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Fun with those pictures....

opey one

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Originally posted by GOT GPS?:

That first picture in this thread looks photoshoped aready. There apears to be a ghostly image to the left of the guy in the cave. There also appears to be writting above the ghostly image.








What keen eyesight you have GOT GPS. you are right!! The ghostly image is smoke probably from a ciggy that the shutterbug was smoking and the writing is graffiti on the rock.

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Originally posted by Planet:

Originally posted by CYBret:


Any thoughts for a caption?





_Like my remote control Kealia?_


Cache you later,



So many caches, so little time.


We loves it! We loves it!

We thought nobody loved us...wait! Master loves us! Nobody loves us...Gimmie the GPS! It's Precious.....


(I would post a picture for you guys to play with but I can't find my original, sorry)

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