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Has anyone out there had GPS problems lately. I mean the signal is strong, you get pretty close about 50' or so and it will all of a sudden start spinning around. This has happened to us for the last month. We have several friends that Geocache too and they have had the same problem. Could it be Uncle Sam is messing with the satilites since the war in Iraq?

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I had an odd problem this past weekend. My Streetpilot indicated that I was pretty close to a just-off-the-road cache, so I pulled over, turned on my Meridian Platinum, and started walking. The platinum said that I was 300 feet away, back the way I had come. So, walked 300 feet, when I got to within 5 feet of the location, the distance started going back up, until I was again 300 feet away, but in the opposite direction. Cache ended up being about 25 feet away from where I parked.


Never had this problem before, I was in an area with trees, but there was a clear shot to the sky for most of the 300 foot walk.

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I was hiding a cache yesteday and when I was going back to make sure I got it hid at the right coords (or vice a versa) It was pointing me .5 miles south. All I could say was "Da Hell?" I waiting for about 5 seconds standing still and it worked for me. Phew!


Happy. Hunting.

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I had something similar today on a trip that is about 30 mile tracked at over 800. The GPSr would say the target was 12 miles away then all of the sudden it was 200 miles away. I pulled over to create a waypoint from the signal, then waited for it to change and made another waypoint.


The results:

Waypoint #1 N. 41 48.52260 W. 126 0.48090

Waypoint #2 N.45 45.56140 W. 123 36.82290


Both from the exact same spot. # 2 is the correct coordinate. Strange.

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That means that the shuttle blasted off 7 day ago????huuuuuuu mmmmmmm, so might this mean that it does do a little Ionospheric shock wave as it goes by as well as ground geomagnetic disturbances??? See: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/seg/potfld/goemag.shtmlClick Geomagnetics Homepage


When all else fails Geotry again.


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If you watch that movie with Mel Gibson as a paranoid cab driver (I think it's "Conspiracy Theory"), you'll discover that the space shuttle not only disrupts GPS signal, but also causes earthquakes. So, watch out, California!


Me, I am safe, because I'm wearing my aluminum foil hat.



If there's no accounting for stupidity, then why do I need to file a tax return?

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I was out this morning and other than when I was under fairly heavy tree cover my EPE floated around 14 – 15 feet (no WASS I still use an antique). icon_biggrin.gif The real comment I wanted to make was about the concept that the government is “causing” these reception problems. Absolutely no way! If they do monkey with the system they provide detailed information on what areas will be affected and when. We use the system to go out doors and have a little fun or get driving directions or sound smart when we state that right here sunset will be at 17:10:43 tonight, but there are many more users of the system that depend on accurate and reliable signals. I haven’t heard of airplanes crashing short of the runways or ships running aground in the fog recently. These were the types of uses that were in mind when SA was turned off and the reason why the government would not intentionally disrupt the system.



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I guess its just the Heavenly Host!!!!For all of us we surely boast,the knowledge we all think we know,for there are great mysteries for him to show.The Universe it is so grand ,and we are here on this piece of land.Wisdom comes from him above,from me to ya'll with Brotherly love.

I have not had any troubles lately drove right to 8 Benchmarks today.put me right on them.....*stay one second ahead,on your clock..........*As was stated some where,some time some place.. Lead,Foller or get the **** out of the way.

When all else fails Geotry again.


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Noticed that the cold weather is effecting My GPS V, and MeriPlat GPS units. This morning I plugged a frozen GPS V in the lighter socket in the car,and it took a few minutes to find any satellites. The Cold weather seems to effect the accuracy of the Magellan units more than garmins. I was able to see the LCD display, even when it was very cold.


Anybody have problems with their GPS units at room temperature???



5_Rubik.gifMy home page about GPS units and information

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