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How Many Visits To A Cache Do You Log?

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I'm wondering how everyone logs their visits to caches. We've gone back to two caches now and listed them as found both times. How do you log the cache? Should a cache be marked as "found it" only once and follow up visits are just logged as a "note" or is each visit considered a find?


I think owners of caches should not log any find for their own cache but we've taken first time cachers out on hunts to caches we've already done...


Just wondering... Thanks.



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My personal opinion would be to just log it as a find one time and post notes for every time after that. Really, you didn't find it the second time because you already knew where it was. You just revisited it.


I have logged a cache twice as a find after the owner had replaced it and moved it a half-mile from the original location. I considered this a new hunt since it had been moved and rehid in a different place. As far as the geocaching website goes, I haven't looked to see if counted twice in my number of caches found. I don't think it does.


These are just my personal observations and I'm sure you are going to get plenty more opinions.



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I make a point of stopping and checking on serveral caches whenever I pass by. They are fairly hard to get to so maintainence can be a problem for the owner. Most of the cachers in this area will correct any problems they find on the spot, no matter who owns the cache. I post a note to let the owner, or other cachers, know the cache is still there and in good shape. Or if there was a problem. Another reason I re-visit caches is to drop TB's off, again a note should be used to document such visits.


I'm not into the numbers part of the game but some are. I don't want to upset anybody so I try to be fair about my find count.

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mostly the same for me. i won't necessarily make a new log for ALLL of my DNF visits to the same cache if the visits were all substantially the same. if i have nothing new to say, i don't believe it's necessary to document every NF visit. several, yes. nine, no. the reader gets the idea pretty well after the first few. if my chronic failure to find the cache is amusing in itself i will document every bit of it. all 27 visits.


but this is the critical bit: only one found log per cache, unless the cache has been changed so significantly that it is now a new hunt.


"moved 50 yards and hidden by a different method" qualifies; "moved 50 feet and hidden under a few more ferns" does not.

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but this is the critical bit: only one found log per cache, unless the cache has been changed so significantly that it is now a new hunt.

In which case, the cache owner really should have archived the orginal, and listed the new location/hide style as a new cache.


And to the original question, I agree, a FIND the first time you find it, NOTES when you revisit.

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I'm curious how you "find" something more then once?


Tell that to the remote control, car keys and eyeglasses!


The bummer is, even if you go back to your own cache, which cachers have moved and hidden with greater cover such that it takes you a half hour to find it, claiming a find on your own cache would raise the ire of others...





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