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All right, I've only been to 2 caches so far, but I want to be sure that what I leave is on a par with what others have in the caches. I've seen a bunch of kids meal types of toys in one, and the other (which had some cool stuff in it) had things like CDs and even a T-shirt. Is anything usable? What would be considered a "no-no"? I'd like to leave stuff that identifies me, like greyhound (and greyhound adoption) type things, but I don't want to be stepping on toes by trying to push my "opinions" on others (although I think everyone should adopt a greyhound :huh: ). The at the church cache I was at today had some things of a religious nature. I think that was great, but I know others might not, and therefore might not like this one, or participate in it.


I've got a small stash of small star shaped metal picture frames, a few keychains, and some other cutsie stuff. Are they okay until I get my "themed" stuff?


Thanks in advance (again) for any help in this matter!



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The things in my swag bag right now are (all brand new items):


Air Force playing cards (my hubby is in the AF so I buy several sets of these cards for trade items when we go to the BX. I think they are nice!)


A small domino set


A nice journal and address book


Two packs of temporary tattoos


Some hotwheels cars


A stuffed tigger doll


A few wooden Buddha figurines


A little journal set with stickers


A mini set of playing cards in a case


My sig items (a magnet I made with a guardian angel pin attached)


I think any items are cool to leave in a cache. As long as you think someone would like them and they fit in the cache, then go for it!


Please think about other cachers that are going to find the cache after you. Don't leave things that you would consider 'junk' (some examples I have seen left in caches: expired coupons, expired bus passes, a chewed action figure, a broken doll).


Remember: trade up, trade even or don't trade at all! :huh:

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sounds like you have decent swap stuff. as others have mentioned just don't leave junk. greyhound trinkets would probably be better than paperwork, i say that because paper stuff left in caches tends to get damp, even if the cache is dry. i don't see a problem with it from a "political" standpoint though. i usually leave army men, plastic dinosaurs, slinkys, little flashlights, thing like that.

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I'd like to leave stuff that identifies me, like greyhound (and greyhound adoption) type things, but I don't want to be stepping on toes by trying to push my "opinions" on others (although I think everyone should adopt a greyhound  B) ).

Oh, I think that would be really cool to leave greyhound themed items! I'm a dog person though, so of course I'd get a kick out of finding something like that. B)


I like stone trinkets so I think I'm gonna stock up on little carved stone animals or polished 'worrystones' for trading. :huh:

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try to keep your trades even by this i mean don't take a cd for example and leave a toy from a happy meal. i know this has been discussed before. also from what you're describing with the greyhounds it sounds like a signature item. there are threads on here about those also. i hope this helps.

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Okay, thanks all! I guess I will find some cool greyhound trinkets to add (my ulterior motive is to make every last one of you adopt a greyhound -- :lol). I wanted to be sure I'm putting in appropriate stuff. I have all sorts of little things around my house, so I should be okay.


I have the day off tomorrow -- hoping the weather is nicer and I can find a few more caches. I'd like to set The Tick TB on his way.



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As others have said, but I will add the following....


From the Geocaching FAQ


What shouldn't be in a cache?


Use your common sense in most cases. Explosives, ammo, knives, drugs, and alcohol shouldn't be placed in a cache. Respect the local laws. All ages of people hide and seek caches, so use some thought before placing an item into a cache.


Food items are ALWAYS a BAD IDEA. Animals have better noses than humans, and in some cases caches have been chewed through and destroyed because of food items in a cache. Please do not put food in a cache.


Have Fun!


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I usually stock mine or restock one I find with a variety for everone:


a small doll

a set of jacks

a small purse

a mctoy

a beanie baby


a small action figure

a hot wheels

a small flashlight

a uno game

a yo yo

a compass


a screw driver set

a flashlight

a padle lock

a wooden train whistle

a flashing bicycle or jogging light


an oven mitt

hot bads


measuring spoon set

a timer


I usually try and start with a good assortment so that mom, dad, or any of the kids can find something to trade.


after 2 years mine seem to stay pretty well stocked up, I have added to them a couple times when I have checked on them. Dollar store or walmart seems to work great. alot of items for under a buck. The camping section of walmart has alot of good little cheap things.


So the next time you are in KC, head up north.

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