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  1. Ok, tell me if I'm imagining this, or if I'm off my nut, but has anyone seen a cache (virtual/locationless probably) of logging 100,000 miles on your vehicle? It seems I remember taking a picture of your odometer showing the mileage and your GPS showing the coordinates of where you are at the time to get credit and a smiley for the cache. I got 116 miles to go before rolling 100K on our 2000 Dodge Intrepid.
  2. This is not a testemonial to the benefits of Avon Skin-So-Soft, but recently we spent some time in Apalachicola and Port St. Joe, FL the oyster capital of the U.S. and hung out at a place the oystermen frequent. The store had SSS in 24 ounce bottles by the CASE!!! Now these guys spend all night out on the water. They might know a thing or two about biting bugs. Reckon I'll give it a try next time in the woods.
  3. Can anyone from the Tallahassee area give me some driving directions? We plan on going to the panhandle from Georgia this week and will be coming down highway 319 from Thomasville, GA. Is it better to go through Tallahassee (stay on 319), or take 19 out of Thomasville down to Capps, FL and pick up 19/27, go west and re-join 319 south of Tallahassee? We'll probably be going through around 5:00 PM. I've been through Tallahassee on 319 before and there must be 200 traffic lights on Capital Circle. Although it's a longer route on 19, it looks like it's all 4-lane, and would be quicker. Our final destination is St. George Island. Thanks. Aksor+Raskol of the Georgia Geocachers Association.
  4. You can download coordinates directly from your computer to your GPS if you have a compatible cable. I'll let someone who's familiar with the process answer that for you. In the most basic mode, you can enter the coordinates to the GPS by selecting WAYPOINTS > MARK A WAYPOINT, then you basically toggle through the areas and change the name of the waypoint from 001, etc. to CACHE or CAR. Then you toggle through to the coordinates and change the coordinates to match the cache location, save your changes and hit GO TO.
  5. Lawrenceville, GA "The Corner Stop Cafe" is right on the square downtown. To die for fried chicken, chicken fried steak, meat loaf, collards, field peas, okra, smashed taters, fried green maters... and the biggest sweet tea you ever seen. The only drawback is they're only open for lunch on weekdays, and there's a line after 11:30.
  6. Hey Da Rebel! We're talking post-geocaching, smelly, dripping with sweat, caked with mud roadside eateries here. Sounds to me you're describing the place you're taking your long-lost ex-girlfriend this weekend! Ha!
  7. Since TiVoTim didn't specify if he was just knocking around suburbia caching or getting ready for a 3 day backpacking hike on the AT, I'll comment that if I'm just doing some urban caches that don't require a lot of steep terrain, I'll just wear sneakers. For getting back in the hills and woods and anything over a 1/4 mile walk, I wear Timberlands. $80 at Bass Pro Shop but got them on sale for $49.99. No complaints on the brand.
  8. I don't have the coords, but if you're ever in Cumming, GA try Johnnie B's Chicago Eatery. I lived in Chi-town for a few years and developed an addiction to Italian Beef. Try Johnnie's. Get it "dipped" with hot gairdanera, giardenro, giaardinareo, the hot Italian stuff. They also have Chicago hot dogs, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, burgers, etc and pizza. Don't forget the Rolaids.
  9. To Kiwi Cruiser: You got it wrong, mate. Summers in NC are warm. If you think this is cold, try Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, etc.. We're talking -50 or -60 C, easily! Aksor here. Mid-50's, almost-ready-to-retire Project Manager for a Communications Company. The wife (Raskol) and I like to cache as often as we can find time to, which doesn't seem to be much. Been caching a little over 2 years and have 77 finds (whoopee!) With a little luck we might break 100 in 2004. But who's into numbers anyway?
  10. How do you know if there's ticks? Is it warm weather? Will you be walking through trees, grass or other vegetation? Ticks will find you. Wear long trousers and long sleeves, preferably light colors so you can spot the buggers. Use plenty of DEET. Check your bod after your hunt and remove any you find. Make sure you get the head. Then have a couple beers as precaution against infection.
  11. I've got a great use for the new Folgers coffee containers: throw in your spare change every day. It makes a good bank. When you've saved 3 or 4 dollars, go buy an ammo can for your next cache.
  12. It has absolutely nothing to do with geocaching, but if you love the outdoors, hiking, adventure, and don't mind peeing your pants laughing, I'd suggest "A Walk In The Woods" by Bill Bryson.
  13. To TeamX40~ No, that was yesterday (81). Today it's only 75. And I'm still picking tomatoes.
  14. I HEAR THAT!!! (also from Georgia) I'm no fan of geocaching in the heat.
  15. I would set up my GPSr to use WGS84 format, because that's what you'll be using to do 98% of the hunt. If you still need your topo maps, convert the NAD27 coordinates to WGS84.
  16. Ok! And in my home state, too! Cool!
  17. We always have ours with us, but whether we use them or not depends upon whether we think there may be other cachers in the area to talk to, or if my wife doesn't want to bushwack with me, we'll turn them on and I can keep her notified of my success while she stays on the trail. Other times, she may be off looking on her own a couple hundred feet away and we use them to keep in touch.
  18. Congrats on your FF! What a rush, huh? Which cache (waypoint) did you find? Welcome to the hobby/sport/addiction.
  19. Yes, my wife and I use them on long hikes. Don't carry them on urban caches or in local parks with paved trails. If I need to poke a hole and I don't have my hiking staff I'll grab a handy fallen branch, then dispose of it. I made several from saplings found on land that was being cleared. Cut to length, strip the bark, dry for a few weeks, and put on a couple coats of tung oil. I like to harvest from thick-growth forests. The saplings grow straight and tall without lower branches.
  20. USAF 1968-1972 Mostly 1967 COMM SQDN, Asaka, Japan Then Williams AFB, Arizona Some of the best years and best lessons of my life.
  21. Hey Mack, post your plea on the forums of the Georgia Geocachers Association website (ggaonline.org) with a list of the waypoints so people have an idea where your caches are located and I bet you get someone to "adopt" everyone of them.
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