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    GAGE 10?

    I heard that GAGE 10 was coming up but I don't seem to be able to "seek" an event cache for it. Can someone post or link some details for me? Thanks!
  2. I say ALWAYS log DNFs. That way others can confirm that it's gone or not. Give it a good shot 20mins or so when your GPS says you should be standing on it. Or if you can't spend that long then come back in a day or two and give it another go. If you can't find it then log a DNF. If a number of people in a row can't find it then log a DNF and email the cache owner asking them for an additional clue or suggest that they may want to visit and see if it's missing. If the cache owner doesn't reply fire off a second email to them, failing a reply on that one after 2 wks (allow for vacations etc) then log a SBA or email the mods.
  3. Avoiding muggles is good. Sometime it's unavoidable if someone happens along tha path while you're pulling the cache out of hiding, but it's definately best (and appreciated) when you can avoid being caught "in the act".
  4. In that case I'll say it'd be great if there was somewhere relatively close (in Ontario) that I could order gc'ing stuff. Thorin
  5. Huh? Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you meant but per the quote above gc.com hasn't said anything about knives in caches.
  6. Hmmmm.....I'd buy a few travel bug tags every few years maybe a GPS when a decide to upgrade, etc but it's not going to be a very steady business IMHO. I can't think of anything I use for gc'ing that I'd buy regularily. It's not like when I go camping I always need food, when I go GC'ing I always have what I need (few trade items and my GPS).
  7. All bought at a builk food store and mixed at home. PumpkinSeeds Sesame Sticks (Sometimes plain, other times garlic, and roasted red peper to mix it up) BBQ Roasted Soy Beans BBQ SpudNutts Nacho CornNuts Plain Peanuts Thorin
  8. Thread from August on this topic: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...topic=78487&hl= Thorin
  9. Agreed, and if we apply this to Toronto then my lungs are much happier as well
  10. It's simple if you don't like them then don't do them. Thorin
  11. With FireFox 1.0 I went through more then a dozen pages and always saw the arrows. Thorin
  12. Get over it. They're human and do their best to stick to the guidelines (they're guidelines not rules or laws). It's just like people having trouble spelling "In Consistent" Shall we have a discussion about what makes a fruit a fruit (and not a veg or legume)? Or are you going to include a written in stone definition on your cache page along with this silly finding requirement? I think it's funny that the OP thinks having people enter "TNLNSL Apple" is a much more descriptive and/or interesting log entry then "TNLNSL". I know that'd definately enhance my experience with the cache logs <wink> Thorin
  13. When I visit that link I see 3 caches on the map. Thorin
  14. thorin

    Cache Attributes

    I vote for the UGLY icons
  15. Well considering a GeoCoin is supposed to move from cache to cache they essentially took nothing and left something. I see no problem with that. Now if they took the GeoCoin out of circulation (which you wouldn't know unless they left a gloating log about it or you've waited a substantial amount of time to see where if pops up) and left a Tee then that's something to complain about, but that's also a completely different issue. Thorin
  16. Ths 201 is a great little unit. Simple interface, great battery life, doesn't come with a cable as some have mention but they're cheap (see below). You should be able to find one for ~$130 (I paid $163 CDN for mine with works out to be about $126 with the current exchange rate). It has twice the storage of the 101 and the 101 doesn't have a connector for a data cable. Cables: You can get them for $7.45 in the US. And you can get connectors for like $4 or 5 each from pfranc to make you own cable. Or you could go completely homebrew basically for free. I don't know what Geko you've been using but my Geko 201 has all those features. Like? Thorin
  17. That's just bizzare. The chances of a tree actually falling on a person are probably less then being hit bylightning....weird. Thorin
  18. You could preface your questions with a blurb stating that you were hoping for generic answers however you shouldn't be surprised to get Geocaching related answers on a Geocaching site. Would you be surprised if you went to a Sony'centric site and posted a question about camcorders and got a Sony'centric answer? Would you expect lots of answers about Phillips, JVC, etc... ? Thorin
  19. thorin

    Cache Attributes

    How Accessible is Accessible? A bus toa locaiton ~5 walking mins away? 10? 20? If they did something like that it would need to be yes/no/didn't check (or similar) as the options. Thorin
  20. thorin

    Cache Attributes

    And "requires boat" isn't necessarily "swimming impossible" so it should be further clarified. Thorin
  21. thorin

    Cache Attributes

    If there's no reception how would you list co-ordinates? And what about all the instances where one person has poor or no reception and everyone else is fine? Or were you simply meaning caches like "the co-ordinates listed are the cave entrance, no GPS reception within the cave" etc How would we keep people from creating difficulty 4s with "May require swimming" when it should actually be "Requires Boat". Though this already happens so perhaps it's irrelevant. Also for requires boat adding something like Flat Water yes/no or White Water yes/no, or even better lets include the standard "class" scale, would be great. More Info Thorin
  22. Nice one I wasn't aware of that switch either. Thorin
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