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  1. Ragwort alias Cushag! If you check my profile you will see my avatar is a picture of an Isle of Man stamp with Cushag alias Ragwort which is the Flower Emblem of the Isle of Man. Please keep all comments reasonable!
  2. In have an Garmin Oregan. Download your geocaches. Find your geocache and do a Go. Then go to the Compass page (which should be changed in settings to Geoaching active). Then if you touch the geocache button on compass page (top right) it brings up some alternative actions and one of them is Get Hint. No need to decrypt. Also you can log your find on here. Have fun.
  3. 'Manx Puss' released March 2004 on the Isle of Man. Done 19,182 miles and placed in 97th Cache in Croatia this week!
  4. I am very proud of 'Manx Puss' one of a few kittens released in March 2004. She lost a leg somewhere and a kind geocacher fixed her up with a new one. Her paper log has disappeared but she still manages to continue to travel all around Europe. Whilst other TB's disappear 'Manx Puss' just keeps going. She has travelled 19,182 miles and only this week was placed in her 97th cache in Croatia. My Manx geocoins are proably sitting in a collectors box somewhere being sold on. Some of the others have gone AWOL.
  5. I stand up and confess. When I joined Geocaching.com I was finding it difficult to 'find' our Isle of Man Caches and , already pointed out, we are a country in our own right, I emailed the powers at geocaching.com and within days they had put the record straight. All said so far is correct, we are not part of the UK, not a fully paid member of the EU, not part of Great Britain but only part of the British Isles for geographical purposes. We have our own NHS, Social Welfare, Police force, Parliment and laws. Even a British person has to have a work permit (comes with the Job) for 5 years before they can become a Bone Fide Manx worker. You are CRB'd for all work permits too! Jobs have to be offered to Manx unemployed before a work permit is issued for off island applicants. Also very few Social benefits can be claimed until you have lived and worked on the island for 10 years, and that includes social housing. If you want to check out all the anomalies go to www.gov.im When the island had only 24 caches 'Seasider' came over and with Cushag and Nibbo's help did all 24 in 24 hours. Quite a record then in those days! Shows you how far geocaching has come in the last 8 years! The island has nearly 500 caches and I am still plodding along trying to find them. Hope this puts some of you out of your confusion.
  6. I have one of these on my Campervan . I called it 'Where is Cushag'. Problem is these are discover only. Only been seen a couple of times so now I use it to show where I have been with the Van, logging it in one of the caches I find in each area on holiday as a 'visited' to that cache. I then put some miles on the TB and also can remind myself where I ended up in my holidays from the Isle of Man. I then have to 'Visit ' it to one of my caches on the Island to bring it home! At least it has a use that way. You can only use the Visit feature if you are logging or have logged a find on a cache.
  7. The Isle of Man is listed in the countries. A few years ago I noticed the Isle of Man came under the UK. I emailed Groundspeak and voila! Now listed in Countries on it's own (which it is). The Channel Island are separate also. The Isle of Man is only 17 miles from Scotland (nearest point) and as the Isle of Man is 30 miles long and I live in the South of the Island if I did a general Pocket Query from Home within 100 plus miles it would include some in Scotland and Ireland and maybe some in England and Wales. If I click on Isle of Man in the Countries list on a pocket Query it will ignore those on the other side of the Irish sea from me .
  8. Took my Kindle to Italy this Xmas. 3G all the way from UK, through France, Germany, Switzerland by Coach. Acessed Geocaching on the move. Fiddley to use but perfectly capable for using to check out Geocaches in a local vicinity. I have a Garmin 450t so had already done my Pocket Queries and loaded them into the GPS as I knew where we were stopping. Downloaded about 50 caches but in the event only managed to do two in Venice and one at Lake Garda. Kindle was useful for translating Italian Geocache clues into English via Google translater. Did not try to log caches on Kindle. Unfortunatly do not rely on accessing 3G on Kindle on the Isle of Man as Manx telecoms seem to have fixed it not to! Plenty of free WiFi though. Oh. I also managed to read a book too on the trip via Kindle. The Kindle is basically an e-reader.I have 80 books to read on it and they all fit in my Handbag! Amazon do say the web access is Experimental, and free (at the moment) so do not expect too much. Good value at £149. If you need colour or better access use a Phone with Internet/GPS or get an Ipad (both will cost you lots to access)
  9. Went out on a wild. wet and windy day to the North end of the Isle of Man, simply to get to 500 caches. Achieved with 11 finds and three DNF. Rested for an hour by having a Pub Lunch in Kirk Micheal. Taken me a few years to get to 500 and will plod on for a few more years, maybe to reach 1,000?
  10. Congrats to Nibbo for doing his 500th cache whilst visiting the Isle of Man. I have yet to catch him up , only need 18 caches more.
  11. well, well, (see previous post in this thread) Just a few minutes ago a lady passed the rear of my Van, there we were peering out of the window, and she pointed at my magnectic bug and shouted 'Geocaching'! Her and her Hubby are geocachers so we had a chat and she duly noted the TB Tracking number. We are still at Balodo Park and had said Hello and spoken to this lady a few times as they were also on the rally site at The Royal Highland Showground, prior to the Rally here. I think with these travelling TB's it's a case of suddenly observing it and shouting Eureka! Will see in a few days if they log it.
  12. I have a magnetic bug in the rear Window of my White campervan. I have called it 'Where is Cushag'. Only been logged a couple of times. Discover only. Now I am using it to track my holiday visits with the new Visit Only facility. I can now check it out so I can remember where I have been! If you go to trackable 'Where is cushag' you can see a piccy of my van, TB hidden) and if you view the map you can see I am currently in Scotland, the TB visited Loch Leven Kirkgate cache yesterday. At the moment on my 3 dongle in Balado Park along with 3,000 other Vanners and Tuggers for the Camping and Caravan Club Annual Feast of Lanterns. Must be other cachers here somewhere.
  13. Thank you very much. Hope we get to find some of them.
  14. Glad to find some English. We are going to Lake Garda (North end)at Christmas 2010 and hoped to do some Geocaching. If someone could give me one cache name or code then I could search for some more nearest caches. Thanks
  15. My Motorhome which is an all in one ie. engine plus living quarters in comparison to a car and caravan which we call a tugger is soon to become a travelling travel bug. I have a magnetic medium size travel bug from UK Geocachers which will be on the back so if you are following me and spy it you can log it. I will sort it all out when I return to the Isle of man after Xmas. The Van does tour UK at Easter and in the Summer so look out for it then.
  16. Bought Life membership years ago when is was only £12 (for my lifetime) Still receive Triangle. Stopped using the Hostels when it became cheaper to tent on a Camping and Caravan site than Hostel. Old bones crept in and now I have a Campervan. I still carry my Hostel card with me when I travel just in case I get stuck somewhere and need a roof over my head. The YHA at Conkers looks very nice. I had a quick reccy around it this summer as the New Camping and Caravanning Site at Conkers is next door. It was also next to the Cycle/walking Ashby trail of 7 caches in only a few miles with Cache Moria Madness in the middle. Alas since the summer the Ashby trail caches have been archived. Cause? Pity as it was a very good series. I cycled it and did them all in one day.
  17. Just received my new SatMap today. Very intuative controls and how to use brochure very comprehensive, even has a special page for Geocaching. I bought it with the extra accessory pack with Lipol Bat which was easy to install. Have downloaded the PC sync programme from SatMap and you can import .gpx files waypoints and manage routes. I have read a lot of negative reports on this but so far I seem to like it. I managed to get the whole package of SatMap, FULL GB 1.50 mapping and accessory pack for £488. Also being a mere old women I do not care about the techy side. It works for me. Now to go and get myself lost!
  18. Thanks, had me laughing all through. Did any caching get done!
  19. I hope you are joking about the latex gloves Alibags. I have this very day been to hospital to have Day Surgery and it was cancelled owing to the fact that some member of the Staff forgot to tell the Surgeon of my latex Allergy. Believe it or not (I am a nurse myself) there have been cases of anyphaltic shock in surgery with patients of my ilk. The operating thestre has to be cleared of all latex and left for a few hours. It was only a routine investigation so i was happy to go home and eat! I had been starved for 24 hours. Hands off the latex gloves for handling micros! Not allergic to nuts and I hate Peanut better. I Agree the nanny state has gone too far though.
  20. Cows! Glad that I am not the only person to be petrified of these great lumbering bigger than me animals. I can walk through a field of cows as long as they are on the other side of the field and I have an escape route planned, this includes barbed wire fences. I have jumped a barbed wire fence once when an unseen cow came towards me. The other problem with not getting to a cache is often getting to within the last few meters and finding it is halfway down a steep cliff. No way, my life is worth more than a plastic lunch box. At least the walk is good for me.
  21. Believe it or not some of us actually WORK nights. Shifts can vary but say that you finish at 06.00 in the morning, when you get home it feels like teatime! So it's like spending a few hours on the PC in the evening. Breakfast time is about 18.00 hrs!
  22. With reference to broken toys and other broken items in caches. We have come to the conclusion that some cachers unfortuantly break things that are already in caches. This summer I had recourse to visit caches that the family had already done under their own name. We went together and they were upset to see that items that they had put in a month before , intact , had been broken. Now this could have been caused by over enthusiastic cachers trying to see if the item worked, dropped out of box accidently or any other reason. If I inadvertantly broke something I hope that I would mention it in the log and replace the item with something else. This Easter my caching buddy and I had to remove some very mouldy damp soggy items from a cache, soft toys, owing to water ingress, we mentioned it in the cache log in the box, replaced with items from our own stash and emailed the owner. Every one was happy. If I do find broken toys I remove and replace them, a little bit of good samaritan efforts by all geocachers would surely be better than doing nothing but moaning and complaining.
  23. A little ferry across the sea takes you to the Isle of Man, still in the British Isles but not in UK. CC#1 has a cache called Manxmen at Trafalger GCNQOG. Reason for this connection is because many Manxmen served in ships at the Battle of Trafalger the most famous being Captain Quillim who was actually driving the VICTORY at the battle! He lived in Castletown Square , Isle of Man and the house he lived in has a plaque on the wall. Unfortunatly the house is in desperate need of repair. Recently, to honour him though a very nice statue has been placed in Castle Rushan grounds, I was there at the unveiling last year and all the names of the manxmen who served on the ships was read out and a short service held in memory of them. Mark and Lynn have a holiday meet this July on the Isle of man GCRITN.
  24. Good idea. Please could you make it obvious on the cache page that cachers who are not as fit as others may not be able to log the cache. I would not like it very much if I arrived at cache spot and found I could not reach it. I have done a 5/5 on my own but it was rather foolhardy and a long story. I also found a cache last year but had to wait until a tall friend came to visit to reach it for me. I do often cache on my own and at 5'3" and not so young, I lose out on the agility stakes. PS. Floor level ones are not that easy either, it's not the getting down , it's getting back up! As long as we know that it's high up a tree all is OK.
  25. Thanks BlueDeuce. I chased a few of my TB's up a couple of months ago by email that had not moved for two years and two got moving. The others holders did not reply so I have taken your advice and emailed them about a stamped adressed envelope. Hope it works! Thanks
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