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  1. Found and enjoyed this one in 2006, the cache and hiding location is gone, might be best to archive the listing as you can no longer maintain it yourself. I understand wanting to keep an old cache in play, but a cache has a life span and it seems this one is up
  2. 5.2 years and 4.5 years are the longest from first attempt to found, quite a few have taken a couple of years. We still have one from 2002 and a few from 2003 to attempt again when the timing is right with season and travel. Some of our DNF's may never get re-attempted, but we did find one in Massachusetts, 3.8 years after the first attempt, did not think we would ever drive that highway again. So far, we have 97 caches to clear up our DNF attempt, 127 that were DNF have been archived and 185 have been resolved to account for our 409 DNF caches. I keep too much info in my spreadsheet I think.
  3. Nothing wrong with promoting, guilting folks into hiding caches is ill advised, encouragement with positive logs on good caches is best. Shawn
  4. I understand your motives, but also prefer well placed maintained caches that will be taken care of after placed, even after we find them.
  5. I don't think there should be more of a stat for hidden beyond what there is, cachers should never feel pressured to hide a cache because they should. They should hide a cache they want to hide, hopefully one they will also maintain and of the type and variety akin to those they enjoy finding. Making cachers feel obliged to hide a cache may shy away some from the hobby and also encourage unmaintained, tossed out there caches. Just by finding caches hidden by those who enjoy hiding caches is contributing to geocaching in a positive way. Hopefully the complaints were constructive, just because they have not hidden many does not mean they don't know a bad hide from a good one.
  6. Now that I have looked over the list Soupy's Travelling Cache
  7. That one (and the others like it) are already in the list. However, as I mentioned in my post to edscott, there was a bug discovered in the last week that was preventing caches on the list from being excluded in the awarding of souvenirs when they should have been. I've gone ahead and removed the Wisconsin souvenir from your profile. Ah, ok, now to make it to Wisconsin and earn my souvenir, thanks and Happy Geocaching!
  8. The Photographer's Cache There are several caches in this traveling virtual cache group, it was fun to do but when we found it, it was in Quebec, but now it is giving me a find in Wisconsin. The other caches in this group are linked from this one.
  9. I knew there was a way to do this, took a few moments to remember how to set it up. Had them all bookmarked in the Pizmo, but the HDD died Enjoy! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=73
  10. 56 and 104 in our second year, 1500 is your goal for the first year, after 6+ years we have not reached that yet, but we cache when we have time and enjoy ourselves. Wish we had time to find that many in a year, good luck and have fun. Back when we started, I think we could fit the 3 provinces we cached in, into 3 PQs, less then 500 each. Looking it it, we did almost the same last September at 141 in a month compaired to our first 2 years of 160, times have sure changed.
  11. Shawn&Holly


    Well, that is a rather disappointing response. Yes, the event is going a few months later then usual, and I think it will be only once a year instead of twice. Having attended 9 of these events, we have seen it grow from a small event, even held in a back yard to reserving an entire restaurant, it has become a lot of work and passed from a pair of cachers to a committee to plan it. In June this year eh, will have to plan on making it to this one, missed the last one to much regret.
  12. The Jeep division in the US is different then the Jeep division in Canada in a legal business sense, therefore it is Jeep in the US that launched the contest. I am sure Goundspeak would be willing to work with Jeep in other countries if they wanted to run a promotion. Living on the Ontario-Quebec border, I ofter see Canada wide contests not open to Quebec residence and Quebec contests only for Quebec residence due to regulation requirements. While I would love to be able to enter the contest and win a jeep, I do understand why I can't, but I will still chase after the TBs, collect the icon and move the jeep to another (more then likely) Canadian cache.
  13. We have hidden/adopted 21 caches and held 2 events, I plan on placing 1 this year. This is in line with what I feel we can properly maintain. While we have a dozen or so containers made up, some even filled, there have been a hugh number of caches placed near us that we will save them for maintenance runs or for that special location.
  14. 85% + 20% = 100% That sounds about right for my memory
  15. Per the note on the cache page and if it were on my closest list, I would go and find it again, signing the log book again. I filter founds out of my PQ, if unfound, it would be loaded along with every other traditional cache nearby into my GPS. While I do like my numbers, the second trip to the cache would be the same for me, a reason to get out for a walk and fresh air with my family in an area I hope we enjoyed the first time around, thus the reason we go caching.
  16. Some place caches for an event that are not listed yet and hand them out at the event for those in attendance. Usually they are listed soon after the event for everyone to find, this sounds like what they meant. Recently I attended an event that also had a handout, I did not nab a find until later that day as directly after the event, I had to go into work I did find it that night soon after it was listed, it was a puzzle and there were only 3 finders from the event.
  17. Now with a little prompting on a few by reading the logs, I remember most caches we have found, as the numbers go up, some less memorable fade. I figure as I age, I will be able to reduce my travel as caches I have found will be forgotten and become a new experience no matter how many times I find it. Soon, that cache I hid in the back yard will be my daily cache fix and I will be all set
  18. I do agree that different cache type deserves a new listing and I would go and find the new listing even if I had found the original multi cache, with my memory, it would be a new cache as well . As for the new logbook, there are a few near me that have archived, picked up and relocated their cache, leaving the original logbook. We were FTF on one I think, I found it cool to read through the original entries, but then this was a really old original cache and the logs and names were actually on the historic side around here.
  19. Most recent for myself was at the end of vacation last year while trying for day 27 on a find streak Log for RoadRunner 9:30PM at a Gazebo right beside parking during the President Cup, might not have been the best time to go caching with an 18month old. I actually would have been disappointed if the 2 (cute) officers did not question me, sending 2 officers to my wife's workplace to confirm my story was funny (she has a sense of humor about it, her co-workers were a little more concerned). We did return later that night after my wife was off work and did find where the cache should have been, but someone replaced the cache container with a stick, thus ending our find streak with an interesting story.
  20. Not to be a jerk or anything but if someone doesn't have a GPS, what the hell are they doing on gc.com website?? They may have just heard about geocaching and wanted to find out more about the activity before going out and buying a GPS. Kind of like when I first started to play paintball, I rented my equipment, now I own my own and still have fun (when the wife lets me).
  21. So far our best day was 23 that took us on a beautiful loop that included the first cache placed in Canada, the Swissair Memorial and some great old ruins. The first was planned, the other 2 were part of the highlights of the day. We hope to break that record one day, that month was also our best month (141 found, previous was 52 in 1 month), still, it was our geocaching that brought us to interesting places and sites again during vacation that we would have missed.
  22. Cool, currently at 1.8% and falling, guess we're takers
  23. I don't think another log type is really needed, a number of cachers post Need Maintenance logs when really not required and cache owners have been known to get upset over Need Maintenance and Request Archived also, I think Did not Search will not add any value and only cause confusion. Showing the number ignoring a cache might also not show the proper results, depends on why the cache is being ignored. I have 54 caches on my ignore list, all puzzles/ALR caches/Almost completed Multi caches, I am not actually ignoring these caches, but I have solved them and store the required waypoints that may not be part of the cache page co-ordinates. I also use the ignore bookmark to d/l a PQ of my solved puzzle list and can see if any were archived before I get the chance to actually go and find the cache. So I may be ignoring your cache on paper, quite the opposite, I d/l it weekly and intend to find it when I can, I just don't need the fake coords on my GPS and with the number of caches growing around me, I don't need them as part of my 500 cache PQ.
  24. Marie Curtis park was a pretty nice place when I was younger. I used to love riding my bike there from Cooksville, and making the day out of it. This has only recently become family unfriendly as far as I'm aware (or at least, it appears I survived my childhood visits). I'm disappointed with the park's decline. I would probably archive this listing if it was mine, or put a not recommended at night attribute on it. I've archived a cache due to the issue above, when we placed the cache you would not have known there would be an issue, it quickly went missing and I replaced it. It went missing soon after again, when I returned I then noted the activity, right across from families having picnics and fishing, I also was a little naive about it back then too. Its a nice little park, thought it would be a good place for the cache, still do, disappointed that due to certain activates, you have to be careful in a few parks around here so I have found out on occasion. I am also disappointed when authorities tell you that you should not be there legally due to illegal activities and you might be mistaken for the other, "why else would you be there if not for?".
  25. Wonder if that would be the overzealour worker that kicked us out of a PA rest stop last year telling us to return in the daylight (we were there at 11PM), then another cacher was prompted to leave the next afternoon. Permission was given for the cache, but it still was not fun to be kicked off the property with threats of getting the police involved when your from another country. Looking at that cache, it is still active. I enjoy most rest area caches, gives a chance to pull over and stretch, especially when towing.
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