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Lake Welch - Harriman Group Hike?

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We managed a decent 8.3 miles and 7 caches today...  (I am talking about me and Dave!).

You know ... if it didn't take someone 1/2 hour to cross a stream because there was a little spider in his path :laughing: - maybe I would have had time to find a couple of more caches :lol: .

That was no little spider. I know Brown Recluse are native to the mid and southern part of the US but there are 13 species of brown recluse that can be found in various sections of the US. Here is a photo of a Brown Recluse, the spider we saw looked almost identical.


That being said, I freakin' Hate spiders and am surprised I was able to walk past with little problem.

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Yesterday was great fun - as a first timer I had a great time doing this with a group and can't wait to do this kind of trip again. :)


I learned so many things from you all that I will take with me on all my future searches.


Team Rampant Lion - thanks for the info for the armwarmers - can't wait to get myself a pair.


aroair - thanks for planning - and have a great time in Rome - my wife was just their 2 weeks ago - and it was very hot - hopefully it has cooled down some.


Thanks to all for a great day - Hope we can do it again soon :blink:

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