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High Gas Prices Affecting Your Caching?

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I don't worry about it too much. I figure I'm going to drive no matter what the gas costs. My Jeep is pretty easy on gas and I can go just about wherever I want with it. No A/C in it but I just drop the top when it's hot outside. Just my opinion but I thought I'd respond.

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What is the reason for the sudden jumping of the gas prices? We have been in Iraq for a year, nothing major has happened, no catastrophe or natural disaster, no oil wells on fire...yet STILL the gas prices go up.

Why hasn't a quart of oil gone up as well?

The refineries can't keep up with the demand for all of the special formulations for different locations. It's not an oil shortage, it's a refinery shortage. Look it up, you'll be suprised.

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it's going mad over here in england. we're up to 4pounds per gallon ie about $7!!


so you can stick those comparisons where the sun doesn't shine. i don't have to buy evian or scorpion venom to go cacheing or shopping i do have to buy petrol.


price going up as opec letting people think they will not supply enough hence speculation on the markets. most of the rises are just down to rumour and greed not actual problems with the supply.


getting to the point where i'm going to have to limit my cacheing soon or get out my old bike and ride!

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That said, with gas getting up to $1.79 here in New Mexico

Sax, that is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! $2.19 a gallon here in the Phoenix area and still climbing! I might have to go fill up on your side of the state border if this continues! :lol:

I paid $1.86 a gallon last night.

Did you know that many gas stations will only authorize $50 on your credit card? That means I have to make 2 transactions just to fill-up. :blink:

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Okay, here's my rant:


US citizens generally do not buy fuel efficient vehicles.


Why do Canadians buy 40% of the Volkswagen cars with diesel engines compared to 8% in the US?? That's 5 times the number!




This is my next daily driver.


I'm not suggesting everyone buy a small car, but don't buy a Ford Excursion or Expedition just so you can be cool.


North America, and especially the United States, are generally less ecologically minded, and it appears we're just going to keep production going and going and going until we end uplike the Road Warrior, fighting for a fill-up.


Wake up folks. It's up to each of us.

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I am like Nobby Nobbs in the UK. Paying £4 plus a gallon. I have to run my Campervan (RV) on that getting about 23 miles to the Gallon. Apart from buying a GPS geocaching is quite a cheap hobby, gets you out and about walking (healthy) in the fresh air. You make friends and the hobby is for the whole family. We , in the UK, now do not buy our fuel in Gallons. It is sold in litres. EU directive! We still use miles though not kilometeres but no doubt the EU will soon make us use Kms.

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just a pointer for cave troll and others driving diesels, been listening to radio and reading about cheap conversions so that you can fuel them using ordinary vegtable oil!! aparently this is not a fairy tale and can be done without anything major or any side effects. then you can use used oil from resturants.


think how cheap you buy oil from supermarket! and how cheap it would be from a resturant, you're doing them a service they might pay you! i know my next car'll be a diesel.

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The refineries can't keep up with the demand for all of the special formulations for different locations. It's not an oil shortage, it's a refinery shortage. Look it up, you'll be suprised.


Differing ingrediant requirements have been blamed for high prices. Diesel fuel isn't involved in that. Why is diesel price almost up there with gas? Somebody's lying.

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Jeep TJ: 18mpg

Ford Contour: 31mpg

Suzuki Marauder: 44mpg


The Jeep is only for when it's needed (4wd trips) or the ocassional nice day when I want the top down. The Ford is my daily driver. The bike is mostly for recreation.


The people in England complaining about the price of petrol need to talk to their government. Most of the price (76%) is taxes.


As for the guy in the Hummer, he's part of the problem and is never likely to be part of the solution. If you're buying a Hummer, you can afford the gas regardless of price. The trick is to also buy stock in the oil companies, so as their stock goes up with the price of gas, you earn some of your money back. (Exxon Mobil is the most profitable company in the world).


Diesels are dirty, smelly, cancer-causing vehicles. I get nauseous from the fumes every time I'm behind one. There are very few places or situations where a diesel is necessary and IMHO, a permit should be required to purchase one.


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With Gas prices rising, and summer pretty much in full swing here in New England, I find more justification for waiting for a nice day and hopping on the Cache-A-Saki when I go caching. Not only does it get 75 miles to the gallon, I can get down just about any fire road or jeep trail around these parts and get real close to some of the more remote caches around these parts.



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