionals in any park or other wildlife area you visit to get there assessment of the area. Every area can be different. After over 40 years in the woods I have never been threatened by a bear and have some excellent pictures. Now, as for black beer I prefer Saranac!
  16. NatureScout, how far can a person drive up Bay State road from the Rt #1 side? I have driven by there literally thousands of times and I have never gone up there. I have been plotting access routes to Mear Mountain and there is a relatively flat ridge line that runs from RT. 1 to Bear Marker. It is about a three mile hike from Rt 1 near the overlook site. Regards Mike
  17. LOL Yep, 65000 acres is alot of ground. That's why I tell my wife what 20,000 acres I'll be in! <BG> I have been looking at putting a cache in the Bear Mt marker area. I have been trying to estimate how much draw it might get. It would be fun to put certificates in the box declaring that the bearer had reached the highest point in the park. I can tell you for sure I would get the permit before I actually hiked up there. Twice a year would be plenty. Maybe I will do both in August Right! Mike
  18. I have only seen bear and coyote. The coyote hit the road fast. The bear just continued what it was doing. I am not to concerned during the camping season in Allegany State Park because most of the bear are off the trails and in campsites raiding dumpsters. Early spring worries me most and late fail is second. I watch where I go at those times.
  19. We probably won't see any enforcement action until after 4/15 which is the date the caches are supposed to be labeled by. I think that the voluntary compliance will be very high. If somebody could not get to ASP to put their sticker on they could conatct me and I will try to get to boxes. Some folks live a long way from their caches. Mike
  20. I just finished my permit process and it was pretty easy. I was totally unaware of the new permit requirement and the folks from ASP reached me by email. Very Nice! They are a good group and I have been using the park for almost 50 years and my interaction with them has always been positive. As a matter of fact if we could get some of the "CITY" environmentalists out of their hair we would have a much more diverse ecosystem there managed by people who know how. Naturescout, let me know when you are going to do Brown Mountain and we can see who runs out of gas first! <BG> All in all I think this will just keep the dangerous or poorly though out caches out of the way.
  21. I just finished the application process for Summit Fire Tower at Allegany State park and the process was very painless. The folks at the park are square shooters and enjoy seeing the park used safely. Right now my cache is really only accessible on skis and I won't tag the bottle until early April but that won't be a problem. I see this as giving the park managment a chance to review what's being done. There was one cache there that was a lot of fun, but the first location was plainly dangerous. Yes I did it but wondered who would finally fall. I think we will find the managers of teh bigger sites pretty friendly. Most of them are outdoorsmen at heart not bureaucrats. They asked that I include an "Approved" notice in my listing and it look really neat.
  22. I'll give it a shot for you the next time I am in Cincinnati at my son's home. Mike
  23. Thanks, I think I will just move them to word and view them on teh Palm with teh software that will open them in palm. Thanks Mike
  24. Greetings, I know that in the past I have read detailed messages on how some of us are downloading datasheets and parsing them into machine readable format. How are you doing it. I am leaving on vacation at the end of the week and would liek to get the most recent data sheets into my palm. If I can get them into word or excel then I can export them into my palm. Regards. Mike
  25. To answer a couple of questions: I have the Maptech programs and like them. I also have TOPO USA 4.0 eastern region. It is also very nice. Both programs have their strengths. NG TOPO is VERY overpriced for the service provided.
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