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Keep A GeoCoin?

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People's signature items are some of the more prized finds. If it's just a generic geocoin and not one created by a specific cacher, and if it has a track log showing it has traveled around, I'd keep it moving. But if it is an individuals sig item, I'd keep it!


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What's next...Keeping Travel Bugs. Numbered Geocoins are TravelBugs,too. I would no more think of keeping an actual traveling coin than stealing from my friends icon_frown.gif. I have one Geocoin in circulation and four more waiting to go (once I find that the "I'll keep it" mentality doesn't prevail in Geocaching). I leave personalized buttons and tokens as keepers in almost every cache I find, that's a totally different matter.


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Some people put out coins as simple trade items, though. If you want your coin to stay in circulation, it might be best to stick it in a baggie with brief instructions. I'd love to have a coin to keep, if I found one and the owner didn't care.

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some of them ARE TBs and should be moved along. others are just nice trinkets. although i suppose people could keep TBs if they wanted, it just isn't polite.


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Depends on the Geocoin. Moun10Bike has his famous ones out...I've the good fortune of finding 6 of them. I'm keeping 2 for keeps...perhaps I'll release one in the future.


He stated that it's ok to do that, but if his coins have traveled 2000 miles or is it 1000...can't remember...anyway, he would like to keep them moving.

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If it is trackable (e.g. has a serial number and associated web site), it should keep moving unless the owner states otherwise.


If it isn't trackable, it's probably safe to consider it a keeper.


This has been discussed before. There are some people who think it is OK to keep them under any circumstance, but their "logic" is impossible to follow. Like Quoddy said, are traditional TBs next? (Maybe this accounts for some of the TBs that are MIA?)


If you really want to collect them, I suggest you just purchase your own, or asking the owner for permission to keep it.


I've found 3 types of geocoins. Only one was a non-trackable item.


I have found a trackable one that wasn't activated, though. I don't know who left it, and the activation codes were not included, so I was a bit puzzled. I finally decided to pass it along for someone else to worry about.




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We purchased 40 or 50 of the new Oregon Geocoins all with serial numbers. We have placed only 5 so far but have put them in a protective coin holder, in a zip lock bag with 2 labels; one with the logging instructions and one that reads "This geocoin is yours to keep or to place in another cache, but please log it". I never did intend for them to travel far as they are rather collectable and someone, somewhere is going to keep it anyway.


If someone labels the coin that they want it to travel, then yes it should. Otherwise I think of them as a very nice trade item and just like to see where they end up.


So Bobkat92 , if yours didn't have specific instructions, I would keep it if desired.

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Originally posted by Murfster:

How does someone make a geocoin? I've never seen one. What are they made from?

Some geocoins are minted professionally others are made by the cacher. These 'homemade' coins tend to be of two varieties. Wooden nickle blanks can be purchased and stamped with a signature logo. Also, several cachers have made unique coins using Sculpey clay material. (I have made attempts at this but have only released a few early test coins). As I recall, Mountain Mudbug's profile has a link to instructions to make a Sculpey coin.
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I am starting to distribute "Wooden Nickel" type coins. I put a message on them to keep them moving and to e-mail thier new positions out of curiosity. But they also contain some messages of good will so if the finder thinks it's inspiring and wants to keep them, that's okay, too. I haven't found any coins yet. Rubberstamping or affixing an adhesive sticker with an avatar is most popular around here, it seems.


Anyway: If the coin is unique and doesn't have specific instructions to indicate it is a sort of travel bug I would trade something of comparible quality to it.


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