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  1. That one is definitely more mental. Staten Island though huh? And not on this site? What other site is it on? Terracaching.com There's the whole thing where you'd have to be sponsored, but I believe they'd let you look at the cache descriptions wihout coords. Looks like he has three extreme ones, I thought there were more. There very well could have been, but they could have been archived. Then his cache here is Fear (GCKQE6), hasn't been found since 2005! I believe the last time I mentioned his extreme caches here in this forum, he checked in on the subject. Haha....that's funny. You're right. My last post was precisely about the same topic. Thanks for the publicity! Most of my caches are very lonely, but that's OK. I kinda like it that way. I'll check on Fear when tick season starts subsiding. Besides, the cache has been reported missing several times before. Penetrating Susan, Rust & Balls, Close To Heaven, Closer To Hell are all risky caches - if that's what you're looking for, Autorita. My Monkey and iPoint's Revenge bring back some great memories, eh Harry?
  2. I have Maltby Hollow listed in my profile as one of my favorites. Its one of the most remote caches in the entire state.
  3. Ah yes, the resemblance is striking...
  4. No wonder.... The cache suddenly had more views in one day than it had in entire months. I did check on some of it's various parts not too long ago and everything was fine. The only part that I worry about is at the listed coordinates - for obvious reasons. It would have to be a malicious act because there's no way someone will stumble upon it. In all honesty though, Fear will be easy compared to some of my others: Rust & Balls Penetrating Susan Close To Heaven Closer To Hell Kber is the only person to have found them all (and he's provided me with detailed reports of each adventure - which is priceless stuff). Here's his log for Penetrating Susan: This Terracache only begs one question. Who is the greater senseless bastard. SplicingDan for placing this cache, or I for seeking it. Without a doubt, this is the most horrifying cache I have completed to date. It was unnerving, yet eminently satisfying. One should only attempt this cache, with proper planning, through assessment and mitigation for risk. I will long remember this intimidating, awesome experience. Thank you. (I left the $20, for the next foolhardy finder) I laugh everytime I read it. Oh yeah, don't forget about Combination Wreckage either - it's in NJ.
  5. That's nobody's business but the Turks. I hope that they know to look for the culprits in Istanbul (Not Constantinople).
  6. Veteran of the Year & Cache Logger: Kber, hands down. When he's done playing tiddlywinks over here, he steps on over to the dark side for his fix.
  7. Mercifully, The Scotsman Goes South has been archived.
  8. Close...about 5 blocks east. If you recall, it was in front of Seward Park. I just find it strange that a bus would stop there.
  9. Yikes! 88 East Broadway is in the heart of Chinatown - underneath the Manhattan Bridge. It's like a giant bucket of slime there - fish markets on top of produce markets on top of more fish markets and absolutely jammed with people. Are you sure that the bus stop is there?
  10. Definitely NOT a Terracache. There's none listed even close to the coordinates. Since you state that "Geocaching Log Sheet" is written on the log sheet, I believe that you've found your answer.
  11. Although Hartclimbs' cache is probably good, he states in a note that it doesn't require any gear. I believe that the only true climbing cache in the area is Vertical Limit.
  12. It depends on the type of GPS. I used to own a Garmin Vista which has an internal antenna and was NEVER able to get a signal amongst the buildings. My 60CS works well enough to navigate around but still lags when trying to pinpoint something. I'd suspect that a remote antenna would work best. Although...the perimeter of the island gets fine reception.
  13. (thoughtless, sexist, reply deleted) Laugh now because you're next.
  14. I was feeling left-out, so I just got back from the pharmacy with my own 3 week supply of doxy. I've been experiencing the "general malaise" that seems to occur. No rash, just a low-grade fever and some minor soreness. Undoubtedly, if my tests do come back positive, the source was Wharton SF while visiting the various stages of 'Choreographed Chaos'. I recall during one field challenge, I easily pulled-off more than a hundred of the little bastards. Chances are that I missed one or two.
  15. Actually, he said highest summit in ct, not point- Bear Mt. is the highest peak ENTIRELY within CT, although the stone marker at the top of Bear's summit incorrectly states that it is indeed the CT highpoint. Ok, enough nit picking... Hmm, so it seems that this is true.
  16. That's great. It's the exact sort of move that makes the game fun. That must have been some killer hike. Although...Bear Mountain is not the highest point in CT. Mount Frissell is.
  17. I have thought about placing one in the park but 1) It's saturated and 2) It would have be devious. And I'd bet that I'd run into similar problems as I did with 'My Monkey'. I'm talking about the constant badgering from tourists and some locals who's only intent is to add 1 to their find count and have zero interest in putting any effort into finding a cache. I agree with you, Harry. Central Park definitely deserves a few caches it's an awesome place. If the problem caches that have been mentioned are archived, I would condsider it further. Also, the owner of the other two caches that you've mentioned, Central Park Highpoint (which is not despite the name) and Central Park Guardian, seems to have abandoned his caches in Queens so I would guess that these are also.
  18. The Arch went missing 9 days after placement, then it was replaced, went missing again 4 days later, then replaced by Avroair. The log book has been full for months and its owner has done nothing about it. Lakeside View was replaced for the 5th time in April. There's obviously a problem with the choice of placement. Here By The Meer was confirmed missing on April 16th and has yet to be replaced. Itty Bitty has defied time. Its been in place for 3.5 years. But...it's a vacation cache and the existence and condition of a log book has been sporadic at best. In The Ramble - vacation cache. Flowers From Tennesee - vacation cache. Letterbox with no stamp. The Castle - vacation cache. Stone Face - vacation cache, plus there's no accurate answer for the confirmation.
  19. The problem isn't with the park itself, to be exact, Julz. It's with the junk that people have placed there. Numerous vacation caches, missing owners, and crappy containers. And then there's the people who are determined to replace missing caches (even though they've been abandoned) instead of letting them get archived.
  20. OK Pollyanna. LOL. Well, prove me wrong and then I'll change my view, Momus. All I've done is peek over a friend's shoulder to look at the terracaches near me, so I can't judge how things are in, say, New Jersey or New York. But I will tell you that what I saw listed in my area was a big turnoff. At that time, there were three cross-listed caches, which Terracaching trumpets as being forbidden or strongly discouraged. I hear that they've since disappeared, so that's good... but dang, they got listed. I also saw a cache that had been archived at this site when it became apparent that it was hidden beneath a bridge on a four-lane, limited access highway. Such caches are a prime cause of bomb scares, and for that reason the guidelines here prohibit such placements. But dang, it got listed over there. If the first wave of caches had been quality hides, like something from Quest Master in the Laurel Highlands or from Ian5281 in Allegheny National Forest, I might be persuaded to follow suit. But cross-listings and immigrant park and grabs? Sounds just like Navicache. Looks like this is the cache that you mention. In all fairness, all of the mapping services plot the coordinates near, but not under the highway. Do you know for a fact that it is under? Or are you looking over your friend's shoulder again? Seems that the cache is located on a very steep hillside. Under, over, or adjacent will be very tough to call from a map due to the sharp elevation change. I think that the owner's mistake was to ignore the concerns of Keystone Approver. Whatever the case, caches on any site are going to slip through. For instance, which situation would you like me to point out for a cache listed here on GC.com? -One of the many located as close (or even closer) as the cache in question to a highway in and around NYC? -Directly on the concrete support structure of a roadway bridge in NJ? -Attached to the underside of a US mailbox in Manhattan? -One of the numerous caches attached to privately owned payphones? -A recently approved cache in a Federal park here on SI? Hate to tell you, but even the almighty guidelines here can prove to be ineffective.
  21. OK Pollyanna. LOL. Well, prove me wrong and then I'll change my view, Momus.
  22. Thanks for the suggestions. When I solve the problem, I'll post it here.
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