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You are invited (anyone who responds -- no one will be excluded) to join a private topic to be started this week regarding the construction of an ultimate multi-cache. It will have a physical starting point that I will select somewhere here in south Florida, and I will put out an actual cache at the end point. However, we collectively will create the MANY intermediate waypoints based on information that will have to be pulled up from the geocaching site (benchmark information, cache page information) or other geographic based sites (e.g., zip codes of well known places), etc. More details in the private discussion, when it starts. icon_wink.gif

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Perhaps Wednesday AM. Perhaps think of some challenging questions that can be answered, but only with some skillful web surfing. The answers, as is typical with a multi-stage cache, will need to be converted into Lat / Lon coordinates. I'll do that part. When this cache is submitted, the lead paragraph will identify all of the participants as the creators of the cache.

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