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Lake Welch - Harriman Group Hike?


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Lake Welch Hiking Loop - Eight caches total, in no particular order :D

Saturday - September 11th.


1. brokedown palace

2. freedom fighters

3. Beech trail

4. Mac-28 Irish Mountain

5. Nickel Mine Cache

6. Tiorati Brook Road

7. Shelters of Harriman: Big Hill

8. The Mystery Cache 1


Or a hike at Bear mountian where there are 18-20 caches, the terrain is ruggard.

More info tk. :blink:


Hey Pete, is there a parking lot nearby?

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Went to that area again today with the REAL Quoddy and did 7 before noon; none of them are on your list. I'll be gone for the next two weekends. There are about 30 caches on Prince Edward Island, Canada....I plan to hit them all in the 8 days I'm there. See you all when I get back.

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While I'd love to join a third Harriman group hunt, I'm not sure the walker I've acquired following the Silver Mine Lake hike will allow me to keep pace... :)


Unfortunately, the 11th coincides with my son's BDay party which, given the fact that my wife gave the last few weekends to participate in other hunts, I agreed to host. If it were the 12th I would have a better chance. Although it looks like the remains of Frances will be here to ruin next weekend. B)

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Here's my take. 1st the 2 "easy" ones since I did them. 7 & 8 in the original list I did by parking at a nearby church and going in which is a different way then we'd likely do them with the others, but the Shelter is obviously on the trail and the Mystery cache isn't far off the trail - maybe 50 ft or so.


For the others, they look to me to be near trails though I'm not sure of the optimal route. Granted, I only looked just now at the map so I haven't checked all the options, but if you're going North for some and South for 7 & 8, I think the optimal way is parking, getting some caches, moving to another lot and getting the final 3 (Mac and the Shelter and Mystery caches).


Just looking at these caches I'd guess maybe 3 hours to do them all if we moved cars after getting the 1st bunch.

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I may be able to squeek in participation after all, at least until noon. Do you think you could complete the first loop by then?


Weather update: Hurricane Frances appears to poop out by Friday, could be a nice weekend after all. This is good as I plan to drop another couple caches in the Sparta Edison WMA this weekend so Avroair can set up his group hunt there. :huh:

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Okay, I have mapped out a route with little bushwhacking for the morning loop. Afternoon loop tk.


Parking at Tiorati Brook Road

* Red cross (Red blaze) trail, north

1. cassidy

* Continue along Red Cross trail to Beech (Blue blaze)

2. Tiorati Brook Road

* Continue down Ranger road to Nickel Mine

3. Nickel Mine

* Backtrack along ranger road, take Beech southwest (Blue blaze)

4. Beech Trail

5. brokedown palace

6. freedom fighters

* Continue along Rockhouse Mtn ranger road to an unmarked ranger road

* Pick up the Red Cross trail, past Hasenclever Mine and back to the lot


To do:

1. Mac-28 Irish Mountain

2. Shelters of Harriman: Big Hill

3. The Mystery Cache 1

We will have to park at alternate lots.


* Total trip should be about: 4.5 miles, if we start at 9 a.m. grab the other 3 then head up to Bear Mountain for afternoon trek by 12:30 - 1 p.m.

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Afternoon Hike.


Parking at: N 41 17.318 W 074 01.404


* Hike down bike trail to Appalachian trail

1. Bike Trail number 2

2. Anthony Wayne Trails no. 2

3. Beechy Bottom Road

4. Cat's Elbow

* Take Ramapo Dunderberg (red blaze)

5. Lost in the Ozone

6. Trepidation

* Continue on Ramapo Dunderberg (red blaze)

7. The Pavement Ends

8. Break dem Bones - this is going to suck! :huh:

* Come back down to pleasant valley road

9. Herbert Mine

10. Shelters of Harriman: West Mountain

* Backtrack and take Timp Tourne to White blaze back to the car.

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Looking at the afternoon hike in Topo with a Harriman overlay and the caches, I think we might be better doing them in the following order:


* Hike down bike trail to Appalachian trail

1. Bike Trail number 2 (saving the other nearby ones that appear to be off woods roads for the end as they are easier).

2. Cat's Elbow

3. Lost in the Ozone

4. Trepidation

5. Break dem Bones

So far it's just a straight out hike with no backtracking.


Backtrack a bit and take a woods road shortcut to the next trail

6. The Pavement Ends

Backtrack a bit and again take a woods road shortcut to

7. Herbert Mine

Then either a pretty good backtrack and out again (or a significant bushwhack) to

8. Shelters of Harriman: West Mountain

Then from there it might make the most sense to follow the Blue trail north and catch the AT back toward the lot and pick up the 2 remaining caches that are off woods roads

9. Beechy Bottom Road

10. Anthony Wayne Trails no. 2


Here's a picture of how it looks in Topo with the trail overlay I found on the web:


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Regarding Saturday's hike - my head is spinning from all the options - is there a morning hike then an afternoon hike planned?. I could be there from the crack of dawn, but only till 1:30 PM - even if it was from 9-1ish that would be 4 hours. Let me know if anyone is planning on going out in the AM.

We're out only in the AM as well. 9-12:30 is my limit. Clarify which set is that time period and we're there!

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Have fun folks, there are some cool caches on that list. If you hit them all you'll sleep well tomorrow night. :) I'm gonna hit the other side of the river for some then maybe catch up to you via radio in the afternoon. Neil, let's try that again... keep your radio on if you can. Mines in my pack already so I won't forget it this time. :lol: Just towards the end of the AM jaunt anyway. If not, I'll catch up to you another time. Thanks for the open invite Avro.

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Yeah, parking coords would be good or at least the street were starting on. Anyone?



Parking at Tiorati Brook Road

* Red cross (Red blaze) trail, north

1. cassidy

There it was the whole time... :lol: Looks like Pallisades to Exit 16, correct?


BTW, is that cassidy as in FAT Cassidy from the Ribs event? :)

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Actually, my tracks show 8.75 mi including the Mac-28 cache we did at the end (which added 1.15 mi).


Nice seeing everyone again and meeting Allez Comp for the first time. The weather was beautiful though the bugs really started to get nasty at the Cassidy cache. At least we could get out of there quick. Oh, no, we needed to search for something someone lost :anibad: At least it was found, like most caches, with "just one more look".


Since we didn't get to do the caches in Bear Mtn we picked for the afternoon, we'll have to twist everyone's arm again to get back out there at a later date.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend all!

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