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Where Did He Come From!?

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This is just a vent to some folks who can share my pain. Last night I went out to place one of my most daring caches yet... I had a cordless drill, a hammer, and the cache that I was hanging. I went through a whole hubba-ballo to get it all together and to get permission to place the cache. And tonight was the night of action!


So, I headed out afterdark to quickly place the cache. I have scoped out the area ten times or more at this time of night to see how many people are around... usually, NONE. And it seems to be the same. So, I go to town with my cordless drill, anchoring the cache into the wall, when suddenly the area is swarmed with people: some old dude, wanting to walk around the track, some college kids out water ballooning, a maintenence crew guy (yeah, that's right a maintenance guy working on the field at 10:30 pm) and a few tracksters who wanted to practice hurdles in the dark - not kidding. All of them converged upon the scene and caught me red handed with the drill and tools in action! Well, crud. Do I still place the cache or not? If I do and somebody swipes it because they saw me placing it I will be TORQUED!



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Team Grizzly-


Well, you could look at it this way...


If you were trying to place the cache near a college (you mentioned college students), I would place the cache anytime before noon. College students usually sleep in until noon. :rolleyes:


Same thing with the maintenence guy. He probably won't be out too early. You might find him sitting in his truck drinking a thermos of coffee though.


The only one I would worry about is the old guy. They never sleep. Find out when Matlock re-runs are on tv and place your cache then. :D


Hope this helps.




PS. Or, you could do what the others mentioned and wait a week or so.

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Or you could look at it this way,

Get Matlock,he is always watching,the Maintenance hand and the College students interested in Geocaching.


Then you can find the muggles right away,

the others would be apt to help if you explain it to them and then they would know what it is,and what geocaching is about.


Now Matlocks you see are really usually more interested than they appear,and are good guardians of the caches.(Keepers of the Gate).

College Students as well,they are interested in the Technological aspects now and part of the curriculum at some Colleges.


Area residents like to know what is (who is) in their neighborhood now days,another opportunty to get with the local citizens and create Neighborhood watch's,CERT teams,VIP'S,and many other things that are currently coming to the forfront.

GPSr's are (have become) the "IN" thing.

I use Mine in CERT Community Emergency Response Team,

Mapping,Forestry agents have recently incorperated them in insect trap tracking any are using them for many other uses.Sheriff's Dept.,Highway Patrol so you could use this as an opportunity.


I have just become Certified (through GPS Tech.,geocaching.com usafreedomcorps.gov and self learning...)

The SW Missouri Geocachers Presidential Orginazation for the Volunteer Service Awards.


This was by and through examples stated above and I hope that it helps all in their quests in small and or large matters.


Happy ...............................................................................Geo^trails

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Am I the only one who is curious why you need a drill and a hammer to place a cache? I'm not being critical...just curious.


I say wait a bit. I know that's tough, but if they were going to return to "check it out" they would come back in a relatively short amount of time. After not finding it, they would likely lose it from their mind.



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Am I the only one who is curious why you need a drill and a hammer to place a cache? I'm not being critical...just curious.


I know of one where the hider drilled a hollow spot in a stump of a branch of the tree where the hider sawed off the branch... Then the hider used a hammer to knock something in there and loosen the stubborn parts of wood that wouldn't come lose but wouldn't drill out..

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I can't help but wonder how many different laws and geo-caching fules are being broken here.


You're defacing SOMEONE'S property! It may be a college campus structure but it is probably illegal for you to add or remove any part of the structure without being guilty of vandalism. you may think it's a neat cache, the school, taxpayers and courts may think otherwise.


It's one thing to add a fake electrical box to an outhouse, adding something to the athletic field of a school is another issue entirely.


give it a rest, try to stay in the rules so as not to get the rest of geo-caching in trouble

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I believe he did get permission.


"I went through a whole hubba-ballo to get it all together and to get permission to place the cache."

Then the best way to hide what he was doing waould be to do it in broad daylight and be as obvious as possible. Folks probably wouldn't even notice him if he carried a toolbox and set up the cache without the nocturnal skulkiing.


I half wonder if the "permission" part was thrown in specifically to counter the charge of "illegal, illicit, lewd, lascivious and immoral placement of a cache."

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I had to wonder about the "permission" thing too. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. "permission" could mean "go ahead and place a cache" or it could mean "drill holes as needed and place the cache"


Let's give him credit for common sense. I'm sure if he didn't get specific drilling permission, it is in a place where drilling wouldn't be conceived of as vandalism.

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