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Micro Cache Containers

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Granted, I haven't been a machinist in about 15 years, but I'm missing what you need the lathe for.


Maybe I just need to make a run to the hardware store but I'm thinking two 3/8-16 nuts, a length of 3/8 stainless steel pipe, a 3/8-16 die, some superglue and some solder to fill in the pipe at the ends and you basicly have the same thing. I suppose you could make one on a lathe, but it strikes me as a lot of unnecessary work.

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20 bucks? Thats crazy.


Son, when you start buying metal lathes instead of paintball guns & Xboxes your opinion may be of more value. Until then why dont you stick to telling people how much you love you Meridian Gold for about the 1172nd time . K

Wow, don't you think that's kind of harsh. :D I think 20 bucks is bit steep also, and I don't have an xbox or a paintball gun. At this point in time you have shown me absolutely nothing by insulting someone for stating their opinion that would make me value yours. :D

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dadgum... Seriously... I didn't expect that. I actually don't have an XBox. They were too expensive for me. Seriously. I bought a GameCube because it was half the price. Being a college student, I don't have a lot of extra cash lying around. Especially not to spend 20 bucks on a screw with the insides drilled out.


About the Meridian Gold comment, when people inquire about a GPS unit, I tell them my opinion, in hoping that I will steer them in a good direction. I tell them that it is the best unit for the money. But, I'm sure you already know all this... for the 1172nd time.


So, not ever being one to judge people on their looks, I will base my opinion of you on your comment to me. It was completely out of line, and extremely rude. I made a comment, about the outrageous price of something, and you seemed to take it very personally. I think those screws for cache containers are awesome. I would love to use one, but I have neither the means, nor the cash to pay for one, if they are going to cost 20 dollars each.


So, even though I would rather not make a "jab" back at you, I feel that I must, because of the unfair jab from you.


Don't call me "son". I am not your son. Thank God. Judging from the pictures in your profile, I would hate to imagine how I would look, if I was.


I come from a loving family. Not one that can express so much hate towards another person, for no reason at all.


I would hope that someone your age would have learned how to be a compassionate and tolerant person, but apparently, that is not the case.


Take care. :D

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Just to add, and I'm glad this isn't escalating any further, I had no idea that you were trying to sell these things when I posted my comment about the outrageous price.


You didn't say in your initial post that you were selling them, so I thought you were just telling us that you made them, and that they were cool. I thought you were using the link to the web site to show us what they were. I wouldn't have said "20 bucks! that's crazy!" because I wouldn't have wanted to cause trouble for you. I probably would have mentioned that I thought the price was a little steep. Either way. Glad you sold one.

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I did find it a little strange though, that you new about my paintballgun, (singular, just so you know) and my "XBox" (close enough, and singular also). I haven't been talking about those things that much at all. The MeriGold comment, I understand. Sometimes when I am writing a reccomendation for it, I feel like I've done it a thousand times before. But, when people ask, I gotta tell 'em! :D


Anyhow, good luck with everything.

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I'm missing what you need the lathe for.


He used the lathe to drill the hole. The drill bit would be stationary and the work will turn instead. I would have used a drill press and took my chances of getting the bore centered, but IF he did like most folks do, he did it at work and got paid for it anyway. :D

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The Michigan Legislature just passed a law that makes these illegal to import into our state. The 2004 No Cacher Left Behind Act protects the rights of all cachers in our state to effectively seek and find caches by ensuring we only have mundane park and grabs to go after.


(I'm kidding of course, but these would drive me.... nuts. Get it?)

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I did a few rough calculations. Factoring in the cost of the web site, capital investment in a lathe, burdoned cost of labor, equipment depreciation, and comercial floor space rental I come up with a sale price of around $12,350.00/ea for two units. So RK is right he must be planning on making a few more and selling them. :lol:

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Oh ... wow ... thats Evil! <_< I like it! :ph34r:


Definitly a bad idea to use it in a sign post though. "Who me officer? err, no .. i'm NOT stealing this stop sign actually ... you see, there's this thing called geocaching ... " A fast way to get us banned within city limits by people who don't want to take the time to listen or understand. Although ... it *would* make things even *more* interesting.... MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAaaa... Of course, the other side of it is you need to find something to stick these in so they don't get "cleaned up" accidentally when some well intended person goes in to try and take care of a place. Heh, even a cache in trash out thing, if everybody didn't know where it was.

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