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When Is Html Too Much Html


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If it were too much from a technical standpoint then I am sure that the site would have let you know before now.

The only other aspect is that of design quality and good taste. You must be your own arbiter of that, bearing in mind that it is the worlds window on you.

Does it show you as you want to be seen? You designed it so I guess that has to be a yes.

If you like it, leave it. It's you as the geoworld sees ya. It will evolve and change as you do I expect.

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Personally, I think your profile page is a bit much, but that is my opinion. I was impressed with the source code, but I think the grpahics heavy design is too cluttered.


My profile uses HTML, but I avoided graphics (other than my picture). I wanted to keep my profile page clean and uncluttered, by using lists.

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It is your profile!


When Jeremy adds voting buttons or post a note to a persons profile then we are all in trouble.


I need to add more to mine. The other thing you can do is link to your own external cache site. Moun10bike has a great one. Mine is pretty lame B)http://www.blankdev.com/geocaching


As a rule of thumb blink text is not liked in the html communities but if you want to blink then blink.

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Here a link to my profile  My Profile


I've been told that there is a such thing as too much HTML but is there any one  else with way too much, and when is it too much.

Even though I have a really, really slow connection (24K), I think your profile is fun . . . B)


once it loaded and I could see all of it. :blink:


(I'm used to that however and that's why I use the Opera browser where I can have lots of other pages open (as tabs), so I can be reading another page while others are loading.)

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