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I need help.


I started to fill out the survey and ended up strongly agreeing with every statement in the first two sections? :laughing:


I am alone with this?


Also, where in particular would you put in comments about Geocaching? I am also going to put in some comments about hunting as well as deer populations in Ontario are overflowing.





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The below is copied form the survey that this thread is about and to answer the question above.


Legislative Proposal 2 - Objectives

Include the following objectives in legislation for provincial parks:


To provide compatible outdoor recreation opportunities ranging from high-intensity day-use to low-intensity wilderness experiences.


To provide opportunities for exploration and appreciation of the outdoor natural and cultural heritage of Ontario.


Are there any additional objectives for provincial parks that you believe should be included in legislation?


The posted above is part of the survey about Provicial Parks. I copied the 2 questions that I think deal with Geocaching and where we can have our say.


The other spot is where this last question is and can put in you comments. We should just say that we want Geocaching as a objective to be considered for a use in the parks.


Let us know after you do the survey if I missed any spots where we can mention Geocaching


And for those that want to make sure they get the point:


Just type in you want Geocaching in any spot on the survey that allows you to add comments.



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I did comment on mine that many of the questions were vague, not worded correctly and I wanted a lot more detail.


I will be trying to complete the form online (I tried to email mine due to not being allowed to view the page once completed)


I hope that they will finally begin to make time to meet with us.


But I did notice that time intervals in their questionaire were rather lengthy, like "Every five years" for updates on secured areas.


I hope that they realize that this is the information age and through mediums like the Internet they could keep many people informed on a much more timely basis.


Hoping this is step in the right direction, instigated by MNR......


:o The Blue Quasar

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The survey worked for me. The questions or statements were obviously written by someone who has spent far too much time in the beaurocracy! They should be fired - point blank. Due to the vague nature of the wording, in most cases where there was a blank text box, I simply pasted, "I think the hobby of geocaching should be supported & encouraged in these areas." I doubt that any of this will make any difference to anything, since the statements are so wide and non-committal! Weird stuff.

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I've yet to be able to get into the survey but I'll keep trying. I did read the proposals in the pdf file and had a feeling of deja vu - I attended an open house for a new potential provincial park in this area over six months ago and saw something very similar then. In chatting to one of the presenters from Parks Ontario there he'd never heard of geocaching but thought it sounded like a suitable low-impact recreational activity for the majority of parks. He did comment that the best way to manage activities like that are through local rules and regulations rather than blanket legislation (which also seems to one of the thrusts of the pdf file).

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Well we did the survey.

We found a few problems like these:

1)Evaluate the ten wilderness areas that are outside provincial parks and conservation reserves. Where natural values justify protection, regulate the areas through a public consultation process as provincial parks or conservation reserves.


Now how is one going to answer that? There is no way.


2)Management direction is approved for each protected area within specified timeframe after passage of the legislation or establishment of the area.


Ok approve the management direction, but what is the time frame for approval of managment direction?


3)Continue to address non-industrial uses (such as hunting, motorized use, commercial fur harvest and bait fishing) through regulations or policy rather than in legislation.


Alright now how do you say strongly agree or neutral or Don't know?


OK after submitting the survey I get a message stating " You do not have permission to view the requested page. / Vous n'êtes pas autorisé(e) à visualiser cette page.'


That is strang I did the survey then all of a sudden I do not have permission to view the page.


Final Thoughts:

That was one of the worst surveys I have every done. Many questions were proorly worded. I hope I have made a difference by completing the survey, but honestly I feel that I have not.

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I sent my survey in as an email attachment, but it was not able to be opened.


A person from the Legislative department for the Ministry of Natural Resourses contacted me directly.


His letter was very nice and he is mailing me the survey so I may submit it. They were not aware of people having problems with the "You are not permitted to view this page" and the IT people were looking into it.


I have since let him know about this Forum area so that they may see the varied feelings about the Survey and that we want to come to a solution that can provide an opportunity for Geocaching to once again be allowed in MNR/OP lands.


I do encourage anyone posting here to be professional, but that is not to say you shouldn't express your frustrations or report dealings you've had with Parks personnel. I would encourage that too, along with posting that we would like to work with them.


The person I have been in contact with knew full well who I was, my affiliation with OGA and that did not prevent them from replying directly to me.


Although to us it appears that MNR/OP is slow to develop and adapt to new things, they do have many things to manage and we are just a small facet of groups they are aware of.


I do hope that MNR/OP will expedite our concerns because I do believe that we have tried to contact them, but I've seen posts from MNR staff stating that we (Geocaching.com) have ignored them too.


Probably the people at the top of both groups (MNR and GC) have been talking off and on and little filters down because there just isn't anything to report yet. No need to get anyone motivated until there are firm agreements in place.


Lastly, I have let MNR know that I would be willing to talk with them and if any Geocachers have any items you might want brought up you should direct them to both Cache-Tech and the Administration of the Ontario Geocaching Association


OGA's home page


Thanks for reading this.


<_< The Blue Quasar

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