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GPS: Not only for geocaching

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I use mine when I go hunting to set waypoints for particular spots, and mark trails (tracks) when walking in the woods.


I use it when riding my ATV for the same reasons.


I use it travelling to know how far I have to go before I get to my destination.


I use it bike riding to know how fast I am going, how far I have been, and how far it is back home!




Counter Fit Cache


...or is it really me????

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-speedometer on my 4 wheelers and boat

-navigation during fog or night on my boat

-marking fishing areas on foot and the boat

-hunting to do waypoints to camp, kill site, etc.

-to summon help in the mountains and on highways, has been nice to be able to give a dispatcher a 30ft accuracy to an accident

-answer the famous cop question "do you know how fast you were going" and being able to tell them within 1/10th of a mph (took the GPS word and got a tickets for 13.6 over posted)

-finding boundries to public land

-marking a parking spot at a mall to find the car when we were done shopping

-giving my wife directions to where we were using coordinates when out of town

-to get a good idea of how tall hills are for sled riding, and the speed we got up to

-get a rough distance for sighting in rifles for hunting


It's not a sport unless there is something dead in the back of the truck when you get home.

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I'm thinking of using mine when it warms up enough to jog outside again. Now that I'm spoiled by the treadmill telling me my speed and distance, doing laps around the track and timing myself seems kinda blah. I'd rather just run around the neighborhood and go where ever my feets take me!


I gotta figure out a way to strap it to my arm so it won't get so jostled and sweaty though... icon_biggrin.gif

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Got mine for hunting 6 years ago before geocaching was the fun thing it has become today. Geocaching made it useful 12 months of the year instead of 2 months. I told my wife this was a good gadget to buy and she still doesn't believe me ( I really think she hoped I would get lost in the woods hunting and never return ).




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I use mine a lot in my boat.I mark fishing spots,and use it for navigating in and out of harbors in the dark and fog.Also nice to be able to find crab pots in the dark.I also use it to mark my favorite mushroom picking spots.I use it in the car on trips to find restraunts and back to the motel.I use it for finding camp while hunting.I even take it to work with me when I am commercial fishing as a back up to our 2 GPS and 1 loran.I would probably use it to navigate to the bathroom if my wife wouldn't laugh at me.I have been using navigation electronics for 30 years, and still love it! icon_biggrin.gif

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I use mine to mark caves, archeological sites, sensitive plant locations, the homes of Hollywood stars, and nesting grounds for endangered species for posing on the web. In my spare time I use it to track my kids party spots, marijuana fields, my wifes travels, and the location of Alzheimer’s patients as well as finding the location of stolen vehicles. I'm working on locating lost 100 bills but that's eluding me as of yet.


Wherever you go there you are.

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I use mine to map my showing route. To show people how far the house is. Distance between this house and that one. That kind of thing.

I use it for travelling too. I can also find rest stops, restaurants, etc. with it.


Cache you later,



I feel much more like I do now than when I first got here.

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I'm a part time fly fishing guide and I use it to help me time my float trips. Not really necessary though as I've done the trips so many times. It does come in really usefull when I'm looking for new floats to do.


Full time job is a home builder. I mark all the jobs and use Delorme topo and terraserver to:

show homeowners where their house is.

Print maps for the subcontractors

Accurately predict sunrise and sunsets and how they relate to windows in the home.


When GPSr's are outlawed, only Outlaws will have GPSr's.

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