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  1. quote: It also occurs to me that if rechargeable are sensitive to impact (such as dropping) you might not want to use them in a rugged environment. I drop my GPSr (eTrex Legend) occasionally. It's a very hearty unit and has had no ill effects from the impact, but put in some drop-sensitive batteries and... 1. You might think you just busted the GPSr. More importantly... 2. You might end up in the field with no navigation. Given this discussion and all the links to external info, I'd stay with alkaline for your GPSr and use the NiMH for the camera (which is drop-sensitive regardless of the batteries). I use rechargeables in my Legend, mounted on the top of my ATV. I ride hard, fast, and across some hellacious terrain, not to mention getting awfully wet (usually) and muddy (always). No problems with "impact" issues. Just recently, I put a fresh set of AA batteries into my Legend at 9 AM, ran it all day long, and got a "low batt" indicator around 6 PM. 9 Hours of constant use, and popped in a set of rechargeables...and good to go into the night. Turned the unit off around midnight. Worked fine the next morning for another two hours. Anyway, I have luck with 'em. And, I have not bought batteries for over three months now....all for a $30 investment. Seems to work for me. OUT! Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  2. Built-In World Map If that doesn't say it all........ Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  3. I initially bought four 1800 mah Rinpochce batteries and a charger for $9.99 at WallyMart. Since then, I have since purchased the same thing again, and then another eight 2000 mah batteries from ebay for $9. (Let's not turn this into a pro/con ebay discussion). All told, I have $29 invested, and a total of sixteen batteries. They work great in my handheld police scanner, and my GPS. This past weekend, I took two batteries that had been sitting charged, and got just over nine hours use in my Legend before the low battery indicator appeared. So, I popped in two more I had in the truck. 16 Alkaline batteries would have cost me about $12 or more, so I am already way ahead of the ballgame. Here are some 1800 mah batteries to look at. Very reasonable. Enjoy! I think rechargeables are the only way to go. Keep some Alkaline in the bag "just in case", and a lighter adapter too...and you can't go wrong. OUT! Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  4. quote:I think they have every right to say that you can't carry a weapon in their stores. It is private property right? Nathan & Anne And, I have a right not to spend my money there. Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  5. quote:In other words, I deny this war. Theres no reason given. No evildoers. No attack on us. You have LOST THE POINT OF FIGHTING A WAR FOR THE USA IF YOU CANT EVEN BE CIVIL IN CONVERSATION. Not a flame, an opinion. Or maybe you've become a commie... oops, that was a flame. Communitstas!!!! *********MOVE TO FRANCE!!********************* Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  6. If you are a believer in Second Amdendment rights, then STAY AWAY from OUTPOST.COM. They are "Fry's", or are associated with "Fry's". Fry's all have a big sign at the front door, referred to in Texas as the 30.06 law, stating you may not carry a gun in thier store. Let's see...the state says I am competent, but some retailer determines I am not, even tho they have never met me. Speak with your wallet folks. Stay away from these folks. SPEAK WITH YOUR WALLETS! CfC Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  7. The Rinpoche "package" includes one charger labled as a "smart charger". It is only a 110V charger. It comes with four AA 1800 mAh batteries. You may want to check around. The WalMart right by my house has them, but the one by my office does not. Also, at one store they were in the camera/camera battery section, and at another store they were with the GMRS/FRS radios and batteries. Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  8. Ok, in another post I pointed out I had bought four Rinpoche 1800 MAH batteries and a charger for $9.98. Well, been running these in my scanner for two weeks, and they work GREAT. I got on e-bay to buy more batteries, and by the time you buy 4 of even the cheapest ones and add shipping, the cost is near $15. I went back to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought the same thing, and now have eight 1800 MAH batteries and two chargers for under $20.00. These scanners are battery suckers...and so far soo good.... Jeez, four AA Energizers will run you $5, and these things supposedly will take 500 charges. If I only get ten....wow, the savings speak for themselves. Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  9. I use mine when I go hunting to set waypoints for particular spots, and mark trails (tracks) when walking in the woods. I use it when riding my ATV for the same reasons. I use it travelling to know how far I have to go before I get to my destination. I use it bike riding to know how fast I am going, how far I have been, and how far it is back home! Enjoy! Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  10. ALERT: Just bought four Rinpochet 1800 mah batteries and a charger at WalMart for $9.98. I know they are "off brand" stuff...but for that price it was worth the shot. At Interstate Batteries, they have a package of 24 alkaline batteries (Super Heavy Duty-Commercial) for $15.88. A fantastic price. FYI.... Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  11. YUP! Bought a lighter adapter and a serial cable from Ebay. Both work great. I paid $12 for the lighter adapter ($35 in the stores) and $9 for the serial cable ($19 in the stores). Both work fine. In fact, the lighter adapter is the kind that is flat, which makes it even better. In fact, I just bought a Bearcat scanenr from there too. I have bought close to 100 items there, and have never been burned. Just like anything else, look at the product (brand name? warranty?) and the number of trades the seller has. Ebay ROCKS! Good luck! Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  12. quote:(don't read that other thread). Anders Anders, YOU crack me up! Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  13. I got This Hiking Stick w/Built In Compass and it serves two purposes. One, it is a compass, and two, it enables me to search around in the brush, etc. while looking for caches. } If you need to, you can also use it to keep arrogant, pompous, opinionated Canuck GeoCachers at a safe distance so as not to become contaminated. Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  14. quote:To many people, that's akin to mocking someone who speaks with a lisp or some other speech impediment. Even as a light hearted jibe (as I'm sure you meant it), it's just 'bad form'. Oh, quit wearing your panties on your sleeve! Too many folks walk around just WAITING to be offended. Somewhere along the way we have let the minority of pacifier-sucking whiney babies erode our ability to laugh at ourselves and one another. Not every "jab" is meant to hurt. Look, either learn to play in the yard with the big dogs, or stay on the porch with the puppies. jeeeezzzee Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me
  15. Well, if the "nudie" was attractive, I would always know which direction NORTH was..... Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  16. quote:Originally posted by Desert_Warrior:I own two Garmins, and I can't find anything to complain about! Can I complain about not having anything to complain about. Or is complaining about no complaints a non-complaint. Sheesh... this is so difficult. I will get back to you with an answer. Well, it has been a long time since junior high, but as I recall two negatives = a postive. Thus, your complaint(s) cancel one another out, and it actually becomes a compliment! Now, where are we supposed to post compliments? CfC Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  17. quote:Originally posted by rayt333:Well I do have one complaint, it is not the hardware but the prices of their accessories are too high. I know for most Acc. you can use aftermarket acc. but it is shameful for them to price gouge their loyal consumers. Their GPS units are mostly great though. Buy your accessories on Ebay. Last week I bout a serial cable for my laptop for $4, retail on this same item is $29. I bought a car charger/adapter with the flat connector for $9, retail for the same item is $35 at Academy. I bought a handlebar mount for $6, retail on this item is $25 at gpsnow.com. CfC Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  18. Ok, in high school...nerdy, kinda quiet, was more comfortable with a wrench than with a girl.... Fast forward 22 years..... Great job, great family, nice income, HOT wife!! Now, the high school "jocks" are all fat, in dead end jobs....and divorced ten times! Nerds rule! Just ask Bill Gates!! LOL - Yep, I am a Geocaching NERD!!!!!!!! Next question! Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  19. I have a mount on my ATV for my Legend. Two weeks ago, I went riding along a creek for the day. Knowing I was going to be crossing that creek, and perhaps floating the creek, I put my Etrex in a Ziplock, then into the mount. YES, I read where is said "waterproof", but my daddy raised me to only believe half of what I read. Later that day I SUNK my ATV in the creek. My cylinders got water in them, my Legend stayed high and dry. Come on folks....think for yourselves. Be smart, be PROACTIVE. Think things through. No wonder today's society is just a bunch of whining tittie-babies.... My .02 cents, and I am back quiet.... Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  20. Tell her that as a man, you obviously will not stop and ask directions. Therefore, you could POSSIBLY put your family at risk by driving into the wrong areas. A GPS will just be a "bit of insurance" you won't get lost! LOL Seriously, I bought mine for $158 after rebates at www.gpsnow.com . I have seen others that got it cheaper thru some price matching deal. Good luck. You will find the $158 is only the beginning. Then, you are onto topographic software, carrying cases, rechargeable batteries, car adapters, etc. But, don't tell your wife that!!!! CfC Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  21. My E-trex Legend works great! I am a computer geek, and am impressed with the functionality, durability, and compact size. But, 10 different people will give you ten different answers. CfC Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  22. Ok, let's see: E-trex Legend: $158 Rechargeable Batteries: $20 Carrying Case, from REI of course...: $20 Mount for fourwheeler: $35 Mount for bicycle: $18 Mount for car: $30 Lighter Adapter: $35 Topo Software: $49 1st order of Texas GeoCoins: $50 EasyGPS: Free (thank goodness something is!) To Date: $415 ....and I have this feeling I am only getting started! But it is really fun, isn't it? CounterFitCache Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
  23. Thanks folks. I feel silly for not having figured it out.....sometimes we need a swift kick in the right direction. I have finds #10, 11, & 12 scheduled for today. This is SOOOO addicting! CounterFitCache Counter Fit Cache ...or is it really me????
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