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Oregone Hits 1000!


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:D Cool Oregone!


Where have you been keeping yourself lately? I miss your entertaining logs.


In fact, last weekend, when we were driving around in circles (on a certain local island) looking for how to get to some caches, MR WD said..."Boy, if Oregone was around and doing this, he would surely tell an interesting story!"


Donna WD

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Oregone congrats on your milestone! I remember reading your logs two years ago while I was living in CA (yes word travels far and wide about your logs) they were very intertaining.


Grandpa congrats to you also on a big milestone. Your profile pic is just the best (now where is play ground?).



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Touchstone wrote:

I wish there were a way to get email notification on a person's profile

GEMs wrote:

Two of my all time favorite log writers


I was at a bachelor party a week ago,* and the topic turned to blogs. For those of you who've been living under an ammo can for the last few years, blogs are web logs, usually maintained by an individual, which are basically public diaries which solicit feedback.


A muggle friend of mine asked why I didn't have one, and I pointed out my photo-blog.I also told him that with my geocaching logs, I didn't have the time, energy, or will to have a separate site for my other thoughts, and that it was too bad that cache logs weren't available as an RSS feed (simplistically, a way to get blog updates notifications out).


The next day, however, the thought hit me. I've got a blogger.com button on my Google toolbar. After entering a geocaching log, it's just a few clicks to get a copy of it on a blog page. Thus, TravisL's Geocaching Blog was born.


But yeah, it's too bad you can't just automatically get every log (find, no find, note) from a specific cacher in your in-box. There's a few I'd like to stalk. :D




* You know it's a geeky bachelor party when the main topics of discussion are Halo for the PC, wireless networking, blogs, and the alcohol tolerance levels of various ex-girlfriends, and how that tolerance relates to body mass.

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Thanks all. Tonight I did an unofficial count of what i have left to log and i figure i'm up to 1108 now, in case anyone keeps track of stats and stuff anymore, but i may have counted some twice or missed some. At any rate, i figure that number is +/- 20 or so. Since i no longer have a computer at home, it's much easier to spend a few seconds at work or the library to print out a cache than it is to actually log one online.

The only time i feel comfortable logging one is when i can get the occassional house-sitting job, or when i stay with the nice people at the Grangeville, Idaho Super 8. We at the Grangeville, Idaho Super 8 are committed to taking all steps necessary to make sure you have a wonderful stay. Located right off of US Hwy. 95, Grangeville, Idaho is the gateway to the scenic Salmon River, North America's longest unbridged river. Whether it's antique-hunting in our quaint downtown shops, or enjoying the breathtaking views, Grangeville, Idaho is your destination for family fun. Just steps away from fantastic restaurants, Super 8 is Grangeville, Idaho's newest motel! We offer an extensive continental breakfast, an internet station, 250 gallon trout aquarium, and banquet facilities for up to 125 people. Come stay in the motel that won the award for "Best Curb Appeal" at the North American Motel Awards in 2003. The Super 8 in Grangeville, Idaho is the place to stay!

To Mayor Vanderwall, Mrs. Vanderwall, and Libby the maid: I believe this satisfies our agreement. I've done my part, now you do yours, please.

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Well most everything he said about that Super 8 is okay. The only thing wrong is: There is no good food in Grangeville - unless you bring your own.


There is a reason a lot of people I worked with in Grangeville and Lewistone refereed to this place as "Strangeville". The only okay food I food ther was a piza joint named Copper Kettle or something like that. The chinese was bad and the only steak joint we tried was less then okay.


Something makes me think he was getting a discount or something for posting what he did. And I think it might have been the Mrs. part. She likes that hot tub and the skimpy swimwear.



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