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How much do you spend on caching?

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I was wondering how much people spend on caching? Sure we all have the basic costs, GPS's, gas, hiking gear, etc. But I'm curious about cache items, items you buy to place in caches or to make new caches.


I realize I've spent a pretty good chunk of money on items. I'm placing a new "theme" cache out today and I figured I spent about $35-40. And this is a cache where the contents will be changing periodically. I don't mind at all, I was curious what others think.


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Hmmm.. do I have to count my 4WD? icon_rolleyes.gif


I guess I spend about $25-40 when I hide a cache. As for trade items, I usually don't spend too much. I try to pick up decent stuff when it's on sale, usually only $2 per item.


My biggest expense is probably mapping/GIS software. For some reason, I have to own every one. I'm a bit compulsive that way icon_cool.gif



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I think geocaching is a great economical sport. I've tried to find small items that I've collected over time for use as trade items and I seem to pass along cache items from cache to cache so without counting the original cost of the items these are by and large without cost.


The things from around my home are starting to become scarce so I've taken to picking up good quality items ar various places for a dollar or two. If you keep your eyes peeled you can find some good bargains.


If you spread the cost of the GPS unit over each of our trips and add the cost of gas and trade items it might come to $10 at most per trip. That's FAR less than a ski outing with lift tickets and rentals etc. or several other activities for my family of four would cost.


We're glad to have taken up Geocaching.


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I already had the hiking gear, but I've spent probably $200+ on ammo boxes, decon boxes and other containers. I have to include the GPS (Vista & Legend) and Mapsource software because I purchased them specifically for this sport. Also a laminating machine, for the cache letters was $90.


I also spend an average of about $20 per cache to fill it up (some more, some less) and I've placed 48 real caches out there, so add that up.


I can't begin to guess how much I've spent on trade items, but almost every time I go to a store, I wind up spending around $10 on stuff.


I'm not even including gas, paper for printouts, etc...


Still, it's cheaper than skiing and golf!


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Once you get the GPSr and a PDA out of the way, it’s a fairly inexpensive activity. All your looking at for expenses after this is gas money, cache containers, and trinkets. I did like Brian Snat a bought a laminator too. All in all, I have about $600~$700 invested.



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Loaded question. Hope my wife dosn't see this post. With 2 GPS's, software, some hiking gear, ammo boxes, tupperware, about $20 a week in trade items I buy in stores, about $300 so far on trade items from ebay, new digital camera, laminating machine, about $180 @ the Groundspeak site, various parking fee's, various parking tickets, plus next week I'm buying an old Jeep ($5,000), just for geocaching. I'm sure there's more stuff I'm forgeting. No... I'm not adding it up. forget it. I don't wany to. I can't it's too painful. Whatever the number it's worth every penny. And yes it's less than golf & skiing. Unfortunately I do both those sports too.


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Originally posted by RainbowCache:

... plus next week I'm buying an old Jeep ($5,000), just for geocaching.


In true GC fashion, Is the Jeep - YELLOW?? icon_rolleyes.gif


Bob ~


No. But I'll be painting it right away.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Because now I am Lost.

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With my caches hidden I don't really think I spent all that much. It didn't take long to realize that a physical cache with trade items would quickly become an empty box so, most of my caches are micros. I use pill bottles that cost me a cool dime and put a georged dollar in most of them.


Now on the subject of other expenses, are we going to include hotel rooms, digital camera, DPA, a bunch of software programs, boots... I've gone through three pair so far... and on and on. I'm sure it's thousands of dollars... actually I think I better stop thinking about it.



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I bought a Jeep as an accessory for my Geocaching.com license plate frame...


As for trade items, I usually spend $1-3 per item. Sometimes I'll get a few packs of kids' party favors. I usually either TNLN or TNLS (Leave Something), so no matter what, I'm "trading up." icon_wink.gif I'll only take something if there's an item that genuinely interests me or is something I can actually use.





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