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Why Do People Close Topics They Started?

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Others might be interested in the discussion, learning from it. The starter might get additional information that also could be useful to him or her. I always let my topics "die" on their own and eventually go off the front page.


What's the rush in closing them? Why close them at all?


Alan ;)

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I tend to close them when people lose interest. When it gets to the bottom of page one, or when the purpose is served.

You do know that the first page only represents the last 24 hours or so, don't you? Some people only log in once a week. By closing a thread in this manner, you're not allowing them to participate.


Once a topic loses interest, it will fall down the list on its own. You don't need to help it. If you aren't interested in the topic anymore, stop reading the thread.

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If someone starts a topic and later decides to close it that is their right. It was their topic and the either got what they wanted from it or decided they didn't need any additional input. If you disagree with the topic being closed then start it back up yourself. The fact that someone thinks that the topic shouldn't have been closed doesn't matter.

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I think the only good reason to close your thread is when it's gone horribly off-topic.


Even if the question has been answered to your satisfaction, someone else might want to chime in....like I'm doing now. :blink:

I promise to not close this topic even if my question has been answered (can it be?) or it goes horribly off-topic. And after everyone's made their point, it'll be around for a newbie who will chime in figuring he/she has something important to add, even if he doesn't. Isn't that what the forums are about? :D

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Why do people close topics?

You might also ask, why do people open topics?

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Wasn't there a John Galt in one of Ayn Rand's novels? Atlas Shrugged?

Here ya go:


Atlas Shrugged


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