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  1. by the way Bill, tell ATM I still have not had wine. I tried a glass at dinner and couldn't drink it. BLECK.
  2. Hi everybdy, I haven't been here awhile I moved to Idaho. I have two caches at my mom's town (Ione). They were muggled shortly after I moved. One was a micro cache but it was in a very special container, and I don't think it can be replaced. A special cacher returned the log to me. The other was a regular cache and some of you may have tried it. I received an email from Nomex with the regular warnings. I was wondering if somebody could replace this for me? I have a travel bug I'd like placed in it that I could mail you. I haven't posted in a long time so I don't know if my email is available. Here's the cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...34-34120b23d082
  3. LOL, it started before the turkey. Started last friday and one by one we got sick...with the grand finale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday....LOL
  4. Hi Guys, I just got a notification that somebody found my two caches. And it was the Rymer and he left really cute logs. anyway... not that I've been active at all, but I thought it was neat.
  5. Hey Bill, thanks for the hints. I was going to set up a hunt this weekend but our family had a stomach virus and it was quite miserable here. Anyway. Let me go see if I have batteries. I might just have to make it simple. I always get hung up on making it perfect.
  6. OK Bill, as soon as I get my batteries back in my GPS, I will plant something somewhere. And you can get it first or take your chances with anybody here in the forum. LMK what would be best! Its a suprise.
  7. Bill? Are you still around? I have something for you. We're moving (again) things are again well with us, but I'm tying up some loose ends. The house is about to go in escrow and we are again moving to Idaho. I will check back later. if you want to email me, I use the same user name but @charter.net I still have hotmail but I don't check as often.
  8. Bill. we had dinner downtown in Ripon and your Just Forum You is missing.
  9. ok, so how about some ideas for young boys and GPS? And, we went on a walk today and checked on some caches. The bridge one had fallen and was on the piling and so hubby replaced it. Cache Ninja had some water in him, and the decoy had been stepped on. Blackwater is missing. By the way Peanuts Peanuts isn't there anymore either.
  10. ok, to clarify. The event itself with the boys will be at a pack meeting I think the 4th tuesday of April. However, the guidance I need will be for the committee meeting when I was supposed to give an idea on what to do with the boys. but I have a class and can't go. The den leader wants to hear about it.
  11. PS. its only the committee meeting Wednesday night. Or if you want to email any ideas to me.
  12. Bill....I need your help! or the young eagles.. Ripon Pack 414 is having a park day for the pack meeting next month. They are planning a geocaching/orienteering activity. There is a very small committee meeting next week on Wednesday night. I can't go because I am starting a 6 week mentoring class. Don can go, but could use some help. I would think it would be best to just fake up a temporary geocache for the boys to find. Do you think you can help with ideas? or go to the committee meeting? or give a little talk at the pack meeting? I also think it best to leave the real geocaches alone. what do you think. PS. I found two caches in the past couplea days.
  13. guess what? we're moving back... we cancelled Idaho. I hope to geocache again soon but I don't know where my palm cord and GPS cord for updating is..... I'll find it eventually.
  14. well, first day of relaxion in many many days and its blowing nasty wet stuff. Ah, so we'll have to watch DVD's all day.
  15. confused = over my head = almost blonde. I am almost blonde, must be time to dye.
  16. scrapbooker chiming in: you can get a pigmented ink pen. They are archival, and that includes water. Some readily available pens are Jelly Roll by Sakura. they are archival. and available in most stores. and they are not too girly, though you can get purple sparkly ink. they do make black and other stodgy colors.
  17. 2 because I seem to have more time than most people. but then it got embarrasing, so I try to do #3.
  18. having withdrawels. almost finished with our move to Manteca. and now have the Christmas thing to deal with.
  19. could geo-court assist with extended family holiday gatherings? we could use a geo-court or arbitration or a lion tamer...egads. sorry.
  20. HEY! knock it off or you won't get that birfield thingka ma giggy!
  21. I love cemeteries. I visit people I don't even know.
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