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  1. Garmin posted a software patch and that appears to have fixed the problem.
  2. I recently returned my new color GARMIN RINO 530 for warranty replacement. The unit is dropping the signal lock rather quickly when under cover, moving, or tilting the unit. In addition the lat/long location is usually 50-100 feet off what other, known, units are saying. GARMIN has said they are researching this and are trying to decide if it is hardware or software. They are starting to get a few customer returns. I suggest if you have this unit you check it for accuracy and return if under warranty. They are being very good about it and trying to please me as a customer, which I like. Please post your comments and problems here if any so as to help everyone. Thanks Scott
  3. I would like the number of finds I have not to be updated on old caches. When I find a cache, I would like its number to remain as part of my history. Only the current find being logged should show the current number. Or perhaps, we could list both...finds at the time/current find number.
  4. The thrill is in the journey, not the destination. That said, the greater the accuracy the more time left to find more caches on the same hike. I like it!
  5. I use a Star Wars Light Saber. When the Force is with me, I can even find a cache that is hidden to cleverly. :-)
  6. I have really liked my Magellan Platinum. I use it in the car, the airplane, and in the woods. Recently I aquired a few Garmin RINO's. These are nifty gadgets when caching with a group because you can talk to, and watch, your associates movements. Works great with my Civil Air Patrol cadets.
  7. Life is an adventure...travel...new sights...sounds...How much adventure can you get in a fenced in back yard? Prisoners get more exercise in their "yard". Most dog parks are 20 miles away...most are small...flat...and uninteresting. Most of the people I meet in the "human" parks in the woods are either dog owners, or dog likers. For the 1 in a 1000 person who is afraid of dogs...they should be the ones to stay home in their own fenced in yard where they can be "safe" from evil. Penalize the dog owners who do not train their dogs to be respectfull of others, but do not make the other 99.9% of us drive to a "dog park" or leave our dogs home. At the same, send the nut jobs to counseling so they can get over their fears. The World is not that scary once people go out and enjoy it.
  8. ...and some people wonder why I prefer the company of my dog over most humans...dogs have more common sense.
  9. I ONLY cache with my dog. Otherwise...what is the point? :-) This is how we both get our exercise. I agree with the trainers comments...train your dog to listen to you and you won't have any problems. Dogs are like children, if their parents teach them right and wrong...they will grow up to be productive citizens. I have seen many misbehaved children who could use some "puppy kindergarten" classes. For you folks who are afraid of dogs, I suggest that you attend a dog training class and observe. Your fears are irrational and can be overcome with some education and perhaps mental counseling. How do you dare go into the woods alone and unarmed if you are afraid of a domesticated house pet? I have had "strange" dogs approach me and when I give the command, "KNOCK IT OFF" or "GO HOME" they always do. Show them you are the boss and they will listen. Dogs are not vicious by nature and are simply trying to make new friends. When your body languange shows fear, it raises their concern that perhaps something is wrong and they need to be alert too. As to leash laws...I will take responsibility for my dog if you do for yourself. Usually it is the dog on the leash that provokes the dog arguments because he is afraid of being restrained by a wimpy owner than he has "protect". Keep your leash laws around your own neck. That can apply to many other "do gooder" laws that are on the books. It all goes back to education...both the dog, and the human...we can all get along if we know and understand each other. Now let's go Geocaching (and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors and all that America has to offer). Scott
  10. I only cache with Millie, the Wonder Dog, Johnson. She is good at finding them before I do...sniffs them out. She will go all day (and then sleep all night).
  11. I only know my own physical limits. Which I like to think is pretty above average. :-) I have to laugh at some people's find numbers....in the thousands in a short period of time...and wonder if they have jobs, or if caching is their career? When I first started Geocaching in 2002 I thought there was a rule about caches being close to each other. I don’t recall the minimum distance, but it was in the .5 mile range or better so as not to over saturate a park. Now I am finding them within .1 miles of each other. I had one guy tell me he was such a good Geocacher that he could leave his unit in the car and walk into the woods and find his cache. Evidently he has some sort of Geo-Psychic sense. He was mad at me for posting different coordinates on his cache when I found it. Guess his psychic satellite was not broadcasting that day. Anyway...it’s just a game. So I will only compete against myself and silently admire the prowess of our Professional Geocachers. :-)
  12. My clock is 4 minutes off...how do I reset this? I have tried recalibrating the compass, running set up, and taking the batteries out over night. No joy.
  13. Define significant hike? Well that depends if it is just me and the dog, or if my SIGNIFICANT other is along. :-)
  14. Calling it cheating to use the dog, is like saying using the GPSr is cheating. I only cache with my dog, alone is no fun.
  15. I say go for it! Anytime you look for, find or don't find, or revisit a cache just because you are out for a walk you should log it. Let's other people know it is still there. If you pick up a T-Bug, it is especially important to log your visit. It helps to track bugs that have gone Walk-a-bout. I have had some bugs sit in people's cars for months and then reappear after a polite reminder email. I also like to log (with each visit or revisit) the coordinates and altitude I find it at. Part of the game is accuracy and skill and I like to know where I stand (or am standing). Plus it just makes it more fun. :-)
  16. Try walking slower, stopping once in a while. Also check your GPS refresh setting, some are by time, some by distance. Set the distance as low as you desire (i.e. 0.01 miles or 0.10 miles etc).
  17. This is why I love this site...thanks for the great information! I would be mainly using the PDA/GPS in my car or airplane. Not in the woods. Yes, I have dropped my Magellan Meridian Platinum so many times it is a wonder it still works. The cell phone idea was a bonus. If able...
  18. I have seen some Cell Phones and PDA's with GPSr in them. What is a good one to buy at the moment?
  19. I "wish" that the logs would not be updated by the users found count. In other words, if I found cache XYZ and it was my 11th find...when I find cache ABC and it is my 100th find...the rank of where I was when I find it should remain (XYZ showing 11 and ABC 100 etc). This is a guide to following a cachers 'maturity' within the sport and a way to see how his/her skills have improved.
  20. I had the same problem. Magellan emailed me to do a COMPASS calibration and then also the temperature/barometer. That fixed it. What annoys me is that I lose all my custom screens with each update. Why can't we update the software yet keep the views the way we want them instead of what their engineers want us to view?
  21. WAAS on? WAAS off? Mine is always on, there is no way to turn it off. My EPE varies from 7-13 usually, and on a bad day 20 feet. We have the technology...why would we not use it? I find that if I get a good Satelite lock... and let it sit (i.e. on a stump) for a couple minutes WAAS averaging, as Magellan calls it, puts me pretty close to target.
  22. Buy it. You won't be disapointed.
  23. Idiots like Tadpole are why membership should not be free. My guess is cache trashers would not be willing to spend the money... I would bet he is anti-dog in parks too.
  24. The goal is to take me to the spot, stop, look at my feet and see the cache. Anything under 10-20 feet accuracy is sloppy cache placement. I always post my coordinates to show where I found it, whether at ZERO ZERO with the placer or 6 feet off. It is a mind game, and accuracy counts. I have noticed that people using Magellan Meridians are usually more accurate than the Garmin crowd. Any ideas why that occurs? Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.
  25. I like make my caches First To Find premium members only, and then open it up to the rest of the world. That way we support those who support us. Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.
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