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Blood & Guts Cache


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I am one of the 20 watching this cache, and waiting to see if any new info appears.


One of the problems I have is that it seems so spread out, that maintenance on the cache would be an issue, and the last note from the owners was on July 4th, stating that stage 3 might be missing. It would be a bad thing to work so hard to solve it, only to find the stages are no longer there.


I know boxermom has recently started looking into it too. She has a good analytical source, so if she stops by the forums, maybe she can join in.


I am all for working on this as a team. But to be fair, I have no idea where to even start.

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I was thinking about visiting the main coordinates this weekend and pokin' around. There are several "Copper" named streets nearby. Should be something to find around there. Would probably be easier if a few of us met out there and bounced ideas around. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'm pretty open this weekend; just need to bag a couple of other caches in between so I can feel good. If not, I can poke around and report back. Maybe we could brainstorm at a Starbucks or something. Let me know. I'd love to meet some of you and put this cache in the "found" column. Bryan

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I would love to be included in the "team" that works on this one.


I have a little inside information on stage one, but I'm not sure if it is proper to post it here, or keep it to private emails? Suggestions?


On a another side note and subject, I am thinking of trying to get together a group to do Summer of '69 (GCC3DC). The next couple of days are suppose to remain really close to freezing all day which would make this an ideal time. I'll start another subject off the main forum so that these two caches won't get mixed up.



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Cool, this is great! I'll setup a little group email and we can go from there.


I don't necessarily have a problem posting our progress in this forum unless there is a reason not to, such as we may be providing spoilers. B);)

I don't know if there is an official ruling on that.


Stay tuned...

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Agreed...this cache has been inactive for too long. Don't kid yourself...it's HARD and covers a huge amount of territory. I'm currently at Stage 2. I just discovered yesterday that I miscalculated, so I have to trash everything I've worked on so far. I'll be heading to the right site this weekend. Hopefully the heightened security will not be an issue.


Good luck!



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Hey! Pretty cool here. I'm glad to see a group hunt is in store for this ... but as those that have gone before you can verify, I'm not sure this is the best approach ... not that we don't encourage a team effort here but ... well you'll see. :D

Anyway, as 80% of this cache can be solved from the comfort of your home, feel free to tramps around in the mud, muck, cold and snow.


Here are a couple items I'll though your way ... you shouldn't have to do anything that will put you in immediate danger or at the risk of getting arrested. If you find yourself up to something that you know is not right, then you probably doing something wrong. (makes sense)

The whole cache is really nothing more then a big bad multi-virtual cache ... you just need to find the correct verification data from stage to stage.

Think out of the box. (again, don't do anything stupid)

Keep in mind, this cache was conceived and placed by a systems programmer, an engineer, a historian and a rocket scientist.


Now, just to turn the heat up a bit. There are currently two seekers on stage four. They have been there for quit some time. I truely expected to meet the first one at the final cache July 4th, but it wasn't to be.


Good luck All!


Team Ekitt10 and the Dominion Crew

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I'm in, provided I don't have to run out of town for the day.


I've been thinking about this for almost a year, but haven't really gotten anywhere on it (other than a reasonable guess for the location of Stage 2). I'd really like to see how a bunch of people putting their heads together could fare....


Is there a plan to meet somewhere first, somewhere warm, to talk about what we've done and ideas, before we go off into the cold?

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Thanks for the post, ekitt10. Sounds like we'll need all the help and luck we can get. Rocket Scientist, eh? I've been called that before, although it seemed more derrogatory... :D


Looks like we're all going to meet at stage one at 11:30am tomorrow, get a little dirty for fun, then brainstorm the remaining stages either at stage one or some place warmer, TBD.

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Excellent. 11:30 at stage 1. Just as an FYI, everyone does not need to muck it into stage 1. We have volunteers to do the dirty work.


Also, I am all for heading to stage 2 afterwards to see what is there.


ekitt10, is the companion sheet still available? I sent an e-mail earlier in the week, but haven't heard anything in return.

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:D I guess I'm one of the two at stage 4. I've worked this by myself, starting in a snowstorm Jan 2003. The last stage has discouraged me, but with all the interest at the moment, I'm feeling the nail once again. When I'm into it, I can't think of anything else. Good luck to all who are gathering tomorrow to start. I certainly would enjoy working with someone--to be able to toss ideas back and forth.
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Sorry folks...didn't see your posts for this event. I want in if there is still room for cache II. I have the clues for cache #1 but have not had a chance to visit the cache #2 location. I have done quite a bit research on the internet (lot's of printed info) and consulted with ekitt10 on multiple occassions. I would be happy to share my info if you all want to get together again soon!




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2BIG3LITTLE and Krandor (and others?):


Although I'm sure we could use your help, I think you might want to just start a second group -- I think there would be enough interest from other local cachers. Our group already has 12 people, and it's a bit tricky to organize outings with that many. Also, we're far enough along that you'd miss out on some of the fun I think.


We'd be happy to offer our encouragement (without giving too much away of course). The main reason for attempting this very difficult cache is for the incredible challenges it offers.


One of the first things we did was to create a Yahoo group, so we could keep in touch, and update everyone on our progress. That's been a huge help. We already have some 250 messages, as well as lots of pictures and links that we've shared.


How about it folks? Anyone interested in starting another team?

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Sorry to hear it is too late to join. Since it looks like all the main people interested are in the first group, looks like this will be a did-not-find. I would have been interested in the challenge but don't see how I can do it alone. I will try to start a second group anyway however I fear all the people who really want to do this are in the first group.

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There are definitely enough folks interested to start a second team. Several had posted here, and I know TeacherMatt is another. Someone just needs to start a Yahoo group, and believe me, there will be people who want to join.


Searching for this cache was great experience, but the best part was meeting all the other cachers. I'm pretty sure this is going to lead to the start of an active caching club in NoVa. Keep your eyes open for more news soon!


EDIT: Ah, I see you've already got the Yahoo group ready to go. Here's a link to the Group 2 forum in case anyone else missed it:


Blood & Guts, Team 2


Good luck to the next team!

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Congratulations Team NOVA12!! :)


All you First Finders are saying great things about this cache and I hope it inspires more in the NOVA area, DC and MD to do some creative mystery caches. I know I've learned a lot about cryptography and codes just from the few that I've done so far.


I've completed step 1 for this cache and found step 2....just working on deciphering. But I've also had a big breakthrough :) in research which hints at the other clues. It makes me want to take a week or two off just to work this one!!


C'ya out there on the trails!

-SailorJim :)

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Howdy all! Well, I'm starting ANOTHER group to look for this cache. I've been thinking on this one awhile now and have reached a mental brickwall, so I think I need a fresh perspective from other folks.


If interested, please drop me a line at stmx3NOSPAM@NOSPAMnetscape.net (remove the NOSPAM).




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Definitely not a day trip. Depending on how much effort is put forth, I envision it involving visiting each stage with a week or more to figure out the clues to get to the next stage. At least, it's taken me a couple of weeks on stage 2 and I can't get beyond it even now (although I am edging closer to a solution). Many folks have told me that it takes the right perspective which may only come from a team member who has the right background.



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The team can actually have people working remotely on the clues. We had people that couldn't make it to the specific stages, so we would take pictures and post them to the yahoo group. That way everyone could work on solving the clues.

This works very well, since the mental involvement significantly outweighs the physical.

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They did do a nice job with a story, considering how tight-lipped we all were. We wanted to tell them the whole story (in fact one our our team, pstar I believe, wrote up a detailed 30-page journal of the whole experience). But we've been sworn to secrecy, so we couldn't say much. Solving a hard cachs as part of a team is definitely a great experience.

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