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  1. I have a 60cxs and have been thinking of upgrading to the Oregon line so this looks like it may be a good upgrade point.
  2. It sounds interesting to me but I just wish I had something they would play on. My current Windows Mobile device does not have a user available GPS and I am fixing to move from that to the iPhone 3GS but that does not have a Wherigo app for it yet. My GPSr is a 60csx like yours and also does not support Wherigo. So I would like to try it but am not really interested in buying a new GPS right now.
  3. make sure you are logged into the main page and pull up the cache page. On that page will be an option for "Log your visit" in the upper right.
  4. Just my 2 cents on the issue. I enjoy caches that give me an interesting hunt. That could be a nice hike in the woods or it could be an interesting micro. What I don't like are caches that take me zero effort to find. If I know before I even get my car parked that the cache is going to be under this lamppost skirt or over on that guardrail, that to me is just not fun. I want there to be some effort required. I found two micros this weekend that were more interesting then the average micro One was interesting because it was a very clever hide that I had not seen before and it took me time to figure out how they hid it. However, if that hiding method became common and I saw 10-20-or 30 of them so it got to the point where I immediatly knew where it would be before I got out of the car then it would lose its appeal The other was in the parking lot of a best buy, but they didn't go for an easy "hide it under a lamppost" hide. It was hidden over near an area where there were quite a few possible hiding places so it took a little time to figure out where it was. Not the greatest hide, but I found it more intresting then if the cache had just been put until a lamppost. To me, the problem isn't micros. It is not taking time to find a good location for one. That doesn't mean you can't place one in front of that Kroger or Publix, but don't just put it under a lamppost. Look around and try to find a better hiding sport for the micro and I bet if more people looked for them they would find them. It would make micros more interesting because instead of automatically knowing it will be under the lamppost or on the guardrail, if there are 5 or 10 other types of hiding places people were using in the parking lots it would make for much more overall variety of micro hides.
  5. Go to My account and you will see a link called "Run Pocket Queries". That is where you do it from.
  6. Not all coins are set up as "TBs". How can you tell the difference when you find one in a cache?
  7. I thought geocoins were treated as TB - i.e. no trade was actually required.
  8. Here is what I do. I have GSAK loaded on my PC. I download the GPX file from pocket queries into GSAK. In GSAK I have filters set up for the type of caches I want to look for so I apply the filter I want to use. There is an option in GSAK to send the waypoints to your GPS so that is what I do next. On my Pocket PC, I have previously loaded GPXViewer. I take the same GPX file from above and copy it to my PPC. You can just drop it in the PocketPC Files directory and it will be auto-synced. That's about it. Now I have waypoints in the GPS and the appropriate data sheets on them on my PPC.
  9. You could email the cache owner and tell them what you found and they can let you know if it was the cache or not.
  10. Krandor


    What format is the waypoint file you downloaded in? GPX? LOC? something else. I suspect your problem is in how or where you downloaded the waypoint file.
  11. I would reccomend getting GSAK (geocaching Swiss Army Knife). You can load the GPX file into there, sort and filter the caches and then send them to your GPS. If you have a PocketPC PDA, you can get GPXView and you can send the GPX file to the PDA so you can see the Cache description page when you are hunting. That is how I do it. I find a waypoint nearby on the GPS, then look up the cache page in the PDA and decide if I'm going to search for it and then go. Once I find that one, I'd find another close one in the GPS ... rince, repeat. It is useful having a hundred or so caches in your GPS with the descrcription pages in your PDA.
  12. Normally you put them in your GPS and follow it to the destination or at least until it gets you close and then you can pull out a map and get a better idea where you need to go.
  13. Just look for some easy ones near the area - there have to be some good ones. and make sure somebody has found it recently.
  14. A regular cache is normally something like an ammo can or a tupperware container. However, the cache you were looking for (I pulled it up), it listed as a MICRO cache. Micro cache ARE small things like an altoids tin or a 35 mm film canister. So you were probably looking for something big when this one was small. I would suggest first looking for a 1 star regular cache and hold off on micros until you have a few finds under your belt.
  15. I will be back in the area on December 27th. If nobody is willing to adapot by then this cache willl be removed. PLEASE HELP!!!
  16. The following cache needs adoption since I am moving to Georgia. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6e-a86339eac35b Im moving to Georgia. If nobody wants to adopt the cache it will be removed. Contact me at bh@tronstar.com if interested in adoption.
  17. I really want to find this cache and my attempt to form a group failed so are there any other B&G groups I can join?
  18. Since there has been another B&G groups formed since I tried to form mine, people should join that one and I am disbanding mine.
  19. still looking for people to form another group to work on this cache. Contact me and I will invite you to the Yahoo group.
  20. bump. anybody who wants to join email bh@tronstar.com
  21. Bump back to top. Anybody who wants to join this group needs to send me their email address so I can add them to the yahoo group list. There is still time to join since the quest has not yet started so anybody who wants to try this cache contact me now and join the list.
  22. Yes I started a yahoo group for a second group. Anybody interested needs to send me their email address so I can add them to the group. I will post this on the cache page as well.
  23. Yahoo group created for communication. Anybody that is interested I will send the group information to.
  24. We have suggestions for location of Lake Accotink and Burke Lake. Any other suggestions for locations?
  25. Since the first group working on Blood and Guts is full, is anybody interested in forming a second group to work on Blood and Guys? If so, send me a PM or reply to this thread. If there is enough interest, I'll setup a mailing list so we can exchange information.
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