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  1. Hi I'm doing the tourist thing in Orlando for Christmas-New years, and I need to drop off several TBs, can anyone recommend some good TB hotels or big caches that shouldn't be to hard for a new tourist to the area, Thanks and Happy Holidays
  2. Like I said hand helds are not as sensitive as ground searching devises, they are good for finding the tiniest bit of metal on a persons body but that at only a couple of inches away, a foot or two with lots of ground cover and brush in the way it's not likely to pick up on a pen nib or a coin or two
  3. Skyline CK1 is my oldest and most visited cache with 139 logged visits. I hid this over 3 years ago, I expected it to be muggled within a year, because since it's a grassland park that's popular with dogs and only two sets of boulders in the entire park I was sure it would be found and destroyed quickly. Nope it seems that it has it's own luck and a great view to draw cachers
  4. the reasons why I dropped out for a while is some back troubles and some needed vehicle maintenance. since my back injury I've dropped a few pounds, but it still hurts me once in a while, my truck still needs some repairs so it can't go on long trips. the reason I got back into it is my first trip to Florida in a few days, so I figured to grab a few travel bugs from caches, Boy I forgot how much I love the game. I can't wait to see how Florida hides their caches.
  5. The handhelds are not as sensitive as a treasure hunting models, but since most micros use Altoids tins which use ether tin or aluminum, it should pick up ok but if the cache is Tupperware it won't be very helpful, unless it's stuffed with toy cars Edit: the Garretts are great handhelds, I use them at work, it will be more than capable of handling the abuse it will get geocaching Edit again: this is the model I use at work http://www.garrett.com/security/products/superscanner.htm and this is the one djstretch is talking about http://www.garrett.com/security/products/thd.htm I like the fact that it has a flashlight and it's not obviously a metal detector, I'd say go for it
  6. I could see how a cache could get muggled, I have one that's fairly out in the open, normally it's hidden under a boulder in a popular dog park, the challenge is getting the cache without the muggles spotting you, one winter some cachers failed to put it in it's proper spot, thankfully the cachers after the noted that it was out in the open, and I was able to re-hide it before muggles spotted it under the snow. After that I placed a note on the cache listing that it had to be placed back in the same spot. I haven't had trouble since
  7. Rules for using Where's George? with Geocaching Once any bill has been found in a Geocache, it is marked as such on this site and is removed from the summarizations and other Top 10 reports found on this site. Once a bill is tagged as a "Geocache Bill", it will not be untagged as such, even if it is returned to normal circulation. the rules have changed since I last played this game thanks for the info
  8. another thing with leaving money http://www.whereswilly.com/ http://www.wheresgeorge.com/ it's trackable
  9. If it's in the cache description that photos will be taken I don't see why not
  10. If I take a travel bug I tend to leave something behind in it's place, if I have one on hand another travel bug or a trade item
  11. I have no idea if they are legit. I would recommend http://gpscentral.ca/ they have been in business for years.
  12. I ordered mine plus everyone who has type 1 should read this. scientists have cured type 1 in mice http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/st...1bf&k=63970
  13. I've cached in -40 not including windchill, I was out all by my self no geomuggles and once I reached tree cover it was so quiet, there is nothing more lovely than absolute silence
  14. everyone complains about the mc toys and cheep items found in caches, but what is the worst you have ever found? I myself had to clean out one of my caches which was full of pizza and Chinese food fliers, not to mention religious pamphlets, I get that kind of junk delivered to me weekly in my mailbox, I don't want to find it in a box that I spent time hiding/finding. so whats your worst geojunk?
  15. I go geocaching only a couple times a year, yet I believe the membership is well worth the price. I've even set it up to deduct annually. personally both of my caches are standard caches because I prefer to share them with as many people as possible
  16. As a low budget geocacher I try and stay away from Mctoys. A person if they hunt around dollar stores or watch out for sales can get some nice stuff and stay on budget. Recently a craft store near home had a sale I picked up a pile of fun shape sizors for 2$ a piece. Mctoys are not nessary for low budget cachers and staying out of Micky Ds will help your heath as well
  17. most of the time I get a general heading of my GPS hide it in a pocket and only refrance it when I'm close or no ones looking. most of the time people will just look at you funny and keep walking
  18. I use GPS cental mainly because I can visit the store itself. I've always had excelent sevise from them
  19. If you plan a return visit in the sumer sometime I would recomend vistiting the rocky mountains in Alberta, Banff can be a bit touristy but the scenery is second to none. Jasper is also nice and not to far from there is a glacier which you can walk on, Not to many of those in the world. if you don't want to hit the main tourist spots there are many camping areas throught the mountains I would recomed Kananaskis not just for sking finaly of course is my Hometown Of Calgary Alberta with the world famous Calgary Exibition and Stampede
  20. I had heard of falce rivets in bridges. stuff that looks like garbage by a abandoned buidings, hollow fenceposts, fake rocks the list goes on and on
  21. Loads of Alberta cachers I'm another More to see, More to do
  22. sigh the virtual is a no go. however they archived it so I could place a real cache nearby More to see, More to do
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