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Moderators Gone Wild!


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Help, help. Keystone approver has gone wacko on Stunod. Where are all the other mods? Oh the horror!


Actually, he's always been whacko. His normalcy comes in a little pill bottle, which is apparently now empty. Don't be alarmed, the proper authorities have been notified and the pharmacists will be working around the clock to rectify the situation.

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If you want pictures, look at Sept1cTank's "More About Groundspeak" topic. For video or pictures that would fit the theme of "Moderators Gone Wild", be very very grateful that these aren't posted. This is a family-friendly site and we would not want to frighten the children.


I note that, thus far, this topic has a P-factor of 60%.*


*P-factor: The percentage of posts in a topic which are made by someone using a carleenp picture as their avatar.

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