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Party On!


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Put your party hats on because plans were finalized today for the WSGA Holiday Party.



Wed. December 29

6-9 p.m.



Woodinville Community Center

17401 133rd Ave NE






All are welcome, members and non-members. This is a family event so bundle up the kids and grab the spouse and drag along any friends that may be interested.



It will be a potluck so plan on bringing a food item to share. We will supply a few drinks (bottled water and soda) but feel free to bring your own. Sorry, no alcohol is allowed.



Well, it's fun to get together, that's why! Plus, there will be some pretty nifty raffle prizes. If you donate a blanket or coat (to be given to a local shelter) you will receive a raffle ticket to possibly win a very unique quilt by Pepper. Or you could win a Wa. state geocoin.

Pretty cool, huh?


The cache page will be submitted in the morning and we'll link it once it is approved.


If we're lucky, maybe nolenator will bring his now famous Frito Pies B)

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I went last year and had fun but I still wonder why everybody kept kicking me! :(

Hmmm...fiendorfoe nice to see you've decided to come out and play I've missed ya!

Do I still owe you a kick in the shin or am I up to date? :D


Big Huge Gigantic thanks to L&R for getting this together.



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Sadness... ;) We will be out of town. I wish I could be there! I could thank FOF for all those hours spent staring at inanimate objects over the past two months... Oh well, don't feel *too* sorry for us, we will be in (hopefully) warm Texas! ;) Have some fun for me and hopefully there'll be another get together before long.

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Hi.  I just moved to Seattle back in September and would love to attend but I will be heading back South for the holidays.  There seems to be a very good geocaching following here and I hope to meet some of you soon!

Welcome back to our area. I see from your finds list, you must have been down in Tennessee.

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Great party!  I wish there were more time to meet everyone.


Seems like the events are growing, and it's getting increasingly more diffiucult to meet and chat with everybody!

I did notice alot of children at the party having a REALLY good time.


Thanks L&R (very special people) for putting this together.



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