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  1. I don't care much for micro's and having to crawl around in mud, snow, broken glass, sticker bushes, dog piss, but I digress. to find some magnetic tiny can stuck on the bottom of something. And then realizing you forgot to bring you own pencil. But for me, and my pet peeve. I ended up pulling all my caches when the price of ammo cans started to increase. They became targets for geo~thieves. Stealing your ammo can and dumping your cache out in the dirt. Bloody Pirates!
  2. On my Garmin there is a setting that allows you to enable and disable the wass. Even when mine was enabled, You had to find open area and let it aquire Satts for a half hour. After that it aquires faster.
  3. So you gota use UTM the most efficant accurate system in the world, then convert to the most usless system in the world (WGS-84) (going out on a limb here --pointless for three feet) A whats that convert to in UTM?
  4. Wow you got me; never seen that one before--XXX degrees. I am geussing but maybe it means ooo or true north. check your setting. You maybe in wrong format. go to map setup and take a look. danged if i know.
  5. I am not sure if I would go to UTM or not. WGS_84 gives ya coordinates sometimes to the second. Witch is to say there are 359 degrees 59 minuets 59 seconds to deal with And just one more second will turn the tables--by one second. (Infendesible) just round things up or down .789= 8 .489=5 .534=5 .298=3 kinda like that GPSers aint that accurate.
  6. Howdy Muscle max. I don't know what to tell ya. On my GPS If I travel from one side of the state to the next I gota delete the east side to put in west side. World travel is gona cost ya a small fortune! can you say hundred dollar hundred dollar hundred dollar ect. good luck
  7. I agree with that! every cache I have been too --there would be no hunt. I could walk right to emm. If it bugs ya, post a note for the next finders to pass on dates.Just log emm I say its not a competition.
  8. I have an Garmin-V And after many days of no Wass I (dang -read the instructions) And it told me that, turn it on and leave it run for a half an hour. After that it seems ok, it acquired wass system and now picks it up faster. I don't know if this will help-- hope so. I think 3' accuracy is a myth 10-15 ft is about norm. Also a external antena is better than standard, for signal reception.
  9. Thats good advice B]Chiefpig[/b]Follys breeds print outs. Also saves gas!!
  10. Dont know about your unit-- so to speak but open page and hit menu. It will open up a new world. It takes time and have fun with it
  11. To three smart dogs and and two blondes?? LOL-- Ok well I thought it was funny! Have ya tried allposters.com they got a gallery with good stuff.
  12. I run a garmin-V and have an external antena for use with the truck. The external antena gives ya better signal strengh and as a result better accuracy. But under the canopy of trees or any obstructions--buildings, canyons, ect. That get in the way of sattalight signal. you are on your own. Just a note; External antenas cost about 100.00 bucks I found one on E-Bay for 20.00 brand new -- so there is some shoping tips for ya.
  13. I dont know about your Sport Track. I have a garmin-V And on that model you had to turn it on and leave it run for about a half and hour for it to acquire the wass signal I geuss. after that it acquires faster.once it acquires wass there is a D on the signal bars, that indicates your wass is working. Also I have found that an external antena gets a stonger signal than basic antena. But is a pain in the field.
  14. Yes I agree I went to E-Bay and bought two hundred Walking librty Silver half dollars, for my signature Item. But found that there where to many High graders out there that took all coins and left gumballs. I am now only trading coins for equal value objects. And leaveing toys for the kids. If I find nothing but plastic toys I sign log and am happy for the hunt. TNLN This is a family oriented sport/hobby. So the kids get the bootty. But parents should not let them take the cache and leave the trash. It is not all for children, and most geo-Cachers are older than three years old. Hand made items would be cool I think!!Kudos for great idea!
  15. I have and on occasion. punched in wrong coordinates. It does not take much to be a thousand feet off. and make sure you are on WGS-84 datum, not something else that could easily be 5-hundred feet.Nad 27 will be off that much easy. check your settings. Or look right where it says. sometimes it is right there!
  16. Wow 224 posts! Is that a record? Dont you get tired of argueing? How about, I be fore and you be against --just for a change?
  17. Ok this thing is still the leader of topics that makes it a Stat? But what ever makes the world go round ya know. I have seen where there is several groups of people that would be willing to pay for such a service. But have no interest in paying for avalible services. So no help there--but it would be up to cache owners to police there own caches, Is in fact an additional expence. To do maintainece checks on a regular basis can and would be costly to say the least. Three caches at over three hundred miles at todays gas prices would kill an average paycheck. But as has been pointed out by a few geo-people. Keep it only to those who would be willing to pay and those who don't, opt out of every thing. So that kinda puts stats in the pointless kinda place. Then you got North vrs. South. In some Northwestern areas Geo-Caching only lasts half as long. Again Pointless stats. I see to maney variables to make this program accurate, and therefor useless to anyone. If the stats are only going to be for a small % of a smaller % of people who want them If you only have a hundred people, who want to share there stats! We are purdy much back to pointless again. cept for all the people that have to pay for a sevice that does not interest them. I have to say that, if this service does becomes avalible. Then keep the stats as well as the Pay seperate from all who do not want it. Only then will we have an actual counting of who wants this service. Stats (so to speak) And unless you have a full and complete count then once again you are back at the pointless area. Count them up, but leave me out --- I vote no!
  18. I give up you win What-ever. I did not intent to start (Flame war) Just my opinion. But just maybe it will cost more for this sevice, that some of the rest of us do not care about.But there you have that money thing again that you are not willing to pay untill you get your way?? No belittling hear man just A thought.Why don't we just vote for you to be the leader and call it a day. Calm down no fight hear. I never intended to get you so riled. The competition in you. Rules you skywalker. I am now on you side I now want to know just who is the best in the world!! Just Gota know.
  19. O- come On little buddie. it sounds like you all ready got all the stats you need. This would indeed be a time consuming endever, that you would be willing to pay for. By becomeing a premium member. But have not done so as of this posting. And you would be willing to pay if they do something (so labor intensive that suits ya) before you Join the club?
  20. Well it certainly sounds like you got your mind made up. You want this Leader Boared and that is that. I did not mean to Get ya bent. As you pointed out (if it dont matter dont look.) But as to the team versus Solo where is the Fairnees there? some teams consist of dozens if not hundreds of players. But I think maybe you are just curious as to a number that resides at the top of the list. I would geuss it must be in the thousands. Go Go Gadget Geo-cachers. Game on, we are now for most, so far down the list.It would take days just to find your self. If it means that much to ya I hope ya get yer list. print it out, update it daily and hang it on the wall. More power to ya. But try and have fun too. dont give your self an ulser.
  21. I would say no! then you would have to police the results. And segregate teams from individuals. I dont think it should be a competition but just a good time.
  22. Moonbase


    I have been talking to fellow Geo-Buddy. Just a thought! but what if there was a program avalible that allowed you to put in a Road trip route, and get Caches withing a specific distance from your cross country route. It seems it would save a great deal of time than looking up a hundred zip-codes and reasearching them all. Also does anybody know anything about These Geo-Coins. I cant seem to find any Data on them?
  23. I have been a grunt for a survey company for A while now. People are just Qurios. And most bench marks are on Private property. I have had my *** chewed a lot by peolpe that inherited the land and did not know that they also inherited the VABM. I don't know what counting frogs are. Maybe just -- Sounds like a FBI Has made a bitter enemy.--- Works for the gov.--- Well that explaines it. Hell Don't give it another thought. --git a good nights sleep.
  24. You Bet logg emm both. if all ya got on your stats is finds. People will think You are faking it. Failer is part of the game. the fact that you tried twice is no dishonor. It is the game! I have tried more than four and five times at a offset cache before I get it. But that gives the other hunters an idea of the time it will take to achive the goal. I hope this helps?
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